Research: 2013 IT Spending Priorities Survey

May 06, 2013


More With Less?

When IT is seen as just a cost center, the business loses. Yet many CIOs are barely keeping their budgets flat; some must even absorb cuts. It's hard to innovate when you're scraping to pay for basic security.

We heard from 513 business technology professionals in our InformationWeek 2013 IT Spending Priorities Survey. All are involved with setting, managing or having a working knowledge of at least some part of their organizations' IT budgets, and overall, the picture is grim:

>> 58% have improving security on their project lists for this year, compared with just 24% aiming to build or enhance an analytics, business intelligence or decision-support system.
>> 43% say their 2013 budgets will remain about the same as in 2012. Of the 39% seeing increases, most will get less than 10%.
>> 40% have more rigorous scrutiny of their project spending than other business units do; just 12% say oversight is less rigorous.
>> 13% say their 2013 budgets will reflect decreases from 2012; for 56% of them, cuts will be 10% or greater, with 17% seeing hits of 20% or more.

In this report we:
>> Examine the fallout when IT is reduced to just "keeping the lights on"
>> Discuss ways to break the cycle

Respondent breakdown: 35% have 5,000 or more employees; 25% are over 10,000. Education, financial services and government are well-represented, and 58% are IT director/manager or IT executive management (C-level/VP) level. (R6840513)

Survey Name InformationWeek 2013 IT Spending Priorities Survey
Survey Date March 2013
Region North America
Number of Respondents 513
Purpose To gauge IT project prioritization in the enterprise in 2013 and determine funding strategies for these projects

Research Report