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Build a Powerful, Resilient, Affordable IT Infrastructure [ Source: IBM ]

June 2011- When you grow your IT, the result is often greater complexity in the IT environment - along with higher operational and administrative costs and reduced efficiency. It's a difficult balance for a small or mid-sized business. Read this paper from IBM and VMware to learn about cost-effective virtualization options for transforming your IT into a simpler, more powerful computing infrastructure to get distinct competitive and profitability gains. VMware-based solutions from IBM are designed to help ...

From Frame Relay to IP VPN: Why to Migrate, Why to Out-Task [ Source: Cisco ]

January 2008- This paper published by Cisco Systems explains considerations for companies that are evaluating migration from Frame Relay to IP-based VPNs. Two technologies are compared. It discusses the business and technical advantages of migration, and explains the benefits of out-tasking to a service provider. The paper concludes with criteria for selecting a service provider that will deliver outstanding availability, quality of service (QoS), network security, manageability, and multicast support.