Research: 2013 U.S. IT Salary Survey

Apr 15, 2013


IT Salaries Show Slow Growth

IT is consistently cited as one of the most-promising U.S. careers, even with the rise of offshore outsourcing. As with most professions, however, compensation is rising only modestly. The IT field still pays well, with staffers earning $90,000 in median total compensation and managers earning $120,000, the 2013 InformationWeek U.S. IT Salary Survey finds. But compensation for staffers is flat compared with last year and up only 3% for managers.

Compensation varies substantially by skill and industry. Staffers focused on enterprise application integration earn a median $110,000, those in general IT earn $73,000 and those on the help desk earn $55,000. A few staff specialties such as cloud computing ($130,000), Web security ($118,000) and mobile ($111,000) pay even higher, though our survey sample sizes are small for those areas. Staffers with the IT architect title make a median $130,000.

IT managers earn six-figure median compensation in 22 of 23 job categories - help desk managers are the exception, earning $83,000. Among IT staffers, 13 of the 23 functions pay more than $90,000, eight of them more than $100,000. (R6460413-M)

Survey Name InformationWeek 2013 U.S. IT Salary Survey
Survey Date January 2013
Region United States
Number of Respondents 14,074
Purpose To track IT salary and compensation trends from the perspective of those on the front lines, InformationWeek conducts an annual U.S. IT Salary Survey. Now in its 16th year, it's the largest employee-based IT salary survey in the country. Last year, 13,880 full-time IT professionals completed the Web-based survey. This year, 14,074 took part. The goal of this trendable study is to measure various aspects of compensation, benefits and job satisfaction. This report focuses on the 7,810 IT staff and 6,264 IT managers who participated in the survey.

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