Best Practices: Reliable UC

Oct 18, 2011


Best Practices: Reliable Unified Communications

Major IT vendors are making big buys in the UC space and setting unified communications as a primary initiative. You don’t have to look much further than Cisco’s purchase of Tandberg, for example, to know that video’s time is now. And in our practice, almost every one of our global customers has a UC project implemented or in progress that involves voice, video, IM and other real-time collaboration applications.

Of these, video is by far the most top of mind for the IT directors and CIOs we meet with, partly because it holds the promise of cost savings, but also because it’s the most challenging UC application to get right. Many of these organizations share a common set of problems that stem  from one hard fact: If you want your UC initiative to succeed and your company to reap the benefits, you need to be rock-solid reliable. In this report, we’ll outline the top five strategic and top four tactical steps to keep UC performing up to par. (B3591111)

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