Fundamentals: Mobile Apps From Concept to Code

Sep 07, 2012


Fundamentals: Mobile Apps From Concept to Code

Internal and external customers expect an unprecedented degree of functionality from their mobile devices—they want to use phone and tablet apps to make bank transfers, book flights, close deals, manage properties or whatever else your business does. Couple this with industry metrics from organizations like the CTIA that show usage rates for ­wireless, data-enabled cellular devices doubling or even tripling every three to four months, and you can see exactly how important it is to get mobile applications in front of customers.

And the pressure is on to do it yesterday: Business is being lost because of failure to ­deliver easy-to-use, platform-specific mobile applications in all market sectors and ­industries. So the question for enterprising entrepreneurs interested in providing ­maximum value becomes not whether or they want in, but how do they get there?

In this report, we’ll examine five models for developing native mobile apps. If you’re ­interested in HTML5, check out this primer. If you’re unsure whether you want to go ­native or browser, we discuss that here. And we talk about hybrid app dev here. Now, let’s discuss development options. (S5630912)

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