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Dell Latitude 5000 & 7000 Series: Choosing the Best PC's for the Job [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

December 2013- Dell's latest laptops are tailored to satisfy specific user needs, while delivering the security, reliability, and manageability that IT demands. Find out how to decide between them.

Avoiding the 8 Common Mistakes of Windows 7 & Windows 8 Migrations [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

December 2013- With no future support for Windows XP, most IT pros have begun OS migration efforts to modern Windows. Make the most of your OS upgrade and PC refresh to enhance performance, security, and manageability. Use this comprehensive guide to avoid some of the most common pitfalls along your journey.

ESG Lab validation report. [ Source: HP/VMware ]

April 2013- This report presents the results of ESG Lab testing of the performance and scalability of the HP ProLiant DL980 server powered by Intel Xeon processors, running SAP with VMware vSphere 5.

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Dell DVS Reference Architecture for Windows Server 2012 [ Source: Dell ]

September 2012- Learn about the network architecture and configurations of Dell DVS based on Microsoft Windows Server 2012 virtualization technology with PowerEdge R720 servers, EqualLogic PS4100E storage, Force10 S55 switches and Wyse end point devices.

Microsoft® Windows® MultiPoint Server 2011 Reference Architecture [ Source: Dell ]

September 2012- Become familiar with key considerations and reference architectures for Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011. Review configurations targeted to classrooms and training facilities and learn relevant hardware requirements and best practices.

5 Key Backup Features To Ensure A Successful Backup Redesign [ Source: Idera ]

August 2012- There are five key features that all backup software must now possess to ensure organizations successfully execute on their backup redesign initiatives.

The last few years have seen a monumental change in the backup and recovery landscape, as organizations of all sizes have shifted from tape to disk as their primary backup target. But the adoption of disk in this new role as primary backup is really just the start of a much ...

Built to Tell the New Holistic Backup Management Story that Companies Want to Hear [ Source: Idera ]

August 2012- As companies solve their long standing backup challenges they are turning their attention away from reactively managing backups to taking a more proactive, holistic approach to managing their backup infrastructure. In this new world of backup management, tasks that were previously either overlooked or ignored due to the urgency of troubleshooting failed backups are now given the attention they deserve

Milwaukee Electric Tool Turns on the Power of Continuous Data Protection [ Source: Idera ]

August 2012- Learn how one company, Milwaukee Electric Tool looked to Idera Continuous Data Protection to make the transition from tape-based backup for their virtualized enviroment, and utilizing CDP's robust feature set and high-performance backup solution, met their backup requirements while positioning to move ahead with its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and disaster recovery plans.

Technology Brief: The Right Platform for Midsize Businesses to Provision IT Services [ Source: AMD ]

May 2012- IT administrators in midsize companies are being asked to do more with less. Users expect speedy access to applications and services. Virtualization needs to be applied to respond quickly to business changes and reduce server sprawl. The IT infrastructure must be optimized to support growth. Yet with today's limited budgets, too many IT organizations are struggling just to maintain the status quo.

To move beyond this impasse, IT departments need an affordable platform ...

Itanium: Slip/Sliding Away [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- Oracle has followed the trend of other major ISVs and terminated further software development for the Itanium platform. Looking at the decline in revenue of HP's Itanium-based servers, combined with loss of support by Microsoft, Red Hat, VMware and Fujitsu (in addition to Oracle), it's clear that the Itanium ecosystem is collapsing quickly.

Due to HP Itanium's decline to date, Microsoft and Oracle have already pulled out to avoid investing any more to ...

Flexible Scale-Out with Lightweight Micro Servers [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

April 2011- The micro server represents a new server architecture characterized by many lightweight server nodes bundled together in a shared chassis infrastructure.

This topology is designed specifically for density, lower power per node, reduced costs, and increased operational efficiency.

By sharing common fans, switching, power supplies, and the metal chassis, micro servers streamline rack infrastructure and improve density over standard rack options.

See, Analyze and Fix all of Your Endpoints [ Source: Promisec ]

January 2011- Findings of an inspection of over 100,000 endpoints across multiple enterprises confirmed some type of breaches in security and compliance. Typically, 10-35% of endpoints demonstrated some kind of security threat or compliance issue. The most notable findings of the 2010 study were a dramatic rise in unmanaged machines and miss-configured anti-virus software and other third-party agents.

Best Practices Guide: Microsoft Exchange 2010 on VMware [ Source: VMware ]

March 2011- This guide provides best practice guidelines for deploying Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere. The recommendations in this guide are not specific to any particular set of hardware or to the size and scope of any particular Exchange implementation.

The examples and considerations in this document provide guidance only and do not represent strict design requirements, as the flexibility of Exchange Server 2010 on vSphere allows for a wide variety of valid configurations.

