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Empowering the Workforce in a Rich Media World [ Source: SanDisk ]

October 2014- To gain a competitive advantage, companies must now deploy or create rich media at every level of the organization and view individual members as critical links in the communication supply chain. This whitepaper explores several key roadblocks when dealing with the new world of rich media and explains how breakthroughs in solid state technology bridges the gap.

Market Trends: Desktop Virtualization, 2013 [ Source: VMware ]

October 2014- The "year of desktop virtualization" has been touted for almost a decade. In practical terms, technology and service providers need to cater to its varying market characteristics, which represent an array of technologies best suited to particular needs across industry and geographic boundaries. Gartner's current research agenda for client computing aims to examine five major transitions that impact organizations today. This document explores the first of these transitions - namely, desktop virtualization's crossing into the ...

A Survival Guide for the Post-PC World [ Source: Digital Service Cloud ]

June 2013- While the PC market faces widespread commoditization and consolidation, business models are changing to embrace economic realities and take advantage of emerging and disruptive technologies. This new business format has a counterbalancing impact on the poor customer service that resulted from commoditization. This disruption is based in cloud computing, and it has impacted the way companies support their customers, and how customers access services.

Find out how your enterprise can survive the Post-PC ...

The Tactical Realities of Building a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure [ Source: Insight/HP/Intel ]

May 2013- By leveraging HP technology, powered by Intel, Insight enhances your IT infrastructure's agility, scalability and deployment times. Learn how in The Tactical Realities of Building a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, a high-level tactical roadmap for successful VDI implementation.

10 Reasons to Modernize the Desktop [ Source: VMware ]

October 2012- IT departments need a solution that meets the evolving needs of both the employees and IT - something not possible with a traditional PC model.

This paper illustrates the benefits of moving beyond the physical PC to a modern desktop that is highly flexible, easy to manage, customizable to suit users' needs, and ready for new and future technology.

Accelerated Desktop Virtualization Adoption and the Dell Response [ Source: Dell ]

September 2012- Obtain an in-depth professional assessment of your desktop environment from seasoned virtualization experts through the Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Group.

End-User Computing in Todays Virtual Era [ Source: Dell ]

September 2012- Learn about key factors in deploying a VDI and discover the benefits of using Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Simplified to help you realize desktop virtualization benefits while avoiding high costs and complexities.

Delivering Transformative Value to Enterprise VDI [ Source: Ncomputing, Inc. ]

September 2012- You've already invested valuable resources in establishing a world-class Citrix environment. So how do you expect to match the new Citrix HDX capabilities you've licensed with an endpoint solution that can fully meet the needs and expectations of your users?

How can you enable non-traditional devices like network monitors, consumer set-top boxes, shop floor equipment, kiosks and hospital workstations-on-wheels to be able to display virtual apps and desktops directly, without the need for ...

Learn more about AMD and HP Innovative Solutions [ Source: HP/AMD ]

September 2012- For more than a decade, AMD and HP have collaborated to deliver a technology portfolio that grows more robust every year. The product line now features systems based on the entire family of AMD processors, including rack-mount servers, server blades, MicroServer, desktops, and notebooks.

Download this PDF for an overview of the HP ProLiant server portfolio based on AMD Opteron™ processors. You'll learn which server options best address your prioroties, whether performance and ...

6 Ways to Achieve Business Goals from Social Software [ Source: Socialtext ]

July 2012- This practical guide shows you six different ways to achieve your business goals using social software. It will help you choose the best social software approach for your enterprise - with the right balance of risk and reward - so you can get the business results you're looking for.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn how to:

• Choose the right implementation strategy

• Understand and manage organizational risks

• Achieve ...

The State of EHR Adoption: On The Road to Improving Patient Safety [ Source: VMware ]

January 2012- Despite being identified as an essential tool to support quality care initiatives, improve patient safety and reduce healthcare costs, electronic medical and health record (EMR/EHR) systems have been stuck in a slow growth cycle. However, pressure is quickly mounting on caregivers to adopt and demonstrate meaningful use of EMR/EHR technology.

Healthcare Informatics Research recently interviewed nearly 500 healthcare organizations to shed light on the current state of EMR/EHR adoption.


Better Patient Care: Virtually There [ Source: VMware ]

January 2012- This IDC Health Insights white paper identifies the key benefits from desktop virtualization in the clinical environment and presents case studies from three hospitals with detailed interviews, adopting desktop virtualization in the clinical environment.

Read the report to find out how desktop virtualization has helped these organizations improve efficiency in the IT department, drive adoption of EMR applications, and support clinician mobility with wireless access, various client hardware options, and single sign-on.

