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Helping ensure student success and retention [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Southern Illinois University university partners with Dell, Intel, Microsoft and textbook publishers to launch "Mobile Dawg," a tablet-based comprehensive suite of applications and e-texts to enhance student' educational experiences, learning and retention.

Dell Student Retention Model for Harper College [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Within the foundational academic work, the Dell student retention model seeks to help colleges and universities retain students by quickly identifying students at risk through a structured information technology solution, and delivering the information to administrators, instructors, counselors and students in an easy-to-access model.

Helping busy Executive MBA students focus on learning [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Emory University deploys full-featured Windows 8 tablets from Dell, preloaded with all necessary applications and consolidated information resources and applications, to Executive MBA students so they can spend more time learning and enjoying a better educational experience.

University uses data insight to drive student success [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- The University of Kentucky uses Dell Education Data Management solution with real-time BI to improve data insights and student success.

Predictions For 2014: Cloud Computing [ Source: VMware ]

June 2014- As we head into 2014, cloud computing is no longer a "future" but a "now." Investments are up, enterprise use is widespread, and the hybrid cloud model has arrived. While the bulk of cloud acquisition and use continues to be driven by line of business, in 2014, traditional IT departments will stop asking "why cloud?" and instead get busy integrating cloud into the existing portfolio, extending data center infrastructures with elastic cloud technologies, and consuming new bespoke ...

The Path to Becoming the Chief Information Officer [ Source: VMware ]

March 2014- In this study, IDC examines the current state of the IT organization with respect to innovation. Based on a recent global study of 145 CIOs and IT executives, we delve into the disconnect between the CIO's aspiration to be chief innovation officer and the work that still needs to be done. We explore how innovative ideas are being initiated and cultivated within organizations and the methods currently being employed by CIOs as they evolve the profession ...

Chief Innovation Officer: CIO Professional Development Series [ Source: VMware ]

March 2014- The notion of the CIO being the "chief innovation officer" is attractive. Challenging business conditions have morphed from being a phase in the economic cycle to being the new normal. Very few organizations can conduct their business in a pre-Lehman Brothers manner, and so innovation is highly relevant to economic survival. This in turn represents an opportunity to move the CIO center stage in terms of business relevance.

Unfortunately, this move does not ...

The Transformative CIO [ Source: VMware ]

February 2014- Trying to meet today's business technology needs with yesterday's IT organizational structure is like driving a Model T at the Indy 500. Time for a reset.

The IBM Agile Information Governance Process [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- We are literally drowning in data today. Companies are increasingly turning to big data to drive analytic and operational applications, and also using big data technologies to modernize legacy infrastructures. Information governance best practices are critical to the success of these initiatives.

Businesses need processes that leverage their existing governance programs to accelerate big data initiatives and reduce the time to implement new projects. A robust platform for big data, integration and governance ...

Understanding big data so you can act with confidence [ Source: IBM ]

December 2013- Automating information integration and governance and employing it at the point of data creation helps organizations boost confidence in their big data. A solid information integration and governance program should include automated discovery, profiling and understanding of diverse datasets to provide context and enable employees to make informed decisions. IBM InfoSphere is designed to do all of these things by evolving information integration and governance to meet the challenges presented by big data.

Why Your Cloud Should be Built with Open and Hybrid In Mind [ Source: Red Hat ]

December 2013- This newsletter, featuring Gartner perspectives, investigates strategies and best practices for approaches in gaining the efficiencies and agility of cloud computing your enterprise IT infrastructure, but with consistent controls, governance and reduced complexity required by today's competitive enterprises.

Oracle Exadata and IBM PureData System for Analytics Compared [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- This eBook opens by reviewing differences between processing online transactions and processing queries and analyses in a data warehouse. It then discusses Exadata and PureData System for Analytics from perspectives of their performance, simplicity of operation and value.

The Big Data Zoo - Taming the Beasts [ Source: IBM ]

November 2013- Big data is probably the single most important trend in information usage for both business and IT in the past decade. It is changing the way companies make decisions, do business, succeed or fail. And it is causing IT to look beyond traditional technologies, to new tools to process larger data volumes of a variety of types faster than ever before required.

Much of the focus on big data has missed one key ...

