8 Steps to Modern Service Management

Apr 14, 2014


Service Management In A Cloudy, Virtualized World

Millions of dollars and countless hours converting IT into a "service provider," often via ITSM and ITIL initiatives, did little to improve delivery of tech to the business. It certainly didn't stop SaaS from rolling in the back door. 

Now, with business users sidestepping IT completely, must the CIO accept a new role as simply a service manager?

No, but you do have to evolve. A hybrid environment, where IT delivers some services augmented with external cloud and noncloud providers, is becoming the norm. In this report, we evaluate IT's role in the modern enterprise, explore some downsides of this perception shift, and lay out an eight-step plan to regain the "IT as a strategist and partner" mantle. (S7880514)

Research Report