Research: 2012 Social Staffing Survey

Nov 08, 2012


Social Makes Small Staffing Waves

Social networking technology may have been a “nice-to-have” a year ago, but as we enter 2013, it’s becoming more of a must-have. Companies are promoting their brands and supporting their users on Facebook and Twitter; building mobile apps to tap into social networking on smartphones and tablets; collecting and ­analyzing data across a variety of social media platforms to develop new products and services, as well as to head off problems; implementing internal social media technology to increase the volume and quality of ­employee collaboration; updating legacy enterprise applications with social-oriented features; and more.

So, who are the IT people making all of this happen, and how will their ranks increase as companies’ use of social networking-focused products and technologies increases? Right now, the social movers and shakers may not come from the technology side of the organization at all. Relatively inexpensive and easy to implement, social technology has, for many organizations, been spearheaded — and implemented — from the business side. And more often than not, social technology has originated from the marketing department.

According to the InformationWeek 2012 State of Staffing Survey, social networking/collaboration initiatives are not exactly high on the priority lists of most of our 1,391 respondents. For companies at which social/collaboration is a big staffing driver, however, there will be a fairly substantial uptick in the number of staff people focused on social. That doesn’t necessarily mean new hires; rather, existing employees may be retrained on social-oriented tasks, with any gaps filled with contractors. Our survey also shows that companies expect a certain level of built-in knowledge about social networking among staff. This likely has a lot to do with the fact that social networking began as a consumer-focused technology and has been adopted (and, in some cases, embraced) by the corporate world — yet another link in the consumerization chain. (R5781012)

Survey Name   InformationWeek 2012 State of IT Staffing Survey

Survey Date   July 2012

Region   North America

Number of Respondents    54 respondents citing social/collaboration as a top area of staffing increase

Purpose   To gauge social/collaboration staffing trends in the enterprise.

Methodology   InformationWeek surveyed business technology decision-makers at North American companies. The survey was conducted online, and respondents were ­recruited via an email invitation containing an embedded link to the survey. The email ­invitation was sent to qualified InformationWeek subscribers.


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