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Case Study: Leveraging Metadata for a Proactive Defense [ Source: GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions ]

March 2015- All too often network security professionals are forced into an escalating workflow - an arms race - remediating alerts (indicators of attacks) as they come in, instead of proactively hunting for the adversary - who is likely already in your network. Resource and time constraints, as well as a lack of visibility and the right tools, lead to a best-effort security posture (doing everything you can to stay above the rising tide of incoming attacks). ...

Preparing Your Enterprise Network for the YouTube Generation [ Source: Kollective ]

March 2015- Millennials have grown up with the ability to produce and consume video anytime, anywhere. So as the workforce becomes increasingly millennialized, short-form video will become as commonplace in the enterprise as PDFs and PowerPoints.

How to Mitigate the Risks of Insider Threats [ Source: Digital Guardian ]

November 2014- Insider threats with potential to steal valuable intellectual property (IP) and data can cause significant damage to any organization. Dan Geer elaborates on how you can mitigate the security risk.

Outsider Threat Protection: Building a Kill Chain Defense [ Source: Digital Guardian ]

November 2014- The Kill Chain Defense exploits a critical weakness in the outsider attack model; for an attack to be successful, all steps must be completed and the target data exfiltrated from the organization. This white paper explains the Kill Chain Defense model and how it can be used to pragmatically prevent outsider attackers from succeeding.

Process Intelligence: Improving Operational Performance in the Insurance Industry [ Source: Altosoft ]

March 2015- The nature of insurance operations demands process intelligence (PI) that allows exposure, visualization and quantification of critical business processes. PI provides an overview of the business from underwriting to claims. It also offers insight on where bottlenecks exist and what types of exceptions could compromise compliance and risk management.

Process Intelligence: Business Intelligence Evolves [ Source: Altosoft ]

March 2015- Virtually every organization has some form of BI and reporting tools in place, but that's no longer enough. Today's faster speed of business requires the use of process intelligence - advanced analytics providing insight down to the business process level - step by step, system to system, from start to finish. Although legacy BI and data discovery tools cannot provide this vital new, deeper level of analytics, a process intelligence-enabled BI platform can.

Process Intelligence: An Exciting New Frontier for Business Intelligence [ Source: Altosoft ]

February 2014- Everything an organization does is a process or a set of related activities (simple to very complex) performed to accomplish a goal or target. The next leap forward for BI then is to extend its capabilities to monitor, analyze, and improve an organization's critical operational processes. This extension is known as Process Intelligence. This paper will define process intelligence further through two use cases (process analytics and process compliance), describe the business benefits garnered from ...

Document Process Intelligence: Extending BI and BPM to Improve Document-Centric Processes [ Source: Altosoft ]

February 2015- Managing and monitoring document-centric business processes presents a unique challenge. There is no complete view that can be used to understand the overall progress of the business process or the current state of the supporting documents. BPM cannot provide insight into steps that fall outside its field of control and BI tools are limited to only deal with point-in-time calculations with no actual process context of these values. This report looks at the benefits of ...

Making the Move from Threat Detection to Remediation Faster [ Source: NopSec ]

March 2015- Vulnerability risk management is a foundational practice in most information security programs today. In fact, nearly half of organizations agree that it is the most accepted method for deterring cybercrime.

Despite its importance, traditional vulnerability risk management programs are failing. The labor-intensive manual task lists, mountains of static scan data, expanding attack surface brought on by new technologies such as mobile, and other inherent challenges are crippling organizations in making the move from ...

Think Like A Hacker: A New Approach to Vulnerability Risk Management [ Source: NopSec ]

March 2015- In 2014, there were 7,945 security vulnerabilities identified. That is 22 new vulnerabilities a day. Nearly one an hour. While the number does not appear alarming at face value, when you multiply that by the servers, applications and endpoints across the IT environment, the number is staggering.

Making sense out of mountains of threat data is just one of the many challenges organizations face as part of their vulnerability risk management program. So how can organizations ...

Implementing Software-Defined Security with CloudPassage Halo [ Source: CloudPassage ]

March 2015- Software-defined security (SDSec) is an architectural approach to security and compliance that implements controls in a manner that abstracts them from physically-oriented elements such as topology, hardware, or physical location.

This paper summarizes the five architectural principles of SDSec and the ways in which CloudPassage has implemented them by building the Halo SDSec platform for cloud infrastructure.

Comprehensive Advanced Threat Defense [ Source: GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions ]

March 2015- The hot topic in the information security industry these days is “Advanced Threat Defense?” (ATD). There are many definitions, and plenty of marketing hype and spin on the topic, but it's the science – and the art – of defending yourself against sophisticated, persistent adversaries who can get past (or have already gotten past) your security defenses. We like to define advanced threat defense in terms of the adversary rather than the attack technique used to remind ...

