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Four Reasons Not to Nuke an Infected Machine: Reimaging Isnt The Only Option [ Source: ThreatTrack Security ]

March 2015- Many organizations still cling to the rigid practice of reimaging every infected machine. However, the costs of reimaging often outweighs the benefit. Learn why you should adopt an alternative approach to reimaging to remediate threats.

Is it Phishing or an APT? [ Source: ThreatTrack Security ]

March 2015- Spear phishing is a primary means by which APTs target and infiltrate networks. This paper describes the element of a phishing attack and how to keep your organization safe from advanced threats.

Losing the Battle - The Need for a New Approach to Advanced Protection [ Source: ThreatTrack Security ]

March 2015- This paper outlines the challenges of fighting APTs and outlines a solution purpose-built to find and stop attacks in progress allowing for mitigation before it's too late.

Accelerating Microsoft Office 365 with Riverbed SteelHead SaaS [ Source: Riverbed ]

August 2014- Riverbed SteelHead SaaS addresses cloud services/software as a service (SaaS) performance challenges by providing an easy-to-deploy optimization solution that meets customer needs for application performance over WAN and Internet connections.

Combining private wide area network (WAN) and public internet optimization, the SteelHead SaaS is a first-of-its-kind solution, which optimizes traffic across the public Internet with Riverbed's award-winning SteelHead optimization system (formerly RiOS or Riverbed Optimization System) technology to accelerate data and application ...

Securing Edge Data at the Center [ Source: Riverbed ]

May 2014- Nobody can afford to lose data. But managing data, including backup and availability, in far-flung locations can present many logistical and technological challenges that bring complexity, expense, and risk. It doesn't have to be that way, though. A new branch converged infrastructure approach allows organizations to project virtual servers and data to remote offices, providing for local access and performance while storing the data in centralized data centers. Enterprises can now do business across the ...

Edge Consolidation Delivers Peace of Mind for IT [ Source: Riverbed ]

May 2013- To increase agility while lowering costs, IT organizations are using virtualization and cloud-based infrastructure services to consolidate and reduce the number of physical servers and data centers across the enterprise. IDC estimates that, by 2015, more than 20 percent of the information running through servers will do so on virtualized systems. This percentage increases along with the size of the company, with some larger organizations using 100 percent virtualized systems. Read this paper to learn more.

Powering the Hybrid Enterprise [ Source: Riverbed ]

November 2014- Computing is no longer done in a single location. Users, applications, and data exist in more places than ever before, creating an unprecedented challenge for IT.

How can IT achieve the flexibility and agility it needs to offer multiple types of applications in multiple locations? Just as enterprises take advantage of applications hosted in multiple locations (i.e., public clouds, private clouds, or SaaS applications), they take advantage of different networks for different ...

SaaS Security: Mind the Gap [ Source: Adallom ]

November 2013- This joint paper from EMC and Adallom provides a brief overview of emerging gaps and trust issues common to SaaS providers.

SATA vs. PCIe Solid-State Storage Solutions for MySQL Environments [ Source: HGST ]

December 2014- Database users are increasingly interested in using Flash-based solid-state drives (SSDs) to speed up application performance. For many database administrators (DBAs), increased database performance directly impacts their user experience and bottom lines. Accelerating a single MySQL instance may allow DBAs to avoid painful sharding exercises, with all their attendant administration, application changes, and high capital and ongoing costs. With the wide range of SSDs available today, choosing any one can be difficult. This paper aims ...

IDC Analyst Connection: The Evolving Threat Landscape [ Source: ThreatTrack Security ]

February 2015- Today's cybercrime environment has evolved from quick smash-and-grab tactics to persistent campaigns involving specialized malware. In response, a new category of security technology aimed at detecting, analyzing and preventing such threats is emerging. ThreatTrack Security discussed this trend with Charles Kolodgy, IDC's Research Vice President for IDC's Security Products Service.

Breach Detection: What you need to know [ Source: Bit9 ]

September 2014- Today's cyber attacks have changed in sophistication, in focus, and in their potential impact on your business. This eBook will outline the tactics today's advanced attackers are using to break into your organization and why you require a defense-in-depth cyber-security program that incorporates automatic detection and incident response. The goal of this eBook is to leave you with the knowledge you need to effectively protect your business against today's advanced attacks.

Breach Preparation: Plan for the Inevitability of Compromise eGuide [ Source: Bit9 ]

January 2015- You can't open a newspaper or visit an online news site these days without some mention of a cyber-attack or data breach. These activities are becoming more prevalent, and as a result, the reporting of these activities is also on the rise. Bit9 + Carbon Black reached out to a series of experts to collect their thoughts and advice on dealing with data security incidents or breaches, which included:

Designing a Continuous Response Architecture eGuide [ Source: Bit9 ]

October 2014- Businesses need to view security as a process and leverage solutions that can proactively collect data, apply aggregated threat intelligence, reduce the cost and complexity of incident response and evolve, adapt and learn from your investigation.

This eGuide will cover how a continuous approach to response can resolve these challenges and put your organization in a better security posture by proactively preparing for a breach.

