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End-to-end Master Data Management [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Discover how a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy is key to unlocking the value of your company's product data. It provides critical business processes with timely, accurate and complete information about product; helping to generate better results regardless of the business need. MDM offers a clear and concise understanding of your product data from the collaborative authoring use case to the real-time operational use of the product data for managing catalogs, bundles and multi-channel commerce ...

Big data and analytics for a holistic customer journey [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- This white paper offers an in-depth discussion on how you can use big data analytics to enhance experience while boosting the bottom line. It includes informative case studies on how other companies have used big data analytics to delight their customers. And it helps you understand which IBM bigdata solutions might support your own company's initiatives in digital marketing, multichannel engagement, and customer experience optimization.

Hadoop appliances: the key to simplicity, speed, scalability, and stability in big data [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Organizations everywhere are turning to Hadoop as a mission critical platform. As an open-source-based approach and emerging market, Hadoop is rapidly maturing. For the past several years, customers have deployed IBM's best-of-breed Hadoop software offering, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, for all applications discussed above. Hearing their demands for even greater simplicity, scale, speed, manageability, and ease of use in their Hadoop deployments, we recently introduced IBM PureData System for Hadoop. This is an enterprise-grade solution that ...

Delivering OLTP Database Technology Aimed at Optimal Business Outcomes: IBM PureData for Transactions [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- In this whitepaper IDC writes:
"Most enterprise datacenters are so cluttered with individually constructed servers, including database servers, that staff time is largely taken up with just the maintenance of these systems. As a result, IT service to business users suffers, and the agility of the enterprise suffers. Integrated systems represent an antidote to this problem. By dramatically reducing the amount of setup and maintenance time for the applications and databases they support, integrated ...

What's all the buzz about Late-Binding Data Warehousing? [ Source: Health Catalyst ]

September 2013- You have plenty of options when it comes to healthcare data warehouses - but which one is right for your organization? Discover what makes a late-binding data warehouse architecture unique among the crowd and how it works with your existing data to provide quick time-to-value. Plus learn how applying rules and definitions late in the process means you get increased agility, accuracy, and the ability to make decisions and changes based on near real-time data.

Improve Government with a Smarter Process Approach [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- A Smarter Process vision for the public sector. Providing a superior experience for citizens and constituents is not easy, and gone are the days when problematic customer interactions can be smoothed over by empathetic service representatives. In an omni-channel world, the number of citizen touch points is not only increasing, but is increasingly automated, and governments will not get many chances to take the steps that are required to make things right. Unlike at any ...

InfoSphere Information Server for Big Data [ Source: IBM ]

June 2013- Every day, the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Enterprises know that this data holds valuable information - but extracting meaningful insights out of all the noise can be quite a challenge. In order to capitalize on their big data, companies must successfully deal with the "four V's:" variety, volume, velocity and veracity. Fortunately, enterprise-class data governance and data integration tools, like IBM InfoSphere Information Server, can help organizations overcome the challenges of big data ...

Driving Business Innovation: 4 Ways Expert Integrated Systems Transform the IT Service Lifecycle [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Business innovation and agility depend on the speed, efficiency and excellence with which IT can deliver new capabilities to end-users. But delivering these capabilities requires a complex process that extends from app development and testing through deployment and management in the data center.

Read this UBM Tech ebook to learn how expert integrated systems speed up and simplify previously slow, costly and error-prone IT processes, enabling nimble responses to the escalating demands of ...

Three Principles to Improve Data Security and Compliance [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- News headlines about the increasing frequency of information and identity theft have focused awareness on data security and privacy breaches - and their consequences. In response to this issue, regulations have been enacted around the world. Although the specifics of the regulations may differ, failure to ensure compliance can result in significant financial penalties, criminal prosecution and loss of customer loyalty. In addition, the information explosion, the proliferation of endpoint devices, growing user volumes, and ...

Understanding Holistic Database Security 8 Steps to Successfully Securing Enterprise Data Sources [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- This paper discusses the eight essential best practices that provide a holistic approach to safeguarding databases as well as the array of enterprise data sources across the organization while achieving compliance with key regulations such as SOX, PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA and data protection laws.

Information Protection: The Impact Of Big Data [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- This paper looks at this problem by first defining what enterprise information security and privacy involves, then looking at requirements that need to be met before introducing big data and identifying what impact this has on those requirements. It then takes a look of it at what one vendor, IBM, is offering in the area of big data and what it is trying to do to help customers bring big data technologies on board while ...

Crime Prediction and Prevention: A Safer Public through Advanced Analytics [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Crime prediction and prevention analytics from IBM helps agencies make the best use of the people and information at hand to monitor, measure and predict crime and crime trends.

