Strategy: Infrastructure Challenges for UC

Dec 06, 2013


Strategy: Infrastructure Challenges for UC 

Auxiliary costs — WAN bandwidth, infrastructure upgrades — were cited by 26% of the respondents to our InformationWeek 2013 State of Unified Communications Survey who are not deploying UC. A lack of expertise, higher-priority projects, and doubts about business value also play into the decision. We get it — upgrades to the LAN infrastructure to extend cabling and provide quality of service and Power over Ethernet capabilities as part of a migration from a TDM to IP PBX platform are expensive and often a hard sell. In our latest IT Spending Priorities Survey, launching or upgrading an enterprise UC/collaboration system landed at No. 17 on a list of 19 initiatives on respondents’ project lists. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that, as budgets loosen up, IT teams are getting more leeway, and there are some smart ways to update with an eye to UC. In that spending priorities list, upgrading the network infrastructure came in at No. 4, just ahead of beefing up the WLAN. Increasing server virtualization, at No. 2, may involve buying new, more capable devices. And as the technology matures, we can develop a more nuanced view of our UC needs.

In this report, we’ll look at the five primary infrastructure challenges involved in a UC deployment and some new tools that are available to lessen the infrastructure burden, and we’ll suggest ways to make a realistic plan. (S7610114)


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