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5 Reasons VMware vSphere 6.0 is a Game Changer [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

February 2015- VMware vSphere 6.0 is packed full of more than 650 technological breakthroughs. It's more powerful, more flexible, more secure and more easily managed than ever before. This white paper focuses on the five main improvements that are the biggest game changers.

10 Ways Everyone Should Approach Cybersecurity in 2015 [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

February 2015- Many security breaches over the last year have taught us new lessons (or clarified ones we should have already learned). This paper reviews these key issues and focuses attention on ten responses we all need to adopt in our approach to security in 2015.

Creating a Common Foundation for the Agile Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2015- Today's supply chains are anything but simple. Made up of hundreds of partners spanning continents and oceans, they contain a bewildering number of moving parts. Disruptions—like strikes, natural disasters, economic sanctions, etc.—can bring a supply chain to its knees. Even normal market fluctuations in demand, particularly of today's volatile sort, can cripple a business. The only insurance against this is to create an agile supply chain that can parry unexpected events. ...

Using Communities to Bridge Partitions [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2015- Partitions are natural in business. Each employee has a specific role, and each division specializes on a specific product or function within the enterprise. These partitions often become more fragmented over time. Multi-enterprise operations add another dimension to these partitions, one that unnecessarily decreases efficiency while increasing costs. As it relates to transportation management in today's supply chains, a community approach can bridge these partitions, increasing visibility across the supply chain, and addressing the uncertainty ...

Focus on Customer Experience from a Global View of Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2015- Customer experience is critical to today's supply chains. Unique supply chain needs require detailed attention. In scenarios where disruptions occurring within a silo impact on-time delivery, companies want to be proactive. The more proactive a company is, the better chance it has of preserving the customer experience. Creating a global connected view means knowing what is happening much further up the chain, so better decisions can be made. A platform approach to transportation management and ...

The High Cost of Down Time: The Solid State Solution [ Source: SanDisk ]

May 2015- Today's highly mobile workforce is not only growing, it's tasked to work in increasingly remote locations while requiring fast laptop connectivity, instant access to business data, smooth multi-tasking and batteries that won't quit. Businesses are looking to IT to create strategies and implement new technologies to satisfy customers and protect profit margins. See how upgrading to more reliable solid-state drives can extend the life of existing systems thus allowing resources to be focused on other ...

Optimizing Storage and Speed in the Film Industry [ Source: SanDisk ]

April 2015- Film budgets grew exponentially in the last half of the 20th century, but the technology did not keep pace. The entertainment industry produces, processes, distributes and preserves large amounts of data along aggressive timelines, and the adoption of new technology solutions such as flash memory and solid-state drives are keys to success -- giving small studios the capacity to produce "big budget" films and large studios the ability to react quickly to control below-the-line variable ...

The Value-Focused CIO: Building the Intelligent Infrastructure [ Source: SanDisk ]

May 2015- IT is falling behind the curve at a time when the workforce is highly mobile and highly dependent on mobile devices and mobile connectivity. BYOD and consumerization lead to greater employee productivity and job satisfaction, but innovation has been inhibited by IT departments that are responsible for critical security and access control.

Learn how to catch up to this transformation by embracing technologies that employees want, while retaining enough control to keep company ...

Are Your Legacy Applications Suitable for the Cloud? 3 Critical Evaluation Activities to Ensure Migration Success [ Source: Riverbed ]

January 2015- Businesses are readily harnessing the advantages of the cloud for critical applications. In fact, 81% of IT leaders are using or are planning to leverage the cloud for these business-centric apps in the next two years.

But while it is easier than ever to deploy or create business applications in the cloud, most enterprises still have critical legacy or in-house developed applications that complicate their migration strategies. After all, not every legacy application is ...

The Human Factor 2015 [ Source: Proofpoint ]

April 2015- Most advanced attacks rely as much on exploiting human flaws as on exploiting system flaws. Proofpoint developed this report, The Human Factor, to explore this under-reported aspect of enterprise threats using data gathered from the Proofpoint Targeted Attack Protection product deployed in customer environments, tracking threats in email attachments, social media posts, and URLs.

This paper uses original field research to provide insight on who is clicking, and what they are clicking on, ...

SAP Performance Survey: Lack of Unified Monitoring a Major Factor in Poor Performance of SAP Applications [ Source: Dynatrace ]

September 2014- This survey sheds light on the challenges facing companies when using multiple tools to monitor SAP performance vs. a unified approach that delivers a holistic view of performance across all tiers and supporting infrastructure on a single pane of glass.

Topics include:

The Digital Transformation Journey: Key Technology Considerations [ Source: CA Technologies ]

April 2015- The Internet of Things will include 26 billion units installed by 2020. IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion, mostly in services, in 2020. It will result in $1.9 trillion in global economic value-add through sales into diverse end markets.**

That's lot of money, and companies like MUFG Union Bank, Nordstrom and Swisscom are ensuring that software applications and services keep them at the forefront of this new reality. Reaching customers ...

In the application economy, DevOps ignites your digital transformation [ Source: CA Technologies ]

April 2015- Welcome to the application economy: a place where your customers are far more likely to experience your brand through software than a live person.

