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Meeting Workforce Demands: Why-and How-IT Should Modernize End-User Computing [ Source: VMware ]

October 2014- IT departments face unprecedented challenges in keeping both IT and end-users efficient and productive. This paper discusses top trends and how today's most successful CIOs are taking a more holistic viewpoint towards the new end-user computing landscape. Here they share their best practices for maximizing agility, meeting end user demands - and ultimately those of the enterprise.

How IT Can Be a Hero to the Disconnected Road Warrior [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Complimentary paper on how IT can help sales close more deals.

Protect Your Customer Experience - Business Continuity in the Cloud [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Protect Your Business - Protect Your Customer Experience Business Continuity in the Cloud

Business continuity will continue to be a hot topic as long as man-made and natural disasters impact businesses around the globe. Your business can take advantage of the resilience and high availability that cloud service providers must provide as part of their own infrastructure simply to be able to deliver software as a service. Cloud-based contact center technology ...

IT Leaders in Mobile and Endpoint Computing Should Take Strategic Action in 2014/2015 [ Source: Absolute Software ]

September 2014- As mobile transforms into an overall endpoint-computing strategy, mobile strategy development continues to be a frequent subject for inquiries. IT leaders need to challenge the status quo by embracing endpoint-computing innovation and re-evaluating their strategies every six months.

Read Gartner's report that focuses on five areas that organizations can invest in to ensure success.

BUILD A BUSINESS CASE: Intuitive and Innovative Approaches to Developing Custom Apps Quickly, Easily and Cost Effectively [ Source: ServiceNow ]

September 2014- Custom applications deliver significant value and they provide the opportunity to automate unstructured work processes to make the business far more innovative, efficient and competitive.

Infographic: How Much Time are You Wasting with HDDs? [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Free Infographic that shows the global impact of digital downtime and how SSDs offer faster data speeds than HDDs.

Infographic: SSD vs. HDD - How Do They Compare? [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Free Infographic shows how SSDs provide better performance, reliability, power usage and savings when compared to HDDs.

Accelerating Continuous Delivery with Perforce [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- The Perforce platform is designed to support Continuous Delivery of complex products. Whether the product is a software application or an automobile, the levels of complexity associated with the process require visibility, governance, collaboration and communication across diverse teams. Perforce provides these capabilities as a scalable, production-ready solution

Continuous Delivery: 5 Habits of Highly Successful Practitioners [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Continuous Delivery is a development discipline in which software can be released to production at any time.

So what does it take to make Continuous Delivery successful? Here are five factors that distinguish companies that are doing Continuous Delivery well.

Continuous Delivery in Practice: How Leading Practitioners are Successfully Accelerating and Improving Releases [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- Continuous Delivery allows you to get new features and capabilities to market quickly and reliably-two highly desirable outcomes. In this best practice guide,

• Learn from successful Continuous Delivery practitioners
• Hear lessons from, NYSE-Euronext, and

Service Automation Solves Process of Onboarding New Retailers [ Source: ServiceNow ]

September 2014- Carhartt wanted to create a fully automated process that was measurable and provided new levels of transparency. Accomplishing this would certainly speed the overall process, make it more scalable to support the company’s continued growth, reduce costs and create happier customers (and employees). Download this whitepaper to learn more!

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Desk Management Software 2014 Vendor Analysis [ Source: ServiceNow ]

September 2014- This IDC study represents a vendor assessment of the service desk management software market using the IDC MarketScape model. This study is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the characteristics that explain a vendor's success in the marketplace and help anticipate a vendor's ascendancy.

Get Prepared for the Holiday Rush [ Source: Neustar ]

September 2014- Advance planning is the key to holiday profits. Jack Frost may not be nipping at anyone's nose in August, but now is when e-retailers want to put the finishing touches on readying their e-commerce platforms for the all-important holiday shopping season.

Holiday Load Testing: Three Ways to Drive More Value Whitepaper [ Source: Neustar ]

September 2014- The chorus starts every year before the first carol is sung: "Load test before the holidays! If you don't, you'll be sorry!" Good advice, but wouldn't it be nice to get some concrete tips? In the spirit of giving, Neustar's engineers have identified 3 best practices.

Market Snapshot Report: Virtual and Cloud-based Labs [ Source: Skytap ]

September 2014- From a benefits perspective, lifecycle virtualization technologies deliver a quick and measurable economic impact, just as server virtualization has for the datacenter. Lifecycle virtualization includes the technology of virtual and cloud-based labs. Virtual and cloud-based labs enable development and QA to access production equivalent environments on-demand, anytime and anywhere. Virtual and cloud-based lab technology is a must-have for enterprises of all types and sizes to help reduce overall software cycle times and create an optimized ...

