How to Hire an MSSP

Dec 17, 2013


It’s a risky leap of faith to entrust a managed security services provider with your ­company’s well-being, right? Maybe not. Ask yourself — and be honest — just how ­well-protected are you now against new threats that range from Bitcoin mining to ­CryptoLocker infection? Is security really strategic to your business? Is it smarter to spend $1 million on advanced security systems and struggle to hire and retain people with the talent to run it, or do you turn a chunk of that investment into opex and invest in revenue-generating technology initiatives instead? 

For budget- and staff-strapped organizations, the bottom line is whether there’s more risk in using an MSSP to supplement your security capabilities or betting that you have the resources to properly protect your business.

In this report, we’ll discuss five areas to evaluate when selecting an MSSP, such as support for SIEM, GRC, BYOD, DLP, cloud, and outsourcing. Differentiators might include collection and analysis of attack data to provide information about zero-day threats.

Oh, and as you consider who your first MSSP partner might be in 2014, don’t be shocked to find that the vendors you already know and trust can deliver a managed ­offering to you directly. (S7650114)


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