How to Tie Tech Innovation to Business Strategy

Dec 16, 2013


Googling “technology innovation” gets you 868,000,000 results, give or take a few ­million. The IT execs responding to our InformationWeek 2013 Global CIO Survey ­definitely have the drive to innovate: 34% plan to create new business models and ­revenue streams, up from 30% in 2012. Half create ad hoc teams to explore possible ­IT-driven innovations as they arise, 27% have permanent IT R&D teams dedicated to ­finding “what’s next,” and 14% pay bonuses or other financial incentives for generating innovative IT ideas.

That’s all a great start, but unfortunately, will doesn’t always translate to results. More than half, 53%, say not being able to implement fast enough to meet business goals is somewhat or very concerning. Fifty percent worry about IT budgets being insufficient, and 44% say they may not have enough personnel.

You need a plan. Fortunately, we have one. (S7660114)


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