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How to Make Email a Powerful Part of Your Web Application [ Source: Tagaly ]

September 2014- Giving your customers a way to access your application from their email account is a major way to boost their activity and engagement on your website. You can use the SendGrid Parse Webhook to make this happen. It is a powerful tool with many use cases. Once it is setup, all incoming email for a domain or sub-domain is directed to your application. What you can do is endless, but it can be a bit ...

Extend Compliance And Risk Management To What Really Matters For Your Business [ Source: Absolute Software ]

September 2014- While governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) programs have matured well over time, this maturity has come mostly in response to new and changing regulations, which has resulted in programs that are narrowly focused on protecting employees, investors, consumers, and other stakeholders - not on protecting the business itself. Companies rarely fail because of poor financial controls, but they fail frequently due to their inability to understand and address disruptive technologies, market fluctuations, changing customer ...

Endpoint Security Trends [ Source: Absolute Software ]

September 2014- This report outlines Forrester's take on the endpoint security trends seen from Q2 2013 to Q4 2014, looking at IT spend, and the adoption of Endpoint Security Software-As-A-Service. Forrester provides data for organizations to benchmark their spending patterns against their peers, and strategize their endpoint security adoption decisions.

How IT Can Be a Hero to the Disconnected Road Warrior [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Complimentary paper on how IT can help sales close more deals.

Empowering the Workforce in a Rich Media World [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Complimentary white paper on the business advantages of SanDisk SSD-enabled laptop computers.

You don't Have to Sacrifice Performance for Security [ Source: SanDisk ]

September 2014- Complimentary white paper on high-performing, secure and affordable SanDisk SSDs.

Guide to Data Security [ Source: DLT / Symantec ]

September 2014- Protecting the government's data is an all-consuming, top priority. As the federal government's data growth continues to spiral, and as the types of data threats and leakage change, data and storage managers have no choice but to be on the front lines of protecting their agencies' data. That means first building a solid data storage and management foundation – one that ensures that all data is accounted for at all times and that it's continually backed ...

Responding to Unpopular HIPAA Disclosure Requirements [ Source: Absolute Software ]

September 2014- The question is not whether healthcare consumers will ultimately get the right to learn of disclosures of their data, but when. Senior IT leaders and business executives in healthcare organizations that use lobbyists should focus on regulators' renewed attention to this long-dormant HIPAA issue.

IBM MobileFirst: Meeting the Mobile Challenge with IBM System z [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- The need to access information on mobile devices is prevalent everywhere. Customers demand access to your enterprise from any device, anywhere, at any time. Employees require real-time access to business information. The fastest and most cost-effective way for businesses to extend data to a mobile channel is to leverage existing investments and locate the processing where the data resides. This e-guide will show you how a mobile strategy that meets all your constituents' needs can ...

White Paper: Web Application Scanning with Nessus [ Source: Tenable ]

September 2014- Why is it that so many web applications are certified to be compliant with a particular standard such as PCI DSS and yet are still compromised? According to data compiled by the DatalossDB project, breaches caused by web applications and web-related flaws comprise 11% of all breaches while another 18% fall into the "hack" category (some of which are likely web application related).
Is the scanner the problem? Is it the auditor? On the other hand, ...

White Paper: Vulnerability Management and Risk Assessment for the Cyber-Security Framework [ Source: Tenable ]

February 2014- This paper provides insight to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, which calls for "a set of industry standards and best practices to help organizations manage cybersecurity risks". Specifically, this paper describes how Tenable’s solutions can be leveraged to help meet the guidelines and practices outlined in the components of the Cybersecurity Framework. Organizations can use the Framework to focus on a risk - based approach to align its vulnerability ...

White Paper: Continuous Monitoring for the New IT Landscape [ Source: Tenable ]

July 2014- Recent breaches have targeted a fatal flaw in the way organizations have approached security over the last two decades. While the focus has been on investing in multiple preventive security technologies-centralized authentication, desktop virus prevention, automated patching, next generation firewalls, sandboxes for zero-day malware, and security event management-adversaries have taken advantage of blind spots that have widened as the IT landscape has evolved. The recent breaches occurred not because of unknown weaknesses in the defensive ...

White Paper: Speed Up Incident Response with Actionable Forensic Analytics [ Source: Tenable ]

July 2014- Tenable provides a comprehensive continuous network monitoring solution that enables you to rapidly respond to security incidents, by providing actionable forensic data that can help detect incidents more accurately. In this paper, we will explore the forensic analytics and incident response capabilities of Tenable SecurityCenter Continuous View (SC CV), a network security platform that identifies vulnerabilities, reduces risk, and ensures compliance. Topics covered will include:

• Recognizing how organizational silos and inefficient process ...

