Research: Anywhere, Anytime App Delivery

Jun 05, 2012


Getting Apps to Users, and Learning to Love BYOD

Sometimes, those in charge of delivering enterprise applications can feel steamrolled by trends, from mobility and BYOD programs to hybrid clouds incorporating SaaS. With technological innovation happening so fast, it's easy fall behind the eight ball.

There is help. Almost 500 business technology professionals responded to our InformationWeek 2012 Alternative Application Delivery Survey, weighing in on how they support sometimes-complex application loads using creative architectural strategies. For 45%, technologies like virtual desktop infrastructure or application streaming are key to fielding mission-critical applications. But questions remain. If VDI is the way to go, should it be hosted locally or as a service? What are the security implications of divorcing sessions from internal servers? Is Microsoft still the only game in town?

We'll explore these areas and more. (R4550612)

Survey Name   InformationWeek 2012 Alternative Application Delivery Survey
Survey Date   February 2012
Region   North America
Number of Respondents    483
Purpose   To examine alternative application architecture strategies in the enterprise.

Research Report