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Research: Beyond IT Service Management [ Source: ServiceNow ]

April 2014- There are two ways to look at an IT as a service model: as a well-intentioned but jargon and bureaucracy filled worldview or as a fully integrated, engaged and involved part of the company's operations. You can guess which one we recommend, and it seems the 409 respondents to our InformationWeek 2013 Service-Oriented IT Survey agree.

Fully 83% say making IT more service-oriented, where IT at the larger organization is consumed, priced, evaluated and paid for ...

Silver Peak Positioned as a Leader in 2014 Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization [ Source: Silver Peak ]

April 2014- Gartner has published its latest Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization. Be among the first to get complimentary access to this new report now!

Silver Peak is leading the way into a new era of software-defined WAN optimization. Now more than ever, organizations like yours depend on the wide area network to connect their data centers, branch offices and the cloud. They see that better network performance means better bottom-line results, and Silver Peak ...

The Future of B2B Integration [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- The world of business is changing. In the future, supply chains will be increasingly complex, with more trading partner data and a greater need for real-time business processes. As a result, business-to-business integration (B2Bi) requirements will become increasingly important to business success.

Implementing B2Bi capabilities that can meet the capacity, volume, flexibility and speed requirements of tomorrow?s business environment will not be easy: organizations will need to be able to ...

The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Historically there's been great difficulty -- and importance -- in obtaining high quality data to fuel global trade management systems. The paper also explores the advent of the cloud data network and some of the powerful advantages of this approach, including those provided by network effects - the exponential power of a collaborative network of partners to solve supply chain problems.

Cloud Information Technology: A Model for the Networked Company [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Cloud technology is rapidly changing the way B2B interactions are carried out. It provides a benefit that no amount of investment in traditional software can obtain - the exponential effect a robust network of companies with a common goal has on the quality of the technology and its users. As companies move to cloud-based software, their IT teams must correspondingly adapt the department's structure.

This new model involves IT taking on more ...

The Customer-Centric Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- The old assumptions driving supply chain design and strategy were focused on achieving the lowest possible cost of goods and the most efficient distribution to stores. Today, a new model is emerging, not driven by enterprise technology or supply chain innovations - but by customers. In the omnichannel retail world, almost every single store-driven assumption about supply chain is being challenged and getting replaced by a digital-driven future. Retailers are forced to evolve their supply ...

2013 Global Consumer Report [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Global commerce is growing in complexity -- companies are struggling to give their customers visibility into inventory, especially online and in-store. GT Nexus surveyed over 5,000 shoppers across the US, UK, France and Germany to understand the evolution of the retail landscape, and whether retailers could measure up to consumer expectations.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management 2013 [ Source: ClickSoftware ]

March 2014- This Report will provide you:

Research, analysis and interpretation of the field service market
A visual representation of the 2013 marketplace
Strengths and cautions for all vendors
Technology-related insights and evaluation criteria

When Rip and Replace is Not An Option: 6 Steps to Enable Intelligent Financial-Risk Analytics [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- Financial firms are facing new pressures and complex challenges surrounding financial risk management, including credit valuation adjustment (CVA) and counterparty risk assessments. With international regulations such as Basel III and Dodd-Frank homing in on financial risks, banks must update computational, data management and analytical resources to meet the new external and internal risk-reporting requirements ? and to handle a wider range of input and output requirements, from new data sources and risk models to on-demand analytics. ...

Operational Insight For Running IT At The Speed of Business [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- Whitepaper by Ptak / Noel addressing the need for IT to bring Analytics technology to IT to help them be more proactive, predictive providing faster mean time to repair. This paper will also explore how IBM is helping customers with it's new IT Analytics platform that offers Search, Predict and Optimize capabilities.

Putting Big Interaction Data to Work: 10 Real-World Examples [ Source: Informatica ]

February 2014- Big data comes in two flavors-big transaction data and big interaction data. Big transaction data is the steadily growing volume of financial, customer, product, and other information in your organization's ERP system, data warehouses, CRM applications, and other back-office solutions, either on premise or in the cloud. Big interaction data represents interactions of customers, partners, and competitors that affect your organization. It is mostly external to your organization, scattered across the web. Information posted on ...

Hybrid IT- A Low-Risk Path from On-Premise to ITaaS [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- IT as a Service (ITaaS) will transform future IT operations and service delivery. In the interim, Hybrid IT offers a rational, gradual approach in which some services move to SaaS while others remain on-premise. This white paper provides a strategy to move part or all of your ITSM suite to the cloud as a stepping stone to ITaaS.

What Does Friction Between Business and IT Cost your Organization? [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- Exploring Business and IT Friction: Myths and Realities, outlines key issues that cause friction between business users and IT, such as:

Gaps in customer satisfaction and the perceived value of services
Inadequate IT support, which decreases productivity and revenue
Lack of communication and ownership in how business users and IT work together to identify service levels and technology needs

See what 900 business and IT professionals had to say and ...