Advanced Threat Defense Tactics [ Source: GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions ]

March 2015- Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) in the online realm are a painful reality for companies of all sizes, from the largest enterprises down to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Business leaders might be tempted to think that their own organizations are exempt from APTs, or that the security measures they already have in place are adequate to defend against these persistent, methodical attacks. Yet those temptations must be avoided. If your business has something of value ...

Case Study: A Critical Infrastructure Breach Response [ Source: GENERAL DYNAMICS Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions ]

March 2015- Read this case study to learn from a company who suspected that suspicious activity was occurring on their network. After determining they were likely the victim of a network breach, they were not sure how the breach occurred or what, if anything, had been taken. With more than 1600 servers and approximately 6000 user devices, there was a need to prioritize forensic evidence as they worked to determine affected infrastructure. Download this paper to find out how ...

Expert Advice: How Federal Agencies Can Manage the Data Deluge [ Source: Ricoh ]

January 2015- Federal agencies are awash in data, and the personnel and equipment costs associated with data management are rising, along with the legal and regulatory risks. In this Q&A, James C. Bejoian, a leading information management expert, weighs in on how agencies can better manage and control exploding volumes of data.

7 Secrets to Federal Records Management Success [ Source: Ricoh ]

October 2014- Digitization and document storage services give federal agencies the help they need to manage the flood of information today -- and in the future.

SFDC Integration Guidebook [ Source: Dell Boomi ]

December 2014- Explore this guidebook to learn how to automate business processes and benefit from Salesforce application integration, get tips for using iPaaS to better connect the data that runs your business and get checklists to help you benefit from Salesforce integration -- whether you're using in-house integration resources or consultants.

Bloor Research: The Economics of Cloud-Managed Integration [ Source: Dell Boomi ]

June 2014- Application and data integration doesn't have to be slow and expensive. Read this informative research report to learn how cloud-managed integration delivers 2.5 times faster time-to-value, offers nearly 40% lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) and speeds results for organization such as AAA, Brady and Panasas.

Securing the Cloud Connection [ Source: Comcast ]

March 2015- Many enterprises worry about the security of their information in the cloud. Yet the many different paths employees take to access that data may be anything but secure. This in-depth guide explains the cloud connection security challenges — and what to do about them.

Who are you trying to protect? [ Source: Gemalto ]

August 2014- If we are to progress towards more secure and convenient authentication solutions, we have to start thinking beyond passwords. Multi-factor solutions that operate independent of passwords, are the future. But not all users are created equal. Some need more stringent forms of authentication than others. So who are you trying to protect?

Consolidation: The Foundation for IT and Business Transformation [ Source: ServiceNow ]

November 2013- How many help desks do you have in your business right now? How many IT service management tools, or versions of the same business application is your organization using right now? If the answer to any of these is greater than one, your organization may be operating with a handicap that hinders agility, responsiveness and competitive success. Read this paper to learn more.

Tackling the Top 3 IT Service Management Challenges [ Source: ServiceNow ]

February 2015- You know more than anyone that managing the IT service desk is a challenging job—and one that's getting more demanding by the day. New devices and apps, mobility, distributed networks and an increasingly IT-savvy user-base all add to the pressure on your processes and budgets. Because of this, IT is now faced with a growing inability to service the demand that users are generating, and lack efficient ways to keep pace. But there's ...

SecureAuth IdP Device Fingerprinting [ Source: SecureAuth ]

March 2015- Laptops, and now the plethora of mobile devices -- has left enterprises scrambling to properly control access to their resources. SecureAuth IdP's device fingerprinting delivers the flexibility, security, and convenience required to increase layers of authentication without creating high friction for users. Read on to learn more.

The Right Way to Protect Against DDoS Attacks [ Source: F5 ]

October 2014- CIOs want harmony. Security directors loathe point products. Network operations won't buy into anything new. CIOs can get the harmony they need around DDoS mitigation by extending the F5 Application Delivery Controller into a hybrid solution: on premises with a new cloud component. Read the white paper to learn more.

Deploying a Next-Gen IPS Infrastructure [ Source: F5 ]

May 2014- Enterprises require intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) to protect their network against attacks. However, implementing an IPS involves challenges of scale and performance. Leveraging the power of an Application Delivery Controller allows enterprises to efficiently deploy a next-generation IPS infrastructure. Read this white paper to learn how installing the right solution allows the IPS to focus on identifying and mitigating threats to the network, and ensure that no application is left unprotected.

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