Executive Guide to Agile BPM - A Readiness Assessment [ Source: Fujitsu America Inc. ]

August 2014- For years, business process management (BPM) solutions have focused primarily on long-running, routine, and seldom-changing processes. BPM has successfully guided system integration and provided business intelligence and monitoring for a wide variety of predictable, repetitive tasks and activities.

But in this era of information-driven enterprises, routine automation is no longer enough. BPM must become smarter and nimbler. You need it to address your non-routine, ad-hoc processes such as customer service management or incident ...

Scale-out File Sync and Share [ Source: Red Hat ]

August 2014- File sync and share capabilities are now considered essential by an increasingly mobile and productive work force. While consumer-grade, cloud-based file sync and share solutions often provide a convenient data storage medium, they are outside of corporate control and data policies, and represent a serious concern for enterprise IT departments. To address these shortcomings, ownCloud, Red Hat, and HP have worked together to provide a cost-effective and scalable file sync and share solution that is ...

Turn Identity into a Business Enabler, Not an IT Bottleneck [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

August 2014- Business is all about adaption and change, so being able to easily reorganize people, processes, and resources is essential to productivity and growth.

More agile identity management is the key ingredient for the success of your initiatives, from the tactical to the strategic level. Whether you're adding a business unit, taking advantage of a cloud application, or orchestrating a billion-dollar merger, an agile identity management system is purpose-built to dispatch the right

Evolve SiteMinder with a Federated Identity Service [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

August 2014- Many companies use CA Technologies' SiteMinder to provide single sign-on (SSO) and Web access management, allowing easy access to Web applications and portals. Creating a single view of identity, by federating identities with RadiantOne federated identity service (FID), will allow you to get more from your existing SiteMinder deployment. In this use case we will explain why and share some examples of Radiant Logic customers using RadiantOne for SiteMinder.

The Procure-to-Pay Process - Overlooked and Underappreciated [ Source: GT Nexus ]

August 2014- Manufacturers and retailers seek new ways to partner with suppliers to ensure their health, strong performance and optimal delivery of inventory. IDC points out that P2P is a key step in achieving these goals by enabling better planning, execution and access to capital for suppliers. This paper explores how P2P is no longer just enabling automated procure-to-pay processes. P2P is increasingly filling a void in retail and manufacturer programs to achieve supply ...

Supply Chain Visibility in Business Networks [ Source: GT Nexus ]

August 2014- Company leaders have placed priority on supply chain visibility and agility, yet rank their own performance in these areas as low. Current IT infrastructure and extensive ERP spend are not closing that gap between goal and reality, particularly with external trading partners.

Omnichannel Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

August 2014- As physical and online shopping options increase, retailers are strengthening their supply chains to meet customer demands across this widening array of channels. To ensure products are available when and where the customer shops, omnichannel retailing requires centralized, real-time inventory visibility, a seamlessly integrated order management system, and store-based delivery hubs for personalized experiences.

Collaboration 2.0: The Empowered Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

August 2014- The word collaboration has taken on a new meaning as cloud technology reshapes sourcing and planning in the apparel world. Apparel execs are meeting omnichannel demand with a new, critical eye on financial collaboration to better fund suppliers, forecasting and replenishment data across many partners, and the agility required to react quickly to customer needs.

Assurance of Supply: How Confidence in a Reliable Supply Stream Creates Healthy Companies [ Source: GT Nexus ]

August 2014- One of the greatest supply chain challenges that companies face is to reliably and profitably meet global demand. Outsourced manufacturing, lengthy global supply chains, a large number of suppliers, and volatile demand all create an environment where supply chain decision-makers worry that they can't deliver on promises they've made.

But companies with a strong assurance of supply program have confidence in their ability to fulfill demand. They're able to make dynamic, data-driven changes ...

Dealing with the Complexities of Application-centric Data Management [ Source: CommVault ]

August 2014- Data management used to be a fairly straightforward proposition. The relationship between IT and the business, however, has changed. Protecting, recovering and managing the business critical data in applications is posing new challenges for IT. Learn more from this UBM Tech study about what IT decision-makers are worried about and focused on as they look to simplify the increasingly complex work associated with application data management - and, by doing so, to significantly improve the ...

Game Changer: Unlocking Employee Access to Information [ Source: CommVault ]

August 2014- A February 2013 research study revealed some telling statistics among CIOs and Senior IT Managers about the state of their managed data. Most notably:

1) Mobile access to company data is of paramount importance
2) Large enterprises are having trouble locating data across their database
3) IT teams are overburdened, and business decisions are being hampered by time spent managing data silos
4) Organizations express interest in a solution that enables them to protect, manage ...

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