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Quantifying The Return on Investment: The Business Case for the Internet of Things Initiatives [ Source: Thingworx ]

January 2015- If someone asked you to create an ROI model for an investment in machine-to-machine connectivity, where would you start?

Today, organizations are under tremendous pressure to quickly provide a measurable ROI dollar figure but what some organizations don’t realize is that cost is just one piece of the ROI equation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has created new opportunities for companies to help them gain business insight, improve business process, ...

Master Mobile By Focusing on Productivity [ Source: Box ]

October 2014- View this infographic and learn how more enterprises are applying mobile to core processes, making customer support, sales operations, and everyday tasks more effective. By mastering mobility, IT teams play a key role in boosting productivity, efficiency, and ROI across the business.

How to Make Email a Powerful Part of Your Web Application [ Source: Tagaly ]

September 2014- Giving your customers a way to access your application from their email account is a major way to boost their activity and engagement on your website. You can use the SendGrid Parse Webhook to make this happen. It is a powerful tool with many use cases. Once it is setup, all incoming email for a domain or sub-domain is directed to your application. What you can do is endless, but it can be a bit ...

Frost & Sullivan - Multi-Channel Customer Experience: The Next Battleground for Mid-Size Businesses [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Frost & Sullivan - Multi-Channel Customer Experience The Next Battleground for Mid-Size Businesses

A multi-channel contact center is a must for organizations of all sizes. Best-in-class customer service organizations continue to raise the bar in delivering seamless multi-channel customer experiences. A multi-channel contact center delivers a truly consistent customer experience, so that regardless of how the client "calls in" - by phone, text, Web, chat or social media, and on any device ...

Gannett Powers Private Cloud with XO MPLS IP-VPN [ Source: XO Communications ]

September 2014- Media Leader Moves to the Cloud Gannett Company, the owner of USA TODAY and over 250 other media properties, is a leading U.S. digital media company and an XO Communications' customer. Gannett created its own private cloud, One Gannett, to consolidate the data and critical business applications from its 250 units in the cloud. The XO Intelligent WAN solution provides the secure, high-performance network infrastructure that powers Gannett's private cloud and ensures business continuity, scalability, capacity, ...

The ROI of Application Performance Management [ Source: XO Communications ]

August 2014- Application performance management (APM) tools allow enterprises to proactively manage their investments in bandwidth and the business-critical applications used every day. An application performance management solution is recognized as an essential component of WAN optimization-techniques that help businesses get the best possible performance from existing networks.However, building a business case for an application performance management solution requires more than a belief in its benefits. It requires some data to quantify the value of a ...

What's Stealing Your Business Performance [ Source: Riverbed ]

July 2014- This inographic describes the simple steps to an effective SharePoint deployment and user acceptance

Helping ensure student success and retention [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Southern Illinois University university partners with Dell, Intel, Microsoft and textbook publishers to launch "Mobile Dawg," a tablet-based comprehensive suite of applications and e-texts to enhance student' educational experiences, learning and retention.

Dell Student Retention Model for Harper College [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Within the foundational academic work, the Dell student retention model seeks to help colleges and universities retain students by quickly identifying students at risk through a structured information technology solution, and delivering the information to administrators, instructors, counselors and students in an easy-to-access model.

Helping busy Executive MBA students focus on learning [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- Emory University deploys full-featured Windows 8 tablets from Dell, preloaded with all necessary applications and consolidated information resources and applications, to Executive MBA students so they can spend more time learning and enjoying a better educational experience.

University uses data insight to drive student success [ Source: Dell ]

June 2014- The University of Kentucky uses Dell Education Data Management solution with real-time BI to improve data insights and student success.

The Path to Becoming the Chief Information Officer [ Source: VMware ]

March 2014- In this study, IDC examines the current state of the IT organization with respect to innovation. Based on a recent global study of 145 CIOs and IT executives, we delve into the disconnect between the CIO's aspiration to be chief innovation officer and the work that still needs to be done. We explore how innovative ideas are being initiated and cultivated within organizations and the methods currently being employed by CIOs as they evolve the profession ...

Chief Innovation Officer: CIO Professional Development Series [ Source: VMware ]

March 2014- The notion of the CIO being the "chief innovation officer" is attractive. Challenging business conditions have morphed from being a phase in the economic cycle to being the new normal. Very few organizations can conduct their business in a pre-Lehman Brothers manner, and so innovation is highly relevant to economic survival. This in turn represents an opportunity to move the CIO center stage in terms of business relevance.