The ...

XP to Windows® 7 Migration - Snapshot View of Best Practices [ Source: Dell ]

February 2011- One-page snapshot view of the complete Windows 7? Migration process and perspectives.

Dell recommends E family latitude series for all Windows7? installs.

Forrester Report - Windows 7 Commercial Adoption [ Source: Dell ]

February 2011- More than one year after its general availability (GA) launch, Windows 7 powers one out of every 10 PCs within North American and European companies.

While far from overwhelming — especially considering that Windows XP still powers 75%. IT managers worldwide are preparing for a significant desktop transformation over the next three years.

Why? As firms naturally refresh their PCs, IT managers are already deploying Windows 7 on 31% of new PCs today, and within a year ...

Enterprise Network Time Synchronization Made Easy [ Source: Symmetricom ]

October 2012- This white paper explores various operational areas of network time servers and the EASY aspects that you should expect when you deploy them. This paper tells you why you need accurate, secure and reliable time and what to look for in a network time server for easy set-up and maintenance.

Managing the Server Migration Process: The HP Insight Control Approach [ Source: HP/Intel® ]

December 2010- This IDC White Paper examines the process of server migration, with a focus on transferring existing operating systems and application software to new server hardware environments. It examines IT concerns about critical factors for achieving successful and economically viable server migration, and it explores the need for solutions that support migration. It leverages IDC research on platform change — and the impact of change on IT computing environments — to provide IT managers with insights to assess ...

The Current State of Windows7 Migration [ Source: Dell/Microsoft ]

December 2010- 2010 is widely considered the year in which companies of all sizes are going to refresh their hardware and software. Many companies are planning and executing Windows 7 migration strategies in an accelerated timeframe, and in this paper, we’ll discuss the factors driving that urgency and the practical and operational benefits of upgrading.

An Introduction to Passive RFID [ Source: Zebra Technologies ]

April 2010- Throughout the manufacturing, logistics, and perishable food industries, radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies enable asset tracking, streamline the supply chain, and help improve operational efficiency. RFID is an automatic identification technology that relies on radio frequency (RF) waves to read encoded digital data. RFID is similar to bar code technology in concept. However, reading a bar code requires a line of sight optical scan. RFID does not require a visible tag or label to read ...

Lower your IT costs and risks: Get a server makeover. [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- According to IDC, the costs of server management, including power and cooling costs, will outpace the costs of buying these servers by a factor of four times and eight times respectively. Find out how a server makeover analysis can help you develop a high-level roadmap for your infrastructure.

Optimizing Power Distribution For High-Density Computing [ Source: Eaton ]

April 2010- Fueled by the rapid rise of technologies such as virtualization and blade servers, computing densities in today’s data centers are climbing dramatically. As a result, server enclosures are requiring more power than ever before.

The result of this is a new and demanding set of power distribution challenges. To meet the power requirements of their increasingly dense server racks, organizations are looking for power circuits and power distribution units (PDUs) that have ...

Choosing System Architecture and Cooling Fluid for High Heat Density Cooling Solutions [ Source: Emerson Network Power ]

July 2009- According to a report by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, by 2011, computer and communications rack heat loads are projected to reach 30 kW with heat load densities of more than 500 W/ft2. Because availability is so dependent on temperature control in critical spaces, it is vital to explore cooling fluid (water vs. refrigerant) and system architecture (open vs. closed) options, as well as supplemental cooling technologies for specific data center applications.

This paper ...

Focused Cooling Using Cold Aisle Containment [ Source: Emerson Network Power ]

June 2009- As heat densities and cooling costs rise, data center professionals are looking for more efficient cooling solutions. This paper discusses the benefits of using both the hot and cold aisle approach, but focuses on the latter option as an effective method for eliminating data center hot spots and reducing overall cooling costs by as much as 30%.

Discover how cold aisle containment, as an addition to a conventional precision cooling system, consistently separates cold ...

Maximizing Data Center Savings by Accelerating the Server Refresh Strategy [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

April 2010- Find out whether an accelerated server refresh strategy could save your company millions in operational, energy, and other costs - or if it just may make more sense to stick with your existing server setup.

Server Consolidation Payback Analysis [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

April 2010- Get an independent assessment on initial investment costs for three of the market leading blade servers. Identify your fiscally shrewdest server investment in this whitepaper.

Optimizing Cloud Application Performance: Complimentary Analytics Report Reveals Secrets [ Source: Dell & Intel ]

April 2010- Companies turn to the cloud to lower costs, but the one thing the cloud can’t promise is what users crave most — speed. Find out how some savvy companies are successfully navigating the cloud’s challenges to ensure adequate service levels - and learn from the mistakes of those who aren’t - in this exclusive report.

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