Research: Apple Outlook Survey

Jan 18, 2013


Research: Apple Outlook Survey

The phrase “Apple in the enterprise” is no longer an oxymoron. Our InformationWeek Apple Outlook Survey of 574 business technology professionals combined responses from 331 laptop, desktop or mobile device decision-makers and 243 end users to paint a picture of how and where Apple gear is being used. Education and media/entertainment represent just 16% of our survey respondent base, and organizations with 10,000 or more employees are the single largest company size cohort, at 26%. And it’s not just iPhones making inroads. In many cases, we’re seeing OS X gear riding the coattails of the hugely popular iOS-based devices.

In some cases, the IT pros we spoke with have well-thought-out strategies for integrating Apple products; prime examples are the three organizations whose real-world deployments we profile. But in too many others, the plan is to have no plan. Apple bears some responsibility here; the company may be making inroads in the enterprise, but it’s still way behind companies like Dell, HP and IBM when it comes to engaging IT teams.

Of course, when you post numbers like Apple’s — the company is expected to earn $156 billion in fiscal 2012 on sales of more than 200 million iOS devices, 18 million Macs and 35 million iPods — who needs to court CIOs or tech journalists?

In this report, we’ll explain exactly why you need a plan, what peers are doing to proactively face new challenges and opportunities, and what to keep in mind as you develop your strategies. One thing is certain — ignoring Apple and hoping iDevices will take care of themselves is no longer a viable option if you value data security. (R6181212)

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