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Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers [ Source: F5 ]

November 2014- F5 Networks is positioned in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers for the eighth consecutive year. The application delivery controller (ADC) is a key component within enterprise data center and public cloud architectures, and according to Gartner, enterprises should evaluate ADCs based on how they integrate with key applications and cloud/virtualization platforms.

Access this report now to see how Gartner evaluates vendors based on ability to execute and completeness of vision. ...

The Case for Flash Arrays: New Business Realities [ Source: SanDisk ]

October 2014- The new performance-minded, resource-intensive demands of big data, analytics, cloud, social media, and mobile computing are driving enterprises to take a closer look at flash-based storage options. Here's why.

White Paper: Web Application Scanning with Nessus [ Source: Tenable ]

September 2014- Why is it that so many web applications are certified to be compliant with a particular standard such as PCI DSS and yet are still compromised? According to data compiled by the DatalossDB project, breaches caused by web applications and web-related flaws comprise 11% of all breaches while another 18% fall into the "hack" category (some of which are likely web application related).
Is the scanner the problem? Is it the auditor? On the other hand, ...

PowerEdge VRTX - Power of Being Small [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

September 2014- Almost every business these days requires the power of a data center, but many can't afford the cost or fit the infrastructure within their space constraints. For many years, there have been 'data center in a box' solutions that were too expensive and really never intended for us outside of a data center.

EMA: The Evolution of Data-Driven Security [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- The era of Big Data has begun demonstrating to information security that there is more that can be done to identify threats, address fraud and improve compliance monitoring activities by bringing better context to data for actionable intelligence.

The Executives Guide to Big Data & Apache Hadoop [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- benchmarks that you can use to confirm that Big Data has indeed arrived in your organization, along with some suggestions about how to proceed. The intended audience for this book includes executives, IT leader and business analysts.

CITO Research: Optimized Data Engineering: A Crucial Challenge for the Internet of Everything Era [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- The data engineering challenges inherent in IoE are profound. Companies need to ensure they have adopted the right IoE architecture to take advantage of the real-time insights IoE data provides.

CITO Research: Putting Hadoop to Work the Right Way [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- Big data has rapidly progressed from an ambitious vision realized by a handful of innovators to a competitive advantage for businesses across dozens of industries. More data is available now-about customers, employees, competitors-than ever before.

Hadoop Buyer's Guide [ Source: MapR ]

September 2014- This Buyer's Guide presents a series of guidelines that you can use when searching for the essential Hadoop infrastructure that will be sustaining your organization for years to come.

Omnichannel Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

August 2014- As physical and online shopping options increase, retailers are strengthening their supply chains to meet customer demands across this widening array of channels. To ensure products are available when and where the customer shops, omnichannel retailing requires centralized, real-time inventory visibility, a seamlessly integrated order management system, and store-based delivery hubs for personalized experiences.

Simplicity, Efficiency, Versatility: Dell PowerEdge VRTX [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- Designed with simplicity, efficiency, and versatility in mind, the powerful new Dell PowerEdge VRTX can greatly simplify the office environment. This report focuses on the simplicity and versatility aspects by looking specifically at performance comparisons to a legacy dual-socket server. Read on to see how investing in the Dell PowerEdge VRTX can elevate your IT infrastructure by answering database performance and space-saving challenges that face your remote and branch offices.

Driving Better Business Outcomes with Office-Optimized IT [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- Today's offices support a number of IT functions that not only provide support for that office, but also host core applications that connect to a centrally managed data center. Integrated IT platforms can be the key to success for these quickly growing remote office/branch office (ROBO) sites.

An optimized solutions platform designed from the ground up specifically for ROBOs and small offices, Dell PowerEdge VRTX brings simplicity, efficiency, and versatility to these ...

Construction and Consulting Firm Revolutionizes Calculation and Analysis Capability [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- Headquartered in Japan, NEWJEC Inc. is a general construction and consulting firm involved in matters related to civil engineering, construction and architecture, and electrical installations. In recent years, their clients' requests have become more detailed and required a more precise level of analysis through advanced calculations. To meet these demands, NEWJEC had to revamp its existing HPC environment and consolidate it into a compact data center solution. Take a look at how Dell PowerEdge VRTX ...

Breakthrough Efficiency Gains Through Systems Management Innovation [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- As organizations grow and IT infrastructures expand to meet business demands, IT decision makers must continually look for ways to streamline operations and improve business response. One way is through deploying systems management software agents, but installing, testing, and maintaining these agents is time-consuming. Additionally, software agents that run on the server consume precious processor cycles.

The Dell OpenManage systems management portfolio provides embedded server management with 11th-generation Dell PowerEdge servers, and the ...

