Design on a Dime: VDI

Sep 04, 2012


Design on a Dime: VDI

If you think desktop virtualization is still a niche technology, tune into any talk radio station for an hour or so. You’re bound to hear an advertisement touting the benefits of desktop computing in the cloud. For our money, when vendors start pitching directly to consumers, you know a tech must be relatively easy to use.

Desktop virtualization can also be cost-effective. Forty-five percent of 483 respondents to our InformationWeek 2012 Alternative Application Delivery Survey use technologies such as VDI or application streaming to field mission-critical applications to internal clients. Of those who’ve done TCO studies, 39% say VDI is somewhat or much less expensive than their current desktop strategies.

Sure, we know the conventional IT wisdom that VDI is a costly, complex proposition that demands armies of staff and a huge budget. But conventional wisdom no longer applies. Let’s face it, if some cloud company can rent a virtual desktop and make a profit, you can probably save money and pocket that profit for yourself by deploying in-house.

Our Design on a Dime series is all about new and creative ways for small businesses and branch offices to deploy big business technology in a low-risk, intelligent, measured and budget-friendly way. In this edition, we’ll explore what deploying VDI costs today and ­discuss why you might be able to save a ton of cash by ditching your clunker fat-client PCs in exchange for something less costly to maintain, like an inexpensive netbook or zero-client computing device. (S5490812)

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