Easy-to-Build Workflows and Forms for Dummies

by K2

Mar 18, 2016

Download Agility and flexibility should be top of mind for businesses in the changing digital landscape today. Business process management (BPM) platforms can help increase efficiency and streamline processes, but a common weakness among BPM solutions is a lack of agility: What if you need to change directions or alter your solutions quickly? Can your platform adjust and keep up?

Some are recognizing this business need, and the subsequent competitive advantage, and working to better drive agile process transformation through improved BPM solutions. Low-code business application platforms, in particular, enable companies to rapidly build and deploy custom applications with intuitive, reusable forms and workflows.

In this book, you will learn how automated business workflows and forms help drive efficiency, broken down into the following phases: recognizing the benefits, building the business case, improving processes, viewing use cases, and learning key components to transform.