Applications, mobile or otherwise, are reaching critical mass. APIs are a must if you want to integrate and collaborate with others. And, customers expect fast, easy access to your products, services and information. Fail to deliver, and they'll go elsewhere.

To thrive in this new reality, you ...

Mastering Digital Transformation [ Source: CA Technologies ]

April 2015- From app delivery to a multi-channel customer experience: is your DevOps team ready?

Download this infographic to take a closer look at the challenges of the digital transformation, including consumer demand and developer challenges, and learn more about the capabilities needed to achieve multi-channel connectivity.

Customer Engagement in a Multi-Channel World [ Source: CA Technologies ]

April 2015- Enhancing the customer experience across physical and digital boundaries has become a mantra for line-of business managers and a new challenge for IT as the channels for business continue to grow. Not only does that mean building apps faster and better, it means making sure customers are happy - make that amazed - regardless of the channel they are using to interact with a business. Just ask Aruna Ravichandran, Vice President, Product and Solutions Marketing, ...

Beyond Whois: How Extended Domain Profiles Can Yield Unexpected Insights [ Source: DomainTools ]

November 2014- Every investigation has a starting point. A basic Whois query takes just a few seconds but can quickly provide the foundation for a successful investigation However, it's often the data that does NOT reside in a Whois record that can be truly illuminating. Like a CarFax report that goes beyond the vehicle title, there is a wealth of knowledge captured in other public data that can be invaluable to an investigator when leveraged appropriately. This ...

Using DNS Data in Cybercrime Intelligence and Incident Forensics [ Source: DomainTools ]

October 2014- When cybercrime happens, it is imperative to discover as much as possible about the scope of activity and the entity behind the crime. The right set of data and tools can help unmask hostname and IP address ownership, can highlight connections between nefarious online resources and accelerate your investigation into malicious activity and criminal attribution. Read our Cybercrime Investigation Guide to learn how DNS Intel can help you in developing a suspect profile, mapping associated ...

Supercharge Your SIEM: How Domain Intel Enhances Situational Awareness [ Source: DomainTools ]

April 2015- Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools have become indispensable for the modern enterprise. These are the eyes and ears of a security team, providing them with the ability to detect network anomalies and track down threats. But even the best SIEM tool falls short when it comes to situational awareness of key "outside the firewall" aspects of an attack. Security professionals have long understood that they must evolve quickly to meet the challenges of ...

Best Practices for Dealing with Phishing and Next-Generation Malware [ Source: ThreatTrack Security ]

April 2015- Despite the billions of dollars spent each year on anti-phishing, anti-malware, antianti- spam and other security solutions, threats still find their way into most organizations despite the best efforts of security teams to stop them. In fact, for many organizations the problem is actually getting worse over time. The consequences of these incursions can be severe, and in some extreme cases cause a business to go bankrupt.

Cybercriminals Wreak Havoc Beyond Big Enterprises [ Source: ThreatTrack Security ]

April 2015- Breaches at large enterprises grab headlines, but cybercriminals are developing a taste for smaller businesses. The mid-market (companies with 500 to 2,500 employees) is becoming fertile ground for cybercriminals looking to exploit unsuspecting organizations with valuable data to steal and much more to lose.

IDG: Why Application Security is a Business Imperative [ Source: Veracode ]

April 2015- The harsh reality is that most internally developed applications are not assessed for critical security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection. IDG Research Services recently surveyed top IT and security executives at enterprises across a variety of industries in the U.S., U.K. and Germany to better understand the enterprise security landscape. This paper examines the survey results.

Know Your Data Forward, Backward, and Sideways [ Source: Platfora ]

March 2015- It's an exciting time to be a business analyst. Businesses are gathering more data than ever before, and everyone wants to know what it means and how it can drive change.

Read this ebook to learn about the radical changes occurring within big data analysis, and how data-driven business analysts are transforming the way companies view and act on data. What you'll learn from reading this eBook:

Driving a Data-centric Culture: The Leadership Challenge [ Source: Platfora ]

December 2014- To capture the business benefits of big data, CEOs and their C-level teams face the formidable challenge of transforming how their organizations think about data and what they do to derive relevant and actionable insights from the wealth of information that is increasingly available to them.

The top-down approach they devise and implement for executing their big data strategy is critical to their success, and so is the bottom-up engagement with data analytics ...

Why Security Analysts Can't Live Without Big Data [ Source: Platfora ]

April 2015- Recent high-profile data breaches in financial services, retail, healthcare, and other major industries underscore two things for today's organizations: determined cybercriminals are adept at finding and fully exploiting even the smallest security gap, and detection of their activity often comes much too late - and at great cost for the business.

But with almost no purpose-built tools to help analyze security incidents, detect root causes, and unearth larger attacks before adversaries succeed at ...

Cybersecurity and the C-Suite: How Executives Can Understand Cyber Risks and Ensure Governance [ Source: SurfWatch Labs ]

April 2015- This paper is written for business decision-makers to help understand the risk landscape and learn how to incorporate a sound cyber risk framework that is based on a business intelligence approach.

Cybersecurity and the C-Suite: How Executives Can Understand Cyber Risks and Ensure Governance [ Source: SurfWatch Labs ]

April 2015- This paper is written for business decision-makers to help understand the risk landscape and learn how to incorporate a sound cyber risk framework that is based on a business intelligence approach.

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