Using visualization to understand big data [ Source: IBM ]

October 2013- When companies can analyze big data, they benefit. In a recent survey, 63 percent of respondents reported that they believe that understanding and exploiting big data effectively can create a competitive advantage for their organizations. This paper covers how 3 Big data analysis can help companies improve decision making, create a 360-degree view of their customers, improve security and surveillance, analyze operations and augment data warehousing. Visualization can play a vital role in using big data to ...

2013 Gartner Magic Quadrant for the CRM Customer Engagement Center [ Source: ]

October 2013- The blend of social media engagement with CRM software is evolving the contact center into the customer engagement center. Gartner's 2013 CRM customer engagement center Magic Quadrant looks at vendors that respond to the challenge of "any channel" customer service engagement.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are: Incorporating Social Media into your Customer Service Strategy [ Source: ]

October 2013- In order to satisfy today's customer, a case must be made to incorporate social media into your customer service strategy. Choose the customer service technologies that are ideal for your company in order to enable customer service through online and offline touch points, establish smart listening, engage your community, and consistently respond to customer issues.

A Quick Peek at How Salesforce Does Customer Service [ Source: ]

October 2013- Want to see at a high-level how does customer service? In this booklet, we'll show you what the #1 customer service application, Service Cloud, looks like and how to use the features. From the contact center to self-service communities, see how Salesforce Service Cloud is changing the game.

6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service [ Source: ]

October 2013- There is always room for improvement in serving your customers. In a poll, only 7% of customer experiences exceeded their expectations. In this eBook, we'll show how your customers, employees and brand can come together to earn a "customer for life."

20 Customer Service Best Practices [ Source: ]

October 2013- We surveyed feedback from our customers, product experts and thought leaders to come up with 20 best practices for outstanding customer service. In this eBook, we'll cover:

How to achieve great service across channels

How best to treat customers well

How to build a world-class team

APT Confidential: Top Lessons Learned From Real Attacks [ Source: Bit9 ]

September 2013- In this unprecedented time of cyber attacks, information about attacker methods is difficult to obtain unless you are the victim, and that is too late.

This whitepaper details lessons learned from extensive interviews with security analysts at Bit9, Bit9 customers, and others.

A common thread that emerged was the difficulty of preventing the delivery of APT malware to systems or of quickly detecting the attack once the malware was active. In ...

Harness the value of big data to build smarter infrastructures [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- This white paper will discuss how big data analytics, coupled with the right facilities and asset management software, can provide next-generation opportunities to improve facilities and asset management processes and returns. It will examine how different organizations successfully use big data generated by their facilities and assets to help increase revenue, power operational efficiency, ensure service availability and mitigate risk.

Most importantly, this white paper will reveal how your organization can leverage big ...

Managing Enterprise Assets and IT Assets in a Converged World [ Source: IBM ]

August 2013- This report provides some guidelines for how to plan a more effective Enterprise Asset Management strategy, including maturity levels, processes, and technologies in context with the synergies of IT Asset Management advances.

The Buyers' Guide to Virtual + Physical Data Protection [ Source: Dell ]

July 2013- Your data center is constantly becoming more complicated. Today, the proliferation of virtualization - both for virtual servers as well as virtual desktop projects - has added an all-new layer of complexity to the picture. In this new white paper, identify business goals, technical approaches and recovery scenarios for virtual and physical data protection and recovery.

Building Higher IT Business Continuity in the Face of Disaster [ Source: Dell ]

July 2013- In the past, one- or two-day outages were trouble. Today, a few hours downtime can cripple your organization. It's not just employees who are affected; partners and customers also link to your IT through email and database applications. Losing your data or critical systems can mean:

Revenue loss from the inability to conduct business
Lost customer trust or confidence
Financial penalties for violated SLAs
Legal or financial penalties for compliance ...

Beyond Native Tools: Auditing SharePoint Across the Enterprise [ Source: Dell Software ]

July 2013- SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool - it's easy to set up, manage and administer. However, its built-in auditing tools are server-centric. Meaning? Organizations with multiple SharePoint installations are struggling to achieve enterprise-wide insight and security to help meet external and internal regulations and policies.

In this new white paper, learn more about the strengths of SharePoint - as well as the challenges of auditing and managing it across the enterprise. Then, see ...

Supply chain: Delivering a superior customer experience through an optimized supply chain [ Source: IBM ]

July 2013- Supply chain performance bears directly on the customer experience. Your company's ability to execute the perfect order - with the right quantity, product or component quality, and documentation - can profoundly influence customer loyalty and profitability.

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