Unfortunately, this move does not ...

The Transformative CIO [ Source: VMware ]

February 2014- Trying to meet today's business technology needs with yesterday's IT organizational structure is like driving a Model T at the Indy 500. Time for a reset.

Top Applications for SSDs in Financial Services [ Source: SanDisk ]

June 2014- Big data...The market is exploding with massive quantities of structured and unstructured data, which must be collected, sorted and stored safely. This brief shows real world examples of how SSD technology solves key customer challenges across the financial services industry.

DB2 10.5 with BLU Acceleration with New Dynamic in Memory Analytics for the Era of Big Data [ Source: IBM ]

May 2014- The DB2 10.5 release delivers one of the most game-changing technologies produced by the IBM Information Management development teams. It covers the A–Z of BLU Acceleration, the inflection point technology that redefines in-memory columnar and takes it to a whole new level. The book frames the need for this technology, the seven big ideas that inspired it, and more.

Running at the speed of business [ Source: IBM ]

May 2014- IBM DB2 offers multi-platform flexibility and optimized capabilities for a variety of workloads. This e-book highlights some common scenarios where DB2 helps businesses derive unprecedented value from expanding data stores - affordably and reliably.

Dell Software Foglight APM 5.9: Introducing Big Data Repository/Reporting Supporting Web Analytics and User-Centric APM [ Source: Dell Software ]

May 2014- Designed from a customer-centric Application Performance Monitoring (APM) perspective, the newly relseased Dell Foglight 5.9 introduces "Transaction DNA" technology to the marketplace, along with a Transaction Trace repository that captures and stores user interactions with Web applications. Learn from this ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES (EMA) Impact Brief about the new capabilities and positions of the new release within a broader industry APM story.

Four Ways to Modernize Your Application Performance Monitoring Strategy for Web 2.0 and AJAX [ Source: Dell Software ]

May 2014- A challenge to traditional application performance monitoring (APM), Web 2.0 aims to increase the speed and efficiency of Web applications. However, they also present several challenges to traditional application APM. Learn how Foglight from Dell enables DevOps and application support teams to modernize their APM and adequately support AJAX processing in the browser, while uniquely combining the best of traditional and modern approaches to deliver a well-rounded solution.

Performance Management: The Seven Deadly Sins of SPM [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- We view sales compensation as an ecosystem that is comprised of a number of independent systems that all interact with each other.

Build for Growth: Master the ICM Advantage [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- It is important to understand key trends and developments that are making compensation an issue of concern to decision makers. Incentive compensation management (ICM) technologies can simplify and improve efforts to organize and incent workforces to strive to succeed.

Building a Stronger Business with Sales Performance Management - How SPM can transform your sales processes for business success [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- For many businesses, calculating incentive compensation remains a manual process that takes too much time, produces too many errors, and lags selling activity by about 3 months. Read this summary for a better understanding of how SPM can transform your sales process for business success.

Microsoft Sharepoint Performance Brief [ Source: Riverbed ]

April 2014- This is a Performance Brief that illustrates how Riverbed Steelhead appliances accelerate MS SharePoint Services over the WAN. 2 pp.

Introducing Social Business For The Mid-Market [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Aberdeen has studied the business practices of 229 mid-sized companies surveyed for the 2011 Aberdeen Busines Review and 61 mid-sized companies profiled in Aberdeen's 2011 Social Collaboration Research. Mid-market organization can achieve strategic benefits from optimizing their Social Business deployments and achieving Best-in-Class status. This report provides directional guidance for mid-market companies to appropriately use Social Business and achieve these goals.

IDC Report: The Future of eMail is Social [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- This IDC white paper takes a look at the current state of enterprise email and the perceived and real problems that surround its use. The paper discusses the changing nature of collaboration and work fueled by the social Web by examining current email trends and the emergence of new social collaboration tools. Rather than envision "a world without email," it reveals a future where email converges with social tools and grows into an innovative hybrid ...

3 Reasons Why You Need Real User Web Performance Measurements [ Source: Neustar ]

March 2014- Learn why a traditional (technical) understanding of website performance needs to be replaced with a competitive one, a model where performance equates to revenue.

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