Moving To Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Considerations [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

February 2014- Here are the top five considerations to keep in mind as you begin evaluating hybrid cloud for your organization?s workloads.

Smarter analytics on IBM POWER7 for Retail [ Source: IBM ]

February 2014- The retail landscape is changing - industry leaders are enhancing their interactions with customers through insights gained from all channels. Read the white paper and see how IBM POWER7 smarter analytics can gather and analyze shopper information to personalize retail experiences, drive more sales, gain loyalty and improve supplier collaboration.

Business Analytics Buying Criteria: The Three Maxims [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- In this Advisory, Clabby Analytics looks more closely at the importance of implementing an integrated infrastructure - and its relationship to business analytics. The paper will examine the business analytics workloads, discuss how these workloads put different demands on the underlying systems and infrastructure, and provide guidance designing an integrated business analytics environment that will provide organizations with high performance, resiliency, and a scalable growth path.

Reengineering IT discovery with analytics and visualization [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- IT discovery is an imperative first step in any data center migration or IT optimization initiative. But traditional discovery techniques can be complex and costly to implement. ALDM (analytics for logical dependency mapping) is changing all of that. Read the white paper to learn how ALDM reengineers IT discovery using analytics, cloud computing and visualization while lowering the cost and delivering a more complete and accurate view of the IT environment.

Answers on Demand: Bringing the Power of Advanced Analytics to Midsize Businesses [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- While more and more enterprises are using analytics to guide their decision-making processes, most midsize businesses continue to rely on old-fashioned decision-making techniques like trial and error. The reason for this is simple: advanced analytics solutions can be very complex and expensive to implement, leading midmarket businesses to assume that the benefits of analytics are beyond their reach.

IBM has created a new analytics solution that is designed specifically with the needs of ...

Go from analysis to action on your desktop [ Source: IBM ]

January 2014- Business users need a simple but powerful way to navigate through data and find the insights to make timely, critical business decisions. Unfortunately, many users have become frustrated at their inability to quickly access and analyze the information they require. This data typically includes a combination of personal and corporate data locked in various enterprise systems. It exists in different formats and can be hard to analyze, change or share - making it difficult for ...

The power of analytics for public sector: Building analytics competency to accelerate outcomes [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- Federal agencies face the difficulty of managing the increasing complexity of the information explosion?. Adopting analytics can help solve these issues and achieve desirable outcomes. Read the white paper and see how IBM analytics solutions can help the Federal Government evaluate excess data and unlock insights to create better informed decisions.

Analytics: A blueprint for value [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- The foundational transformation that Marketing and IT are each experiencing offers fertile new ground for CMOs and CIOs to forge tight alliances that will enable them to better support their organizations - corporate initiatives.

Estudo de caso da Orange Business Services: uma empresa de telecomunicacoes se reinventa para a era da nuvem [ Source: NetApp ]

December 2013- Quando as projeçôes de receita de seu setor caem, como vocè pode escapar e continuar crescendo? Saiba como a Orange Business Services aproveita o storage da NetApp para se reinventar, tornando-se um fornecedor de serviços em nuvem e superando sua ambiciosa meta de receita de nuvem de 500 milhões até 2015.

Openshift Enterprise: An On-Premise,Private PaaS By Red Hat [ Source: Red Hat ]

December 2013- OpenShift Enterprise by Red Hat is a cloud computing Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution designed for on-premise or private cloud deployments. OpenShift Enterprise PaaS enables on-demand access to a cloud-based application platform. This lets enterprises easily build the applications they need and run them in a cloud architecture.

Executive Checklist:Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) [ Source: Red Hat ]

March 2014- Maximizing your developers effectiveness and efficiency is key to enabling growth and positioning your IT Infra-structure as an asset within your organization. Making certain you have considered all the angles is crucial in your Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) success. The following checklist will help you assess your needs and possible business impacts to aid in your decision process for choosing which PaaS will benefit your developers, your infrastructure team, and your business.

Standardized Operating Environments for I.T. Efficiency [ Source: Red Hat ]

December 2013- The Red Hat Standard Operating Environment SOE helps you define, deploy, and maintain Red Hat Enterprise Linux and third-party applications as an SOE. The SOE is fully aligned with your requirements as an effective and managed process, and fully integrated with your IT environment and processes.
Benefits of an SOE:
SOE is a specification for a tested, standard selection of computer hardware, software, and their configuration for use on computers within an organization. ...

9 Steps To Building a Business Case for B2B Integration [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- Justifying a strategic B2B initiative that reaches beyond the organization's four walls is especially critical. It encompasses integration of your major information systems to give your company the secure foundation needed to collaborate effectively with customers, partners, and suppliers. With so much at stake, the business case will come under rigorous scrutiny from senior executives and business managers at your company. Fortunately, you can significantly increase your chances of approval if you follow these ...

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