Strategy: State of the Security Job Market 2012

Jul 19, 2012


Compensation: Coming Back to the Pack

The past 18 months have brought significant disruption in the information security universe. In fact, citing factors from SCADA to hacktivism and WikiLeaks, Websense went so far as to call 2011 "arguably the most unusual and unexpected year in the history of IT security."

That statement could just as easily apply to the career environment for security professionals. From the continuing evolution in the way enterprises view compensation and education to the new skills required to manage a fast-changing threat environment, we'll likely look back at 2011 as the most significant turning point in the security employment marketplace. That's even in light of the culture shock when the eco-nomic slowdown forced information security professionals to confront, for the first time, significant layoffs and salary stagnation.

So what do the next 18 months hold? We can't tell you what the next big attack will be, but we can explore changes in security jobs, training and certifications, and the infosec pro's role within the IT hierarchy and discuss how to keep your compensation and career moving forward. (S5390712)

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