IT's Stake in Vendor Turf Wars

Aug 08, 2013


Battle Lines Drawn

The enterprise tech world used to be a peaceful, orderly place. If you needed networking gear, you went to Cisco. Don't like Cisco? Try Brocade or Juniper. Servers came from IBM, Hewlett-Packard or Dell; if those weren't to your liking, there was Sun and pile of third-tier players. Storage? EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp. Server operating systems? Microsoft and Linux. Databases meant Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and, for those who like to live dangerously, open source. Phone systems came from Avaya, Lucent and Nortel. 

You get the idea. Heck, you probably lived it -- and likely as not, you're still at least partially in that demilitarized zone. (S7310813)


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