Research: 2012 Mobility/BYOD Staffing Survey

Oct 22, 2012


The Mobile Advantage

Mobile devices and applications are no longer just nice to have; they create both efficiencies and competitive advantage. With a strong mobile platform, employees are more productive, customers are more satisfied and organizations down the line may find it easier to attract both. Smartphones and tablets, along with Internet connectivity, are ubiquitous today--a situation that organizations are increasingly taking advantage of with BYOD, or bring your own device, programs, along with apps designed to take advantage of employees and customers on the go.

But while there is little question that organizations can benefit from a robust mobile program, finding the people to support it--whether from within the company or through new hires and contract workers--is not so cut and dried. The InformationWeek 2012 State of IT Staffing Survey shows that many companies expect to expand staffing in the area of mobility/BYOD program/end user device management, but they aren't so sure where they will find people with the skills to support mobile initiatives, whether those skills even exist right now or, if they do, whether they can pay people who possess them. But companies aren't letting any shortages of skills or budget curtail their mobile plans. Many respondents to the 2012 IT staffing survey noted that their companies are moving more quickly than expected, despite a shortage of workers. (R5791012)

Survey Name   InformationWeek 2012 State of IT Staffing Survey
Survey Date   July 2012
Region   North America
Number of Respondents    116 respondents citing mobility/BYOD programs/end user device management as a top area of staffing increase.
Purpose   To gauge mobility/BYOD programs/end user device management staffing trends in the enterprise.

Research Report