Research: IT Process Automation

Oct 18, 2011


Process Before Tools

Shifting spending from IT operations to innovation is a key goal for every CIO we know. One way to accomplish that is with a highly virtualized data center, where any processes that can be automated are, and where on-premises IT offerings are augmented with public cloud services where it makes sense. We launched our InformationWeek 2011 IT Process Automation Survey to look at the state of automation and see what lessons can be learned from business technology professionals using these tools. 

While many in our poll find real benefits in automation, make sure you're being realistic. Cost reductions can be elusive, but respondents validate our belief that automated IT processes lead to improved quality and efficiency, while freeing time to spend on higher-value projects. We also found that private clouds are driving a new renaissance, as highly scalable and virtualized data centers just can’t happen without automation. Public cloud environments, in contrast, add complexity to process automation, as workloads are set up in silos, but they also provide potential solutions in the form of cloud-broker technology.

The success of any IT process automation project will largely depend on your systems. The more standardization, the easier automation will be. If you have a complex environment, with homegrown applications and complicated workflows, automation will be equally complex and costly. Still, it's worth doing, and we'll explain how. (R3381011)

Survey Name: InformationWeek 2011 IT Process Automation Survey
Survey Date: August 2011
Region: North America
Number of Respondents: 345
Purpose: To examine the challenges and progress around IT process automation

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