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Five Basic Steps for Efficient Space Organization within High Density Enclosures [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

December 2010- Organizing components and cables within high density enclosures need not be a stressful, time consuming chore. In fact, thanks to the flexibility of new enclosure designs, a standard for organizing enclosure space, including power and data cables can be easily implemented. This paper provides a five step roadmap for standardizing and optimizing organization within both low and high density enclosures, with special emphasis on how to plan for higher densities.

Advanced Deskew Technology for Sharper Video in Extenders and Switches [ Source: ATEN International Co., Ltd ]

October 2010- Analog video presents a high-quality image when the computer is directly connected to the monitor by short cables. In this case, image quality is limited only by the quality of the computer's video card and of the monitor itself. Unless they are of very poor quality, short video cables do not tend to degrade the image. ATEN developed patented technology to correct a particular cable-induced distortion described as skew to cut video distortion automatically with ...

Exploring Video DynaSync [ Source: ATEN International Co., Ltd ]

August 2010- KVM (keyboard, video monitor, mouse) switches, first developed almost two decades ago, allow you to share a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to control a few or even thousands of computers in offices and large data centers. A new technology known as Video DynaSync allows EDID and HDCP monitors and computers to function well with KVM switches.

Document Imaging, Simplified [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Document Imaging, Simplified

13 Questions About Document Imaging, Answered [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- 13 Questions About Document Imaging, Answered

Document Imaging In Growing Businesses [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Document Imaging In Growing Businesses

7 Steps To Document Imaging [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- 7 Steps To Document Imaging

Servers In Small And Midsize Businesses [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Servers In Small And Midsize Businesses

Your Virtualization Questions, Answered [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Your Virtualization Questions, Answered

29 Virtualization Terms You Need To Know [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- 29 Virtualization Terms You Need To Know

Storage Primer [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Storage Primer

57 Storage Terms You Need To Know [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- 57 Storage Terms You Need To Know

Your Storage Questions, Answered [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Your Storage Questions, Answered

Storage Trends For 2010 And Beyond [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Storage Trends For 2010 And Beyond

Digital Imaging: Scanning In A Cinch [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Digital Imaging: Scanning In A Cinch

Tips For High Quality Scanning [ Source: SMB ]

June 2010- Tips For High Quality Scanning

Optimizing Power Distribution For High-Density Computing [ Source: Eaton ]

April 2010- Fueled by the rapid rise of technologies such as virtualization and blade servers, computing densities in today’s data centers are climbing dramatically. As a result, server enclosures are requiring more power than ever before.

The result of this is a new and demanding set of power distribution challenges. To meet the power requirements of their increasingly dense server racks, organizations are looking for power circuits and power distribution units (PDUs) that have ...

The Economic Benefits Of Long Cycle Life [ Source: Boston-Power, Inc. ]

July 2009- This white paper describes why it is important to look beyond initial runtime when selecting a battery for notebooks or other portable electronic devices. Conventional lithium-ion batteries fade quickly and usually have to be replaced within 12 to 18 months depending on use. Sonata is the first battery on the market that lasts the lifetime of a typical notebook computer, delivering years of consistently high performance.

apt-X Lossless For Lossless Audio Compression [ Source: APTX ]

January 2009- This technology white paper introduces a new scheme for lossless audio compression called apt-X Lossless. This scheme has been conceived, designed, and developed by APTX, an audio processing technology company, the commercial originator of the apt-X low-latency audio codec, and a company with a long association with both the broadcast industry and the studio post-production business.

Security vs. Disaster Recovery: Three Best Practices Of Disaster-Proof Hard Drive Technology [ Source: ioSafe ]

January 2007- Almost all data resides on hard drives. The lowly hard drive does almost everything well. It's good, fast, and cheap for nearly all scenarios wherever data is stored. Standard hard drives are not disaster proof. ioSafe waterproof and fireproof hard drives offer a solution to that problem.

Environmental Benefits Of Earthwise Remanufactured Toner Cartridges [ Source: Imation ]

April 2009- This paper provides a look at the market of remanufactured toner cartridges and what environmental benefits are really achieved by using them. It is estimated that 300 million plastic toner cartridges are placed in landfills each year. At about 3 pounds per cartridge, this can equate to more than 450,000 tons of land filled plastic, steel, alumninum, rubber, foam, and other components. It is critical to review reuse and recycle opportunities. This paper explains what a recycled cartridge ...

A Roadmap For Reducing Energy Consumption In The Data Center [ Source: Green Grid/Emerson Network Power ]

April 2008- Top concern of data center managers include energy efficiency, as well as power, cooling, and space constraints and availability. Emerson Network Power features a presentation on energy concerns in the data center.

Feitian Authentication USB Key [ Source: Feitian Technologies Co., Ltd. ]

October 2008- This white paper describes the ePass Authentication USB Token, where to use it, and why to use it. It also lists all the ePass family products and their basic specifications.

The KVM Option: Critical Considerations For Companies With Limited Staff Resources [ Source: Adder Corporation ]

December 2008- KVM technology is designed for IT organizations that need to ensure the health of its computing infrastructure within tight staff resource constraints. With KVM, IT staff can instantly take control of devices anywhere at any time in order to solve problems, perform essential management tasks, and respond to changing business requirements. This white paper outlines the specific attributes of the user experience that KVM buyers should consider when choosing a solution--and how those attributes impact ...

TV 2.0 - The Big Screen PC [ Source: Icron Technologies ]

September 2008- TV 2.0 is the evolution of the TV from just being able to offer video content from a single service provider to the ability for the TV to offer content from multiple service providers (CATV + Internet) and content and applications from the PC. In short TV 2.0 is the convergence of the PC, TV and Internet. The paper looks at consumer trends, what technologies are available and under development, and the advantages and disadvantages of these.

Windows Server 2008 Backup Tool - A Review of Its Features [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

May 2008- This white paper presents some of the more significant pros and cons of the Server 2008 version of the backup tool that debuted in Windows Vista. It will help you decide whether you think the supplied software is a step forward or a step backward for your organization - and, more importantly, whether you will need to turn to a third-party solution for the features you need. The paper reviews the features used in the following ...

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