Research: Innovation Mandate

Aug 09, 2010


For the better part of a decade, executives, economists, policy-makers, researchers and other so-called experts have lamented the inexorable decline of the U.S. IT industry and the country’s standing as the global technology leader. Reports with ominous titles have questioned whether U.S.-based IT vendors and the organizations they sell to have the technical chops, national backing and requisite will to out-innovate their counterparts in other countries. 

While InformationWeek’s editors can relate to the sense of national urgency, especially as the U.S. limps out of the worst recession in 30 years, we remain bullish. Most of the profound IT-based innovations of the past decade came from—and continue to come from—the U.S., not from Asia or Europe. But myriad commercial, economic, political, cultural and other challenges are evident. (R900810)


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