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The State of The Modern Data Center: Transforming IT into a Strategic Business Asset [ Source: Equinix ]

March 2014- To leverage the full potential of today's data centers, progressive technology decision makers are transforming traditional facilities into core business assets that support revenue-generating initiatives and other long-term goals. This and other important trends that reflect how enterprise executives are aiming to expand their use of managed, colocation and third-party cloud services are explored in detail in "The State of the Modern Data Center," a comprehensive new study by UBM Tech that surveyed nearly 450 IT ...

Visibility into the Cloud and Virtualized Data Center [ Source: Gigamon ]

March 2014- Security analysis and monitoring tools can't see inside the cloud. How can you shed light on workloads as they go virtual, and see inside your virtual networks?

Read this white paper to learn how a Visibility Fabric can give you the visibility you need.

Preventing Data Center Downtime [ Source: Gigamon ]

March 2014- Get all of the right data without dropping packets to the tools you use for complete, accurate, and reliable uptime monitoring solutions. Read this white paper to learn how.

Visibility in the Modern Data Center [ Source: Gigamon ]

March 2014- As data center technology goes virtual and converges, resources become invisible to your monitoring tools. Learn how you can reveal those silos of IT.

Preparing the Physical Infrastructure of Receiving Data Centers for Consolidation [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- The consolidation of one or more data centers into an existing data center is a common occurrence. This paper gives examples of what is becoming a standard architecture for preparing the physical infrastructure in the receiving data center. This approach allows for shorter timelines and high efficiency while avoiding the commonly expected difficulties and complexities often experienced with consolidation projects.

Types of Electrical Meters in Data Centers [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- There are several different types of meters that can be designed into a data center, ranging from high precision power quality meters to embedded meters (i.e. in a UPS or PDU). Each has different core functions and applications. This white paper provides guidance on the types of meters that might be incorporated into a data center design, explains why they should be used, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each. Example data centers ...

Containerized Power and Cooling Modules for Data Centers [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Standardized, pre-assembled and integrated data center facility power and cooling modules are at least 60% faster to deploy, and provide a first cost savings of 13% or more compared to traditional data center power and cooling infrastructure. Facility modules, also referred to in the data center industry as containerized power and cooling plants, allow data center designers to shift their thinking from a customized "construction" mentality to a standardized "site integration" mentality. This white paper compares the ...

Implementing Hot and Cold Air Containment in Existing Data Centers [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Containment solutions can eliminate hot spots and provide energy savings over traditional uncontained data center designs. The best containment solution for an existing facility will depend on the constraints of the facility. While ducted hot aisle containment is preferred for highest efficiency, cold aisle containment tends to be easier and more cost effective for facilities with existing raised floor air distribution. This paper investigates the constraints, reviews all available containment methods, and provides recommendations for ...

Top 9 Mistakes in Data Center Planning [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Why do so many data center builds and expansions fail? This white paper answers the question by revealing the top 9 mistakes organizations make when designing and building new data center space, and examines an effective way to achieve success through the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) approach.

High Efficiency Indirect Air Economized-based Cooling for Data Centers [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Of the various economizer (free cooling) modes for data centers, using fresh air is often viewed as the most energy efficient approach. However, this paper shows how indirect air economizer-based cooling produces similar or better energy savings while eliminating risks posed when outside fresh air is allowed directly into the IT space.

Deploying High-Density Pods In A Low-Density Data Center [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Simple and rapid deployment of self-contained, high-density pods within an existing or new low-density data center is possible with today's power and cooling technology. The independence of these high-density pods allow for predictable and reliable operation of high-density equipment without a negative impact on the performance of existing low-density power and cooling infrastructure. A side benefit is that these high-density pods operate at much higher electrical efficiency than conventional designs. Guidance on planning design, implementation, ...

Choosing between Room, Row, and Rack-based Cooling for Data Centers [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Latest generation high density and variable density IT equipment create conditions that traditional data center cooling was never intended to address, resulting in cooling systems that are oversized, inefficient, and unpredictable. Room, row, and rack-based cooling methods have been developed to address these problems. This paper describes these improved cooling methods and provides guidance on when to use each type for most next generation data centers.

Comparing Data Center Power Distribution Architectures [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Significant improvements in efficiency, power density, power monitoring, and reconfigurability have been achieved in data center power distribution, increasing the options available for data centers. This paper compares five power distribution approaches including panelboard distribution, field-wired PDU distribution, factory-configured PDU distribution, floor-mount modular power distribution, and modular busway, and describes their advantages and disadvantages. Guidance is provided on selecting the best approach for specific applications and constraints.

An Improved Architecture for High-Efficiency, High-Density Data Center [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- Data center power and cooling infrastructure worldwide wastes more than 60, 000, 000 megawatt-hours per year of electricity that does no useful work powering IT equipment. This represents an enormous financial burden on industry, and is a significant public policy environmental issue. This paper describes the principles of a new, commercially available data center architecture that can be implemented today to dramatically improve the electrical efficiency of data centers.

