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Infographic SSD vs HDD [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- How does a solid state drive compare with a hard disk drive? Take a look at this free infographic to see how SSDs provide better performance, reliability, power usage, and savings when compared to HDDs.

The Right Strategy for your Help Desk: Building a Winning Combination Using Insourced and Outsourced Solutions [ Source: CGS ]

November 2014- IT help desks are straining to meet the demands of an increasingly sophisticated, tech-savvy workforce with high customer service expectations and a need for instant gratification. Coupled with the BYOD movement, agents can easily become overwhelmed trying to keep up with new devices.

At the same time help desk teams strive to drive cost reductions, support business continuity, improve performance, and scale alongside the business. Help desk strategies, whether outsourced or insourced, can ...

The Convergence of Network Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Management [ Source: Dynatrace ]

December 2014- Today, enterprises rely heavily on applications for nearly all business-critical processes. These applications are delivered via a combination of hardware, software and services, known as the application delivery chain. To make this delivery chain work together effectively, IT must take a new and converged approach to network performance monitoring and application performance management.

This white paper discusses:

Supply Chain in the Cloud: Looking Beyond Total Cost of Ownership [ Source: GT Nexus ]

October 2011- Cloud offers the potential to not only transform how supply chain organizations procure IT capabilities, but also to fundamentally change how they manage business processes.

Whether in the volatility of demand, requirements for shorter lead-times, or the acquisition of new capabilities, the "clock speed" for businesses is running faster and faster for most manufacturers today while the delivery of traditional IT capabilities are struggling to keep up.

This IDC paper illustrates ...

Insurance in the Cloud: A Customer Focused Approach to Innovation [ Source: Bluewolf ]

July 2014- 72% of financial services companies will increase their cloud-related budget this year.

Learn how insurance companies like The Standard and The Hanover Insurance Group are overcoming industry challenges and leveraging cloud technology to quickly and effectively:

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving [ Source: Proofpoint ]

January 2015- Analyst firm Gartner, Inc. once again positions Proofpoint's cloud-based Enterprise Archiving product in the Leaders Quadrant of the new 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving which provides a detailed overview of the Enterprise Information Archiving market.

Gartner notes that, “Archiving as a service (aka cloud archiving) has rapidly surpassed on-premises archiving as the preferred deployment model for most organizations. Gartner sees 60% to 70% of new or replacement email archiving implementations as being cloud-based.&...

3 Ways to Transform Contact Centers Into Strategic Business Assets [ Source: CGS ]

January 2015- Whether it's improving customer experience or increasing employee productivity, today's best-run contact centers and help desks are filling important new roles in modern enterprises. With the right strategy and outside service provider, CIOs can turn these former cost centers into strategic business assets.

Connected Product Maturity Model: Achieve Innovation with Connected Capabilities [ Source: Thingworx ]

January 2015- The world is moving to connected products. Companies will leverage the data and intelligence from these connected products to create smart business processes that will transform their business and drive improvements in efficiencies and effectiveness. They will also use connectivity to change the customer experience and to differentiate their offerings. But where do companies start? How do they maximize the value of the connected products?

Read this whitepaper to learn how to achieve ...

Quantifying The Return on Investment: The Business Case for the Internet of Things Initiatives [ Source: Thingworx ]

January 2015- If someone asked you to create an ROI model for an investment in machine-to-machine connectivity, where would you start?

Today, organizations are under tremendous pressure to quickly provide a measurable ROI dollar figure but what some organizations don’t realize is that cost is just one piece of the ROI equation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created new opportunities for companies to help them gain business insight, improve business process, ...

A Fast Data Imperative for Regional and Community Banks [ Source: TIBCO Software Inc ]

November 2014- Regional and community banks are in a difficult position today, trying to balance available resources with real and urgent business needs. The key is analytics. No matter the size of the institution, the banks that are the most adept at customer analytics earn the advantage over the competition. Analytics enable banks to better understand their customers. Analytics provide insight for banks to define their customer experience and guide the business in developing its sales and ...

Smart Systems and Services Growth Opportunities - Business Model Innovation for Connected Products [ Source: Thingworx ]

January 2015- The generation of Smart Systems, Services and the Internet of Things (IoT) are upon us. Billions of devices are currently being connected to the internet - daily.

The information driven from these devices can offer extraordinary business value to companies who are at the forefront of the embedded intelligence era. Only those companies that strive to push the development of a new collaborative business model and embrace new connected product technologies will be ...

Selecting Foundational Controls Makes HIPAA Compliance Easier [ Source: Dell Software ]

November 2014- Compliance isn't a choice - it's mandatory, and ensuring your business stays in compliance is critical. In this new Dell Software white paper, learn more about IT compliance - straight from an auditor. Then, see how your business can quickly and easily meet HIPAA guidelines today and tomorrow. Download your copy.