How to Stop Social Media Hacks [ Source: Proofpoint ]

February 2015- A how to guide describing the key steps that organizations should take to prevent their social media accounts from being hacked.

Supply Chain in the Cloud: Looking Beyond Total Cost of Ownership [ Source: GT Nexus ]

October 2011- Cloud offers the potential to not only transform how supply chain organizations procure IT capabilities, but also to fundamentally change how they manage business processes.

Whether in the volatility of demand, requirements for shorter lead-times, or the acquisition of new capabilities, the "clock speed" for businesses is running faster and faster for most manufacturers today while the delivery of traditional IT capabilities are struggling to keep up.

This IDC paper illustrates ...

The Internet of Things Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

December 2014- Imagine a world where physical objects exchange knowledge and cooperate together like teammates to achieve unparalleled business efficiency. From textile looms to shipping pallets to store shelves, everything in the supply chain would sync, automatically, to optimize operations.

The Internet of Things is bringing about that world at a furious pace—very soon over 26 billion devices of all shapes and sizes will be connected to the Internet. Retailers and manufacturers will face ...

An IDC White Paper: B2B Collaboration Environments – On the Path to Modernization [ Source: Axway ]

February 2015- Today's business environment has reached a level of complexity that is unparalleled in history. With the increasingly global nature of business, a business community that is geographically and technologically diverse, and a general urgency to be flexible enough to respond to market changes, companies from all industries are struggling to compete. This white paper analyzes trends and related steps that companies are taking to evolve, consolidate, and modernize their legacy B2B collaboration exchange environments ...

10 Best Practices for Thriving in an API World [ Source: Axway ]

February 2015- The world is undergoing a series of economic, societal and environmental changes that will require companies to be more innovative and more agile than ever before. Technology can be an enabler for much of this organizational reinvention, with one caveat: the way technology works within the organization also needs to change.

Does Your File Transfer Environment Need Renovation? [ Source: Axway ]

February 2015- 3 reasons (and 4 steps) for consolidating your file transfer infrastructure now! Legacy connections, disjointed file transfer mechanisms, and redundant or expensive VANs/VPNs and FTP servers can cause weaknesses in your file transfer infrastructure, leading to escalated costs, increased risk and even damaged business relationships. This white paper details how consolidating your file transfer infrastructure can save money and drive core revenue, reduce complexity and risk, and improve service.

An Ovum White Paper: The Imperative for Effective Data Flow Governance in Response to Data Security, Risk Mitigation, and Compliance Requirements [ Source: Axway ]

February 2015- 1 out of 4 organizations have failed a security audit. Will you be one of them? Ovum Consulting asked hundreds of executive-level IT buyers from around the world some very tough questions about their ability to govern the flow of their enterprise data. Their answers may surprise you. For instance: 23% of respondents had failed a security audit within the last three years; 17% had “no confidence” they could pass such an audit using their existing file transfer solutions; ...

Driving Growth with the Anytime-Anywhere Mobile Workforce [ Source: Good Technology ]

February 2015- Successful businesses are empowering their employees to complete vital business transactions any time of day or night--wherever they are. Mobility is transforming sales processes, optimizing customer visits, speeding sales cycles, improving manufacturing operations and increasing customer satisfaction. Read this paper to learn how to grow productivity and competitiveness with secure enterprise mobility solutions.

Gartner Report: Combining Mobility and Business for Success [ Source: Good Technology ]

February 2015- Business today is done in mere moments-and mobility gives you the tools you need to turn those "business moments" into business success. Read this Gartner report to learn how to capitalize, while also adhering to stringent privacy and legal standards.

Gartner Mobility Report: Assess, Model, Strategize and Innovate [ Source: Good Technology ]

February 2015- The transition to mobile can be chaotic-but as mobility becomes a business standard, you have to have a secure mobility strategy to enable a smooth implementation. Read Gartner's Mobile Maturity Model to learn how to move confidently through your mobile journey.

Mobility Report: Are You Keeping Pace with Your Peers? [ Source: Good Technology ]

February 2015- Mid-market companies are the growth engine of today's economy; they're growing-and hiring-much more quickly than their enterprise cousins. And this breakneck growth makes mobile productivity critical. Learn what your peers are doing and where you rank on mobility adoption.

5 Critical Steps to Securely Manage Mobile Apps and Devices [ Source: Good Technology ]

February 2015- Mobile adoption at work is mainstream. From the casual user who wants to check business email to the field technician carrying a mobile tablet to the customer site, the use cases addressed by mobile are wide ranging. IDC predicts that 1 billion devices are coming to the work place by 2017, presenting both a formidable challenge and a tremendous opportunity for businesses. Find out the 5 critical steps to securely manage mobile apps and devices.

Bank Strengthens Mobile Security, Lowers Costs and Enhances Customer Service [ Source: Good Technology ]

February 2015- With a mission of putting customers first, CommunityOne IT continually evaluates new technologies that help employees work smarter and provide better service to customers. Learn how this $2 billion community bank was able to lower costs and enable secure BYOD, while improving productivity with new mobile apps.

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