Telepresence: Living Like the Jetsons

Jan 22, 2010


Videoconferencing that Works
It's been a long time since any claim of a "next-generation" technology has held up to our twice-bitten mentality hardened by years of IT hype. But it's happening with telepresence.

I'm not talking about the marketing terms that get bandied about, but rather an engineering solution of video, audio and ergonomics that simulates being there. This is the stuff of George Jetson and Buck Rogers. It fills a gap in the communication options available today, actually letting you have a videoconference for more than an hour without becoming annoyed.

Telepresence is turning video communications into a near in-person experience. For a price, it's the next best thing to being there. This report identifies best practices for selecting and implementing telepresence systems and examines bandwidth, interoperability and other problems that can trip you up.

Research Report