Research: 2012 IT Salary Survey, BI/Analytics

Mar 23, 2012


Big Data Widens Analytic Talent Gap

Five years ago, the problem revealed in our annual InformationWeek Salary Survey was a shortage of business intelligence, data integration and data warehousing expertise. Demand has since shifted to analytics professionals and, on the cutting edge, “data scientists” who can master so-called big data using emerging platforms such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases.

Make no mistake: Anybody under the broad umbrella of BI (which encompasses analytics) or information management (which encompasses data integration and data warehousing) is eminently employable. Our annual IT Salary Survey, which for years has reported BI and information management professionals at or near the top of the IT salary spectrum, shows there's now a war on for analytics experts and information management professionals who can ask the right questions and make use of vast and growing data stores.

Need proof? How about a median total cash compensation for BI managers up 11.5% since 2010, to $135,000. (R4150412-BI)

Survey Name   InformationWeek 2012 U.S. IT Salary Survey: BI/Analytics
Survey Date   January 2012
Region   North America
Number of Respondents    660 business intelligence/analytics and information management professionals in 2012, including 261 staff and 208 manager BI/analytics professionals and 118 staff and 73 manager information management professionals.

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