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Dell In-Memory Appliance for Cloudera Enterprise [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

October 2014- Data is the new currency and competitive differentiator. It is being created and consumed at rates never before seen. This is not unique to a single industry; it is impacting all vertical markets. Customers are struggling to ingest, store, analyze, and build insights from all this data. As more connected devices and machines with embedded sensors proliferate throughout the world, this will create even greater challenges for customers. Dell, together with Cloudera and Intel, want ...

Built-in Search [ Source: MarkLogic Corporation ]

August 2014- MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database with built-in search capabilities, not bolt-on like other NoSQL solutions. In fact, MarkLogic is the only database to show up in three different Gartner Magic Quadrants: Enterprise Search, Data Warehouse DBMS, and Operational DBMS. MarkLogic provides a single platform to load all your data into and have it immediately indexed and searchable.

Increase Agility and Reduce Costs with a Logical Data Warehouse [ Source: MarkLogic Corporation ]

March 2014- A Logical Data Warehouse solves the problem of consolidating critical data scattered across silos, providing a comprehensive, actionable view of data assets. Coined by Gartner, the 'Logical Data Warehouse' is also referred to as 'data virtualization,' 'data layer,' 'data cloud,' and many other terms depending on the industry and environment.

No matter what term is used, a Logical Data Warehouse solution powered by MarkLogic is an active, searchable enterprise data ...

Is Your Big Data Solution Production-Ready? [ Source: CenturyLink Technology Solutions ]

March 2014- Is Your Big Data Solution Production-Ready?
Presented by CenturyLink Technology Solutions (formerly Savvis)

Based on Forrester market data and a custom survey of enterprise big data decision-makers, this white paper explores the exploding big data trend. Increasingly, big data analytics is becoming a key priority for organizations - with over 70% of surveyed IT decision-makers saying it is a priority now or will be within a year.

Many companies are already ...

Shortcut Guide: Achieving business intelligence in midsize companies [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- See what BI can do for your company in this complete four-chapter Shortcut Guide to BI success. Learn practical, affordable tips for creating or expanding your BI strategy.

IDC Tech SpotLight: Portability: Charting a path to the open hybrid cloud [ Source: Red Hat ]

December 2013- Cloud computing and open hybrid clouds are part of a sweeping transformation across all facets of the IT industry.

Don't miss out - for a limited time, you can access this IDC Technology Spotlight on strategies for achieving true data and workload portability in a hybrid cloud future.

End-to-end Master Data Management [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Discover how a Master Data Management (MDM) strategy is key to unlocking the value of your company's product data. It provides critical business processes with timely, accurate and complete information about product; helping to generate better results regardless of the business need. MDM offers a clear and concise understanding of your product data from the collaborative authoring use case to the real-time operational use of the product data for managing catalogs, bundles and multi-channel commerce ...

Make Better Decision Faster with Business Analytics on IBM Power Systems [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- Watson's success in the Jeopardy! challenge was inspiring, but the business impact of optimized systems design is just beginning. With smarter analytics solutions optimized on IBM Power Systems, you can put Watson's technology to work.

Ensuring the Security of your Mobile Business Intelligence [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- The number of mobile devices has now surpassed personal computers in sales. They are increasingly being used for business, which means that users expect to access all the applications they need to do their jobs, including business intelligence (BI), on these devices. Because BI can be sensitive and confidential, they also want to be sure it is protected from unauthorized users such as hackers and that it can't be accessed if the device is lost ...

Choosing visual properties for successful visualizations [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- The world produces more than 2.5 exabytes of data every day. Visualization is one key approach to gaining insight from this mountain of data. It enables you to see the trends and patterns (along with gaps and outliers) in the data that are not as easily identified in rows and columns of numbers.

Visualization can also provide access to huge data sets, such as weather, web traffic, sales and voting records. Data sets of ...

Hadoop appliances: the key to simplicity, speed, scalability, and stability in big data [ Source: IBM ]

September 2013- Organizations everywhere are turning to Hadoop as a mission critical platform. As an open-source-based approach and emerging market, Hadoop is rapidly maturing. For the past several years, customers have deployed IBM's best-of-breed Hadoop software offering, IBM InfoSphere BigInsights, for all applications discussed above. Hearing their demands for even greater simplicity, scale, speed, manageability, and ease of use in their Hadoop deployments, we recently introduced IBM PureData System for Hadoop. This is an enterprise-grade solution that ...

What's all the buzz about Late-Binding Data Warehousing? [ Source: Health Catalyst ]

September 2013- You have plenty of options when it comes to healthcare data warehouses - but which one is right for your organization? Discover what makes a late-binding data warehouse architecture unique among the crowd and how it works with your existing data to provide quick time-to-value. Plus learn how applying rules and definitions late in the process means you get increased agility, accuracy, and the ability to make decisions and changes based on near real-time data.

IDC Analyst Connection: Risk Management Considerations for Datacentres in 2013 [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- Innovative Canadian IT executives are becoming "service brokers" rather than "service providers" to drive productivity and competitive advantage. Managed hosting is a key part of their sourcing strategy, offering enterprise-class datacentres that can support today's business requirements of performance, security, and resiliency. The following questions were posed to Mark Schrutt, Director of IDC's Service and Enterprise Applications research regarding the role of managed hosting in supporting leading Canadian executives and what to look for in ...