Selecting Foundational Controls Makes FISMA Compliance Easier [ Source: Dell Software ]

November 2014- Compliance isn't a choice - it's mandatory, and ensuring your business stays in compliance is critical. In this new Dell Software white paper, learn more about IT compliance - straight from an auditor. Then, see how your business can quickly and easily meet FISMA guidelines today and tomorrow. Download your copy.

Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance [ Source: Dell Software ]

November 2014- Federal regulations require certain businesses to know exactly what changes are being made to structured and unstructured data in their corporate networks. As a result, IT organizations need to provide more detailed monitoring, analysis, auditing and reporting on the changes being made to protected data. Read this informative white paper to explore the best practices for implementing a compliance solution that will minimize your stress during your next IT compliance audit.

El poder de R y el análisis visual [ Source: Tableau Software ]

November 2014- Al combinar la potencia estadística de R con un análisis visual que es fácil de usar, las organizaciones pueden aprovechar aún más el trabajo de los científicos de datos empoderando a cualquier usuario de negocios para que pueda explorar y entender los resultados. En este documento técnico, aprenderás có mo su equipo de científicos de datos puede combinar R con el análisis visual para ...

How IT Can Be a Hero to the Disconnected Road Warrior [ Source: SanDisk ]

October 2014- Companies have tremendous potential to use technology as a competitive weapon, but without a coordinated business and IT effort, it can easily disappoint. The ability of an IT team to support a mobile workforce that uses multiple devices in multiple locations each day is the differentiator. Take a look at the four critical areas of sales-IT dependency, and learn how solid state drives can support the entire organization with a full cloud solution.

Moving Single Sign-on Beyond Convenience [ Source: Dell ]

October 2014- Over the years, single sign-on (SSO) has been the easiest, most convenient way for users to access what they need. However, there are identity and access management requirements that SSO can't solve - governance, provisioning and privileged account management to name a few.

In this white paper, learn more about the benefits of SSO, and see why taking a flexible approach to single sign-on is critical in today's evolving application environments.

5 Ways to Remove Chaos, Regain Control [ Source: IBM ]

October 2014- These are wild IT times for midmarket companies. From storage to servers to cloud, technology is evolving at a dizzying pace. But look at the bright side - life isn't dull. In this report, we round up top steps to reduce complexity.

5 Questions You Want and Need to Ask About MDM [ Source: AT&T ]

October 2014- This powerful guide gives you answers from industry-leading sources who asked organizations the questions you'd like, and need, to know.

Meeting Workforce Demands: Why-and How-IT Should Modernize End-User Computing [ Source: VMware ]

October 2014- IT departments face unprecedented challenges in keeping both IT and end-users efficient and productive. This paper discusses top trends and how today's most successful CIOs are taking a more holistic viewpoint towards the new end-user computing landscape. Here they share their best practices for maximizing agility, meeting end user demands - and ultimately those of the enterprise.

Protect Your Customer Experience - Business Continuity in the Cloud [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Protect Your Business - Protect Your Customer Experience Business Continuity in the Cloud

Business continuity will continue to be a hot topic as long as man-made and natural disasters impact businesses around the globe. Your business can take advantage of the resilience and high availability that cloud service providers must provide as part of their own infrastructure simply to be able to deliver software as a service. Cloud-based contact center technology ...

IT Leaders in Mobile and Endpoint Computing Should Take Strategic Action in 2014/2015 [ Source: Absolute Software ]

September 2014- As mobile transforms into an overall endpoint-computing strategy, mobile strategy development continues to be a frequent subject for inquiries. IT leaders need to challenge the status quo by embracing endpoint-computing innovation and re-evaluating their strategies every six months.

Read Gartner's report that focuses on five areas that organizations can invest in to ensure success.

BUILD A BUSINESS CASE: Intuitive and Innovative Approaches to Developing Custom Apps Quickly, Easily and Cost Effectively [ Source: ServiceNow ]

September 2014- Custom applications deliver significant value and they provide the opportunity to automate unstructured work processes to make the business far more innovative, efficient and competitive.

Infographic: How Much Time are You Wasting with HDDs? [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Free Infographic that shows the global impact of digital downtime and how SSDs offer faster data speeds than HDDs.

Infographic: SSD vs. HDD - How Do They Compare? [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Free Infographic shows how SSDs provide better performance, reliability, power usage and savings when compared to HDDs.

Accelerating Continuous Delivery with Perforce [ Source: Perforce ]

September 2014- The Perforce platform is designed to support Continuous Delivery of complex products. Whether the product is a software application or an automobile, the levels of complexity associated with the process require visibility, governance, collaboration and communication across diverse teams. Perforce provides these capabilities as a scalable, production-ready solution

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