Enabling Fast and Secure Clinicias Workflow with One-Touch Desktop Roaming [ Source: VMware ]

January 2012- The move from paper-based medical records systems to electronic medical records (EMR) technology is meant to patient outcomes, increasing clinician productivity, and lowering costs. However, access to patient information must not only be secure, but also fast, convenient and reliable. Technologies that provide security but frustrate clinicians will slow EMR adoption to a crawl.

In this white paper, you'll learn how you can solve this "last mile" problem and maximize user adoption by ...

How to Protect Your Small or Midsized Business with Proven, Simple, and Affordable VMware Virtualization [ Source: VMware ]

August 2011- The cost of downtime and/or lost data can be devastating. For this reason, business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) is becoming a critical mandate.

Virtualization can keep your business running through many types of planned and unplanned IT outages. Download this white paper to learn more.

User Survey Analysis: Next Steps for Server Virtualization in the Midmarket [ Source: VMware ]

August 2011- Approximately 30% of midsize businesses worldwide started to virtualize servers before 2009, but that number roughly doubled during 2009. The majority of midsize businesses are virtualizing at a rapid pace.

Server virtualization has empowered midsize businesses to examine the entirety of their infrastructure and look for ways to lower their cost base, while improving utilization and availability - in many cases, more so than large enterprises. Because of this, midsize businesses have become a major new ...

Making the Business Case for Virtualization [ Source: VMware ]

August 2011- This guide is designed to help business leaders make the business case for virtualization by demonstrating how it reduces costs, improves business continuity and increases IT efficiency.

10 Reasons to Modernize the Desktop: CIO [ Source: VMware ]

February 2012- IT departments need a solution that meets the evolving needs of both the employees and IT - something not possible with a traditional PC model.

This paper illustrates the benefits of moving beyond the physical PC to a modern desktop that is highly flexible, easy to manage, customizable to suit users' needs, and ready for new and future technology.

Desktop Total Cost of Ownership: 2011 Update - Gartner Research [ Source: VMware ]

August 2011- Declining hardware and software costs have an impact on total cost of ownership (TCO), but how desktop PCs are managed remains the most critical factor in reducing TCO.

This Gartner article illustrates how a higher management level for desktops can achieve lower TCO and improved user productivity.

Desktop Modernization eBook [ Source: VMware ]

August 2011- This eBook looks at the challenges involved in delivering and managing desktops, today and in the future. Its goal is to demonstrate how VMware desktop virtualization can deliver a solution to address the requirements of IT and end-users without compromise.

See, Analyze and Fix all of Your Endpoints [ Source: Promisec ]

January 2011- Findings of an inspection of over 100,000 endpoints across multiple enterprises confirmed some type of breaches in security and compliance. Typically, 10-35% of endpoints demonstrated some kind of security threat or compliance issue. The most notable findings of the 2010 study were a dramatic rise in unmanaged machines and miss-configured anti-virus software and other third-party agents.

5 Requirements for Deploying Your Private Cloud [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

April 2011- The cloud computing vision and the underlying demand for flexibility is essentially universal- everyone wants to move their IT toward a more flexible, efficient future state. However, enterprises don?t want to wait for maturation to occur in the public cloud providers, nor do they want to be responsible for building it themselves. Download this Illuminata Spotlight to review a solution that is built atop top-notch components; implements enterprise-oriented pools of resources; and provides a ...

Addressing Windows® 7 Application Compatibility [ Source: Dell ]

February 2011- Understand the key elements of Application Compatibility, including, but not limited to Inventory & Assessment, Compatibility Testing and Remediation Options.

Dell recommends E family latitude series for all Windows7? installs.

PC Deployment Cost and Savings Calculator [ Source: Dell ]

January 2012- Do you know your current PC deployment cost? Based on a study of 250 organizations around the world by IDC Research, this ROI calculator has been built to show you how much PC deployments cost you and how much you can save by moving to different levels of automation.

IDC research shows that the average deployment cost is $615 per PC, and costs exceeding $700 are not uncommon. Further, by adopting a higher level of maturity, ...

Increasing Productivity with Mobile Business PCs [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

January 2012- After investigating various options, Intel IT selected mobile PCs as the standard computing platform.

Mobile business PCs, by nature, are highly portable and their robust feature set provides productivity advantage to employees, while meeting a majority of the company's diverse requirements.

Proof of Concept - Application Compatibility Factory Windows® 7 [ Source: Dell ]

February 2011- Test, assess and report on Windows 7 operating system compatibility with your application portfolio to help reduce project risk and shorten remediation and packaging timelines.

Dell recommends E family latitude series for all Windows7? installs.

Using Total Cost of Ownership to Determine Optimal PC Refresh Lifecycles [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

January 2012- Written for IT decision makers and practitioners across industry verticals who are responsible for managing fleets of laptop and desktop PCs, this paper provides:
• A total cost of ownership (TCO) assessment framework
• Analysis of further TCO reduction opportunities

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