IBM Business Process Management for SAP Implementations [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- This white paper looks at the challenges you might face with your SAP implementation and examines the reasons. It explains how you can help enable the optimization of the business value of your SAP implementation by using a business process management (BPM) approach. It then suggests how IBM business process management tools are designed to integrate with your SAP implementation to help enable process innovation and optimized business value.

InfoSphere Information Server for Big Data [ Source: IBM ]

June 2013- Every day, the world creates 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Enterprises know that this data holds valuable information - but extracting meaningful insights out of all the noise can be quite a challenge. In order to capitalize on their big data, companies must successfully deal with the "four V's:" variety, volume, velocity and veracity. Fortunately, enterprise-class data governance and data integration tools, like IBM InfoSphere Information Server, can help organizations overcome the challenges of big data ...

Extending Security Intelligence with Big Data [ Source: IBM ]

May 2013- Learn about the latest security intelligence solution combining IBM Security QRadar SIEM and IBM InfoSphere BigInsights technologies helping organizations address the most vexing security challenges, including advanced persistent threats, fraud and insider threats. The solution allows security analysts to extend their analysis well beyond typical security data using real-time correlation for continuous insight, custom analytics across massive structured data (such as security device alerts, operating system logs, and network flows) and unstructured data (such as ...

Connecting the Dots: Are You Seeing the Complete Big Data Picture? [ Source: FactSet Research Systems, Inc. ]

May 2013- Without an entity-based architecture, can you accurately understand risk? Without the ability to maintain a transparent view of exposure, are you getting the full picture? And even with complete coverage, is your reference data consistent for regulatory purposes?

Several recessions, a severe credit crisis, heightened regulatory oversight, and a squeeze on margins have made the last decade a bumpy ride. There are stringent regulations, causing firms to scramble to keep compliant; investment professionals ...

The Business Analyst's Guide to Hadoop [ Source: Hortonworks and Alteryx ]

May 2013- Rapidly emerging as a transformative technology framework for storing and processing massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, Apache Hadoop plays a central role in Big Data. However, most Big Data strategies stall with IT challenges. In order to harness Big Data for competitive advantage, organizations must enable more than a handful of scarce IT specialists and expensive data scientists to access the information.

By making Big Data usable by business decision-makers and ...

Data Center Flexibility and Efficiency: Increasing the Business Value of IT [ Source: IBM ]

February 2013- Optimization and consolidation can make a big difference in the business value your data centers deliver. This paper examines the techniques and results of IBM's own internal data center transformation?and how you can apply this learning to your transformation efforts to achieve greater productivity, mobility and responsiveness.

The Fast Path to Big Data [ Source: Wipro Technologies ]

January 2013- As people and businesses do more of what they do in an always-on digital environment, as a growing number of intelligent devices capture and transmit a growing volume of useful data, and as unstructured data becomes an increasingly rich and pervasive source of business intelligence, Big Data will continue to play a more stra?tegic role in enterprise IT. Companies that recognize this reality - and that act on it in a technologically, operationally and ...

5 Dividends Master Data Management Pays [ Source: IBM ]

December 2012- How enterprise-wide master data management helped five financial services firms get a better view of their customers and of their risk.

At many large financial firms, information that is accessible in one application isn't available in the others. Those data 'silos' make the organizations inefficient, prevent them from taking advantage of business opportunities, lead to poor decision making and can complicate compliance. Adopting an enterprise-wide data management solution can lead to more successful ...

Get The Message: How WebSphere MQ Can Connect Your Business [ Source: IBM ]

December 2012- Today's business environment is proliferated with thousands of millions of customer endpoints. This large number of endpoints can cause unpredictable usage spikes when you offer special promotions or when you attempt to extend the global reach of your business through market expansion. Back-end transaction processing systems must support business integrity - secure, reliable and synchronized customer experience over multiple transaction channels - and must sustain accessibility with infrastructure that can support bursts of activity. And ...

Analyst Report: The new promise of BI realized [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- IBM has redefined BI with an enterprise solution that brings reporting, analysis, modeling, planning and collaboration together for better decision-making cycles and to help remove the barriers to being analytics-driven. This is the new promise of BI realized.

This paper describes how IBM has infused traditional BI with personal analytics and performance management to balance user freedom and IT control. It introduces IBM Cognos Enterprise, the solution that can help your organization take ...

Security: Security Enterprise Data and and Ensuring Compliance [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Securing Enterprise Data and Ensuring Compliance In the Face of Multiple Threats, Strategies Must be Comprehensive

Security is an important element of an information integration and governance framework. This research perspective by Ventana Research provides insight to help organizations ensure a centralized, holistic security architecture to prevent breaches and automate compliance.

Application Consolidation: Consolidating and retiring applications: Effective Management Can Reduce Costs and Modernize IT [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Information, an essential asset in virtually all organizations, requires careful attention and robust processes to ensure it can reliably support business decision-making. Information arising from multiple sources must be integrated and governed to ensure it is a trusted source and in compliance with internal policies and external regulations and legislature. The process of the integration and governance of information provides a framework that incorporates acquisition, organization, control and use of information to create and enhance ...

Predictive Maintenance for Manufacturing - How to improve productivity, minimize downtime and reduce costs [ Source: IBM ]

November 2012- Your goal is clear produce high-quality goods while optimizing resources at every step of production. And in today's uncertain economy, cost-control efforts may never have been more important. Unscheduled downtime because of equipment failure can have a serious impact on your organization's bottom line.

Download this white paper from IBM, and learn the basics of predictive maintenance, the benefits it provides manufacturing operations and the underlying technologies that make it possible. Predictive analytics ...

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