Enterprise Video: A Viable Option?

Nov 02, 2011


Video communication is a popular science fiction trope--you know it’s the future when you can see, instead of just hear, the person you’re talking to. Welcome to the future: Tools, technologies and services exist that can let companies of any size use videoconferencing for business communication, whether it's on a tablet, at an executive's desk or in conference room 3B down the hall. The question is, just how much videoconferencing do you want? At present, the answer depends on two critical issues: technology and enterprise interest.

On the technology front, bandwidth is a major limiting factor. Videoconferencing traffic is bandwidth-intensive, particularly for high-quality video and audio signals. Interoperability, or a lack thereof, is another technology hurdle to widespread adoption of videoconferencing. While industry standards abound, vendor implementations of codecs can differ, which can affect compatibility when two different videoconferencing products try to negotiate a session. That’s especially problematic for business-to-business calls outside the corporate walls. (S3481111)

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