Architect Versatile, Efficient, Remote Site IT with Dell PowerEdge VRTX [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- Remote office/branch office (ROBO) operations can be a boon for business as they often attract localized talent or leverage competitive advantage situations. Unfortunately, IT organizations often view these environments as burdens and choose to merely blunt the impact of their multi-site environments, thereby overlooking the strategic advantages they can offer.

The Dell PowerEdge VRTX solution can help maximize efficiency and productivity at ROBO sites through high density, virtualization-ready design, excellent ROI, and ...

Archiving and eDiscovery [ Source: Symantec ]

August 2014- It is well know that data explosion has become increasingly expensive to manage. Need to learn how to reduce cost and risk, streamline information governance, flexibly scale and implement a comprehensive archiving and eDiscovery solution?

Power of Convergence: Dell VRTX Empowers Small, Remote and Mobile Environments with Purpose Built Platform [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- The trend towards mobility is changing the way organizations operate. To keep up with this, IT needs to modernize the data center in order to create a converged infrastructure with a simple, versatile and efficient platform. This exclusive resource examines how mobility is affecting IT leaders and how, with the right tools, you can embrace a paradigm shift in the way you manage and provision infrastructure to streamline management and minimize costs.

Dell and the Value of Density [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- In today's IT world a core issue remains in datacenter design - how physically dense should a datacenter be and why? This paper defines high density, discusses its relationship with the driving forces of virtualization and consolidation, and offers cost saving examples from various studies.

Read on to learn how Dell offers solutions across the spectrum to meet your density needs - from tower servers for the smallest businesses to highly dense server ...

Dense Computing: Consider Convergence [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- In today's IT landscape, data centers and their networks are the lifeline to your business. Although the idea is simple, the execution is not - leaving IT departments looking for new ways to optimize data center and network performance. This informative guide explores the importance of infrastructure convergence and outlines the key benefits of this strategy, including:

• Enhanced data center efficiency

• Simplified systems management... and more

Dell Dense Compute Solutions: Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Data Center Operations [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- Explore this resource to learn about a strategy that can help you overcome the limitations of the traditional data center design and help you realize the benefits of:

• Smaller IT footprint and deployment time without sacrificing computing power or memory

• Highly efficient power and cooling options

• Streamlined management... and more

Research: The State of Data Center Networking [ Source: Comcast ]

July 2014- With business applications moving to the cloud, most companies now provide access to enterprise software applications via the Internet and through mobile devices. But concerns about security, reliability, performance, and control are driving enterprise IT departments to evaluate the network infrastructure and services that connect their company locations to data centers. New UBM Tech research explores the options they're exploring.

Big Data Needs Big Pipes [ Source: Comcast ]

July 2014- With data playing an increasingly important role in business success, companies are seeking faster, more reliable, and more flexible connections to put the information in their data centers to good use. Read this ebook to explore connectivity considerations that meet modern needs.

Delivering Workload Automation for the App Developer [ Source: BMC Software ]

July 2014- These are exciting times for enterprise application developers, as companies challenge them to build solutions that better exploit mobile devices, cloud infrastructures, sensor networks, big data, and APIs for widely used services such as Facebook and Gmail. Application development, however, isn't all intellectual exhilaration. It has its pain points, too, such as the toil that goes into creating and modifying batch workload jobs. This paper explores how app developers can use automation to deal with ...

Optimizing Cloud and Virtualized Applications: A collection of articles from the Compuware APM Center of Best Practices [ Source: Compuware ]

July 2014- This collection of articles substantiates growing concerns over application performance in cloud and/or virtualized environments. While cost reduction is a primary reason enterprises move from traditional datacenter infrastructure to distributed computing, the economics don't pan out if application performance and, subsequently, user adoption suffer. However, a good understanding of performance in the cloud or in virtualized environments demands a wholly different approach to monitoring, as explained in the following articles authored by technology strategists ...

Optimizing Hadoop: A collection of articles from the Compuware APM Center of Best Practices [ Source: Compuware ]

July 2014- This collection discusses the common performance issues encountered when managing jobs in a Hadoop environment. Whether you are running Hadoop on-premise or utilizing a cloud-hosted MapReduce environment, or a combination of the two, this collection will give you real-world examples of how to improve the distribution and utilization of your big data deployment.

Some of the key challenges we have seen include:

• Jobs running slow or failing without a clear ...

Intelligent Compliance - Establishing Trust in the Datacenter [ Source: BMC Software ]

July 2014- With the average cost of a data breach reaching $3.5 million, the pressure is intense to maintain the security and compliance of your data center. It only takes one breach and the cost to your organization can spiral out of control.

In this whitepaper, you will discover how your organization may be at risk and how you can protect your data center from costly and highly visible breaches. Through the Intelligent Compliance process, you ...

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