Analysis of police data provides insight that lets officers track criminal activities, predict the likelihood of incidents, effectively deploy resources and solve cases faster.

A Smarter Approach: Inside IBM Business Analytics Solutions for Mid-Size Businesses [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Teams of engineers and statisticians spend their days immersed in seas of data from various sources. However, it isn't just the largest of organizations that can benefit from analytics and data-driven decision-making. Businesses of all sizes need to leverage the new currency of data and information.

Business Analytics for Midsize Businesses: Challenges and Benefits [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Business intelligence derived from sophisticated analytics has given large companies an edge for years. It helps them be more competitive, make information ]based decisions faster and better, improves operational efficiencies, and boosts the bottom line.

Midsize businesses are increasingly eager to reap similar benefits.Business intelligence derived from sophisticated analytics has given large companies an edge for years. It helps them be more competitive, make information--]based decisions faster and better, improves operational ...

Leveraging Open Source [ Source: Actuate ]

January 2013- Read this white paper to learn why Actuate's Business Intelligence Reporting Tools (BIRT) Open Source solution has become one of the most robust and web-centric Open Source Business Intelligence tools today. We invite you to download this white paper today!

Selecting a Framework for Rich Internet Applications [ Source: Actuate ]

January 2012- This white paper examines the latest trends in RIA technology and discusses which RIA technology, or mix of technologies, makes sense for your organization. We invite you to download this white paper today!

The Fast Path to Big Data [ Source: Wipro Technologies ]

January 2013- As people and businesses do more of what they do in an always-on digital environment, as a growing number of intelligent devices capture and transmit a growing volume of useful data, and as unstructured data becomes an increasingly rich and pervasive source of business intelligence, Big Data will continue to play a more stra?tegic role in enterprise IT. Companies that recognize this reality - and that act on it in a technologically, operationally and ...

Get The Message: How WebSphere MQ Can Connect Your Business [ Source: IBM ]

December 2012- Today's business environment is proliferated with thousands of millions of customer endpoints. This large number of endpoints can cause unpredictable usage spikes when you offer special promotions or when you attempt to extend the global reach of your business through market expansion. Back-end transaction processing systems must support business integrity - secure, reliable and synchronized customer experience over multiple transaction channels - and must sustain accessibility with infrastructure that can support bursts of activity. And ...

Analyst Report: The new promise of BI realized [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- IBM has redefined BI with an enterprise solution that brings reporting, analysis, modeling, planning and collaboration together for better decision-making cycles and to help remove the barriers to being analytics-driven. This is the new promise of BI realized.

This paper describes how IBM has infused traditional BI with personal analytics and performance management to balance user freedom and IT control. It introduces IBM Cognos Enterprise, the solution that can help your organization take ...

Business Intelligence for Business Users [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Learn how important it is to address the different BI needs of your business constituents, so they have insight when and where they need it.

The Top 5 IT Budget Killers [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Many of the largest IT budget problems can be traced back to five big money drains:

1. Storage expansion
2. System complexity
3. Hardware sprawl
4. The Need for High Availability
5. Over or under-provisioning

If any of this sounds familiar, you're not alone. This e-book, provided by IBM, will introduce you to the five big IT budget killers - and some of the best ways to knock them out.

The Challenge of Effective Master Data Management: Reliable Data Improves the Bottom Line and Reduces Risk [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Master data is a collection of data objects defined uniformly across organizational processes, enabling consistency and accuracy by serving as the single source. This document helps you to initially think about how master data plays an important role in your company and what to do to start maximizing its use for business value.

Data Lifecycle Management Strategies - The importance of the complete business object [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- It is critical that an organization understands relationships between data, its business value and how to ensure long-term and accurate data access. Every process - defined or otherwise - within the organization creates information as the process is executed. An organization's information can be grouped into many small units of related data, often referred to as the complete business object.

This white paper defines the complete business object as it applies to organizations ...

When Infrastructure Really Matters, A Focus on High-End Storage [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- This paper provides a pragmatic analysis about the undeniable importance of mission critical infrastructure, presenting IBM DS8870 as an assertive option to satisfy the needs of enterprise-class storage.

Driving Operational Excellence with Predictive Analytics [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Manage physical and virtual assets, maintain your infrastructure and capital equipment and maximize the efficiency of your people, processes and assets with predictive analytics.

Decisions that Drive Success [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Every day, people in your organization are struggling to make the right decisions - working with customers, partners, and each other - because they simply can't use all available data. There's too much of it for humans to internalize, understand, and apply in real time. That's why organizations that automate and optimize decisions informed by predictive analytics have a significant advantage over competitors.

Read this IBM white paper and discover how decision management ...

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