The Different Technologies for Cooling Data Centers [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- There are 13 basic heat removal methods to cool IT equipment and to transport unwanted heat to the outdoor environment. This paper describes these fundamental cooling technologies using basic terms and diagrams. 11 of these methods rely on the refrigeration cycle as the primary means of cooling. Pumped refrigerant systems provide isolation between the primary heat removal system and IT equipment. The direct air and indirect air methods rely on the outdoor conditions as the primary means ...

NetApp Private Storage for AWS Solution Brief [ Source: DLT Solutions / NetApp ]

January 2014- Despite the acceleration of cloud computing, many agencies and departments continue to struggle with cloud adoption issues. If you are looking to do more in the cloud, how can your agency ensure that its mission critical data and systems stay secure while maintaining control, compliance and mobility?

Through partnership of NetApp and Amazon Web Services AWS), DLT Solutions offers an agile hybrid infrastructure that leverages the performance, customization, and control of private storage ...

What can go wrong with firmware updates - Manufacturing industry customer [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- After a customer awarded hardware support on their server to a USP to cut costs, a hardware failure was unable to be resolved by the USP over several days. Read how HP solved the issue, and how they saved the customer valuable uptime.

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What can go wrong with firmware updates - Defense contractor customer [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- After a customer awarded hardware support on their server to a USP to cut costs, a hardware failure was unable to be resolved by the USP over several days. Read how HP solved the issue, and how they saved the customer valuable uptime.

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What can go wrong with counterfeit parts [ Source: HP ]

January 2014- When HP took over a customer's hardware and software support contract from a USP, a hardware site audit found a large number of counterfeit hard drives installed on failed servers and storage, which resulted in a large volume of disk drive failures.

Learn how the customer could have spared days of downtime by using HP Relocation Services.

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Troubleshooting Performance in Virtualized Application Delivery Architectures [ Source: Riverbed ]

January 2014- This Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) white paper reviews the key challenges and requirements for performance management specifically related to Citrix XenApp deployments and examines how the Riverbed Performance Management solution helps.

On-premise, On-demand Storage for Dummies [ Source: DLT Solutions / NetApp ]

January 2014- Welcome to On-Premise, On-Demand Storage for Dummies by DLT solutions and NetApp will introduce the features, functions, and benefits of using Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) in a government computing environment. Request your own copy to find out how STaaS can help make agencies more efficient, provide organizations with bundled hardware, software, and services in a pay-as-you-go model. Acquisition, operations, and maintenance costs of a storage infrastructure are delivered as a metered storage service.

On-Premise, On-Demand ...

Top 10 Things Every WAF Should Provide [ Source: Imperva ]

October 2013- Securing Web applications against cybercriminals, hacktivists and state-sponsored hackers is a never-ending effort. Why? Because hackers evade traditional network security defenses to take down Websites and to steal data; malicious users probe websites around-the-clock looking for vulnerabilities; and automation tools make it easy to execute large-scale attacks. Web application firewalls (WAFs) have become the central platform for protecting applications against all online threats. This white paper explains in detail the 10 features every web application firewall ...

What Next Gen Firewalls Miss: 6 Requirements to Protect Web Applications from Attack [ Source: Imperva ]

October 2013- Web applications are inherently insecure due to vulnerabilities that are hard to patch and easy to exploit. Most businesses rely on network security solutions to keep hackers at bay. While network security solutions like next generation firewalls are essential for network protection, they do not provide the accuracy, the granularity or the breadth of protection required to stop all Web attacks. Today's hackers know very well how to bypass traditional defenses leaving high-value applications and ...

IDC Analyst Connection: Using Blade Systems to Cut Costs and Sharpen Efficiencies [ Source: HP ]

July 2013- Data centers need to be more agile than ever, as IT increasingly becomes a strategic asset that determines how well an organization interacts with its customers, suppliers and employees. Yet with today's constrained budgets, IT administrators must ensure that their hardware investments deliver optimal ROI and help reduce operational expenses at every level.

In this IDC Analyst Connection white paper, server expert Jed Scaramella discusses how to address the challenges of data center ...

The State of Data Center Evolution [ Source: Siemens ]

June 2013- Most IT executives say that some of their organizations' data centers will max out of power, cooling or space by the end of 2014, according to new research from UBM Tech and InformationWeek Marketing Services. The study, conducted in April 2013, takes an in-depth look at how IT decision makers rate the challenges they face as they evolve data centers to handle fast-growing volumes of data. Among the key findings:

Only 17 percent are actively planning ...

Forrester: Evaluating the Performance of Shared WAN Links for Data Center Backup and Disaster Recovery [ Source: Silver Peak ]

June 2013- Running multiple data centers can be costly and complex. While using shared WAN links is a viable option for cutting costs, many organizations would rather incur the additional expense of private lines than sacrifice performance.

This resource details the challenges of sharing WAN links and explores how WAN optimization - which employs a set of technologies to improve the bandwidth, latency, and loss characteristics of WAN links - can help you achieve the ...

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