Research: 2014 US IT Salary Survey

May 19, 2014


IT pros’ pay rose modestly in the past year, InformationWeek’s annual US IT Salary Survey reveals. Staffers report a median raise of 1.6% in total compensation, and managers got 2.4%. We also see IT pros getting more confident in their job prospects and the IT career path as the economy and employment picture improve. 

InformationWeek’s Salary Survey is based on responses from 5,945 IT staffers and 5,717 IT managers. Other key findings: 

>> Faith in IT careers has spiked. For staffers, 48% think the path is more promising than it was five years ago, a 15-point jump from 2011. For managers, 55% think it’s more promising, also a 15-point increase.

>> Different job factors motivate different people. We listed 24 job satisfaction drivers and asked which seven are most important. No single factor was chosen by half of respondents, showing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to keeping employees happy. Staffers cite base pay most often (48%); managers cite having their opinion and knowledge valued (46%). 

>> A gender gap remains. Male staffers make about 16% more in median total compensation than females; male managers make about 11% more.

>> IT managers on Wall Street and in the biotech, energy, consumer goods, financial services, IT and electronics, and consulting industries earn the most, all topping $140,000 in median total compensation. IT managers in education, nonprofits, and state and local government earn the least, at $94,000 median pay or less. 

Respondent breakdown: 37% work for organizations with 5,000 or more employees; 22% have over 20,000.

Survey Name InformationWeek 2014 US IT Salary Survey 

Survey Date February 2014

Region United States

Number of Respondents 11,662

Purpose To track IT salary and compensation trends from the perspective of those on the front lines, InformationWeek conducts an annual US IT Salary Survey. Now in its 17th year, it’s the largest employee-based IT salary survey in the country. This year 11,662 full-time IT professionals completed the web-based survey. The goal of this trendable study is to measure various aspects of compensation, benefits, and job satisfaction. This report focuses on the 5,945 IT staff and 5,717 IT managers who participated in the survey.

Methodology The survey was designed by InformationWeek and fielded online. The ­survey was promoted in InformationWeek’s daily and weekly newsletters. In addition, email invitations with an embedded link to the survey were sent to qualified IT professionals from UBM Tech databases. The survey was fielded from November 2013 to ­February 2014.

The information in this report is based on responses from 5,945 IT staff and 5,717 IT managers. Unemployed and part-time workers were excluded from these results, as were respondents from outside the United States. This report uses median rather than mean or average figures for salary and percentage changes to eliminate distortions caused by ­extremes at the high or low ends of the responses.


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