Vendor Landscape: Endpoint Protection [ Source: Trend Micro ]

September 2014- Info-Tech Champions receive high scores for most evaluation criteria and offer excellent value. They have a strong market presence and are usually the trend setters for the industry.
See how Trend Micro Smart Protection for Endpoints measured up against today’s requirements:

- Protection for data on the move
- Interfaces that are highly interactive
- Expanded platform integration
- Backed by a strong vendor

Meeting Customers Where They Are [ Source: Kofax ]

September 2014- As mobile adoption increases, deploying a platform that supports your customer base across all channels, is essential. And having the tools to create your mobile use case in weeks instead of months is a competitive advantage. Explore the value of a mobile engagement platform that meets your customers where they are with comprehensive, real-time mobile capabilities.

Learn how your organization can build and deploy mobile customer engagement solutions from mobile image capture, mobile ...

A Guide to Hybrid Cloud for Government Agencies [ Source: VMware ]

September 2014- Government customers are in need of a secure, compliant enterprise-class hybrid cloud service. Read this whitepaper to learn more.

Migrating to an Enterprise-Class Hybrid Cloud for Government: Top 5 Considerations [ Source: VMware ]

September 2014- Instead of operating a combination of onsite and offsite IT environments and struggling to maintain both new and legacy applications and infrastructure, vCloud Government Service provides the right mix of internal controls with the ability to securely scale to meet demand for IT resources. As you contemplate migrating basic workloads and/or mission-critical and sensitive data to the cloud, be sure to address these top 5 considerations.

Top 7 Benefits of an Enterprise-Class Hybrid Cloud for Government [ Source: VMware ]

September 2014- The hybrid cloud is becoming more and more prevalent - in fact, nearly three-fourths of large enterprises expect to have hybrid deployments by 2015.

Let's take a look at the benefits of this hybrid cloud service.

Building & Managing A Private Cloud: 6 Important Questions [ Source: Red Hat ]

September 2014- Every year, more government workloads move to the cloud as agencies realize the cost, scalability, and manageability benefits that the cloud offers. The vast majority of those workloads take advantage of private clouds - dedicated clouds or secure segments of clouds that provide the highest level of security and control. According to IDC Government, private clouds dominate in federal government, with billions spent so far. We talked to cloud experts at Red Hat about the ...

Protect Your Customer Experience - Business Continuity in the Cloud [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Protect Your Business - Protect Your Customer Experience Business Continuity in the Cloud

Business continuity will continue to be a hot topic as long as man-made and natural disasters impact businesses around the globe. Your business can take advantage of the resilience and high availability that cloud service providers must provide as part of their own infrastructure simply to be able to deliver software as a service. Cloud-based contact center technology ...

Frost & Sullivan - Multi-Channel Customer Experience: The Next Battleground for Mid-Size Businesses [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Frost & Sullivan - Multi-Channel Customer Experience The Next Battleground for Mid-Size Businesses

A multi-channel contact center is a must for organizations of all sizes. Best-in-class customer service organizations continue to raise the bar in delivering seamless multi-channel customer experiences. A multi-channel contact center delivers a truly consistent customer experience, so that regardless of how the client "calls in" - by phone, text, Web, chat or social media, and on any device ...

Genesys - 10 Consideration in Moving to the Cloud [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- 10 Considerations in Moving to the Cloud - eBook Is the Cloud Right for Your Contact Center?

As more contact centers embrace the cloud deployment model, there is a plethora of service and solution choices, functionality and capability to sift through to determine the best fit.

This ebook offers ten key considerations for moving to a cloud-based contact center, including: cultural fit, accessibility to reference customers, technology, partners, integration and ...

Cloud, On-premises Or Hybrid? Top Five Considerations In Choosing Your Contact Center Solution [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid? - Top Five Considerations in Choosing Your Contact Center Solution

Forrester Research notes that 60% of customer experience professionals surveyed are committed to differentiating or distinguishing their organizations from competitors on the basis of customer experience.

Organizations looking to differentiate and modernize their contact centers have three major architectural options to consider: on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid solution. While each option has its advantages and challenges, ...

Frost & Sullivan - Genesys Wins the 2014 North American Award for Cloud Customer Contact Solutions [ Source: Genesys ]

September 2014- Frost & Sullivan - Genesys Wins the 2014 North American Award for Cloud Customer Contact Solutions

Genesys has been able to apply the best of all strategic approaches in going to the cloud. It has acquired assets to bypass the long R&D process required to build from scratch, yet skillfully planned a phased integration to provide customers with functionality they need quickly. It also has followed an aggressive development plan to deliver ...

Securing Business Information in the Cloud [ Source: Box ]

September 2014- Since the rise of the client-server model, IT has steadily moved from a centralized computing model to a highly decentralized one. This shift has dramatically accelerated in the last several years, fueled by mobility, cloud services and service-oriented platforms. This has created immense value for IT and end users, but adapting security controls and tools to a decentralized architecture has proven difficult. As a result, the modern enterprise is burdened with challenges like insecure devices ...

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