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Automated Configuration Management: Why it Matters and How to Get Started [ Source: Puppet Labs ]

August 2014-

Configuration management is a critical cornerstone of IT automation, providing tools that allow you to centrally manage the packages, configuration files, process state, firewall rules and other settings that equip servers to do their assigned jobs. Without automated configuration management, you do all these tasks manually, or with handwritten scripts. It's time-consuming, and prone to human error.

Configuration management is also about making any changes to the system in an organized ...

Cloud: The Future of Business Communication [ Source: Comcast ]

October 2014- Cloud-based communications means various things to various people, but the only definition that matters is the one that suits your needs. This UBM Tech ebook explores cloud-based voice services that keep employees and customers connected - no matter how technology changes.

Top 5 Questions to Ask about your 10GBE data center [ Source: ITG ]

January 2014- The data center has historically been the focal point of technology evolution. Over the past decade, application architectures, servers, and storage have all changed the way services are provisioned and delivered. The foundation of the data center—the network itself—is now experiencing a similar level of change, evolving from the architectures of the past to a more agile and dynamic solution that meets the requirements of today's applications.

Big Data Analytics Infrastructure For Dummies [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Big Data Analytics is a critical tool to gain competitive advantage and to attract and retain happy customers. But simply deploying a software package isn't enough. Infrastructure matters for Big Data Analytics.

PowerEdge VRTX - Power of Being Small [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

September 2014- Almost every business these days requires the power of a data center, but many can't afford the cost or fit the infrastructure within their space constraints. For many years, there have been 'data center in a box' solutions that were too expensive and really never intended for us outside of a data center.

Why a New Business Model is Needed for SSL Certificates [ Source: Trend Micro ]

September 2014- This white paper discusses the current problems with SSL, provides an overview of the technology, and offers suggestions on ways to improve the acquisition and management of SSL certificates

Network Transformation eBook [ Source: Neustar ]

September 2014- Network transformation involves much more than replacing TDM-based equipment with IP-based equipment. Transformation is a holistic process that typically happens in phases, depending on the unique business drivers that a CSP is facing.

Maximizing Performance and Security in Cloud Networking [ Source: Level 3 Communications ]

August 2014- Cloud computing - public, private, hybrid - has moved into the enterprise IT mainstream. Cloud services, combined with high-speed, private network connectivity, have matured and proven to be extremely reliable, rapidly scalable, and priced so customers reap the savings from the economies of scale of these shared resources. As a result, enterprises are moving IT - everything from websites and mobile apps to back-office applications such as dev and test, business continuity and disaster recovery, ...

5 Ways to Prepare Your Infrastructure for Disaster [ Source: Dyn ]

August 2014- The term "disaster recovery" assumes that you wait until something terrible happens to take action. While it's great to know how to recover when disaster strikes, wouldn't you rather prevent it from happening in the first place? Of course, there are no guarantees when it comes to preventing outages and downtime, but if you follow these key areas of preparation, you can greatly reduce your risk.

Dell Dense Compute Solutions: Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Data Center Operations [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

August 2014- Explore this resource to learn about a strategy that can help you overcome the limitations of the traditional data center design and help you realize the benefits of:

• Smaller IT footprint and deployment time without sacrificing computing power or memory

• Highly efficient power and cooling options

• Streamlined management... and more

Charting a Path from the Network to the Multi-Cloud [ Source: XO Communications ]

August 2014- Enterprise technology expert David Linthicum takes the mystery out of improving your network to enable cloud-based resources in multiple clouds. Beyond the basics, you'll gain a step-by-step approach to consider as you integrate your networking requirements with cloud-based resources. You will also chart a clear path to the right network solutions, and learn how to pick the right network partner to successfully and securely connect people with access to multiple clouds. Leading technology publications frequently ...

Building a Cloud-Enabled Network with MPLS IP-VPN [ Source: XO Communications ]

August 2014- One of the leading ways that today's organizations are providing secure, reliable and scalable answers for their networking needs is through MPLS IP-VPN network usage. However, businesses are also looking to create Intelligent WAN that integrates security, application performance management, and cloud services in order to create more intelligent wide area networks. This paper examines how to use the attributes of MPLS-based VPNs to enable enterprises to create a truly intelligent WAN, discussing key planning, ...

Research: The State of Data Center Networking [ Source: Comcast ]

July 2014- With business applications moving to the cloud, most companies now provide access to enterprise software applications via the Internet and through mobile devices. But concerns about security, reliability, performance, and control are driving enterprise IT departments to evaluate the network infrastructure and services that connect their company locations to data centers. New UBM Tech research explores the options they're exploring.

SteelHead Hybrid Networking [ Source: Riverbed ]

July 2014- Global enterprises are rapidly adopting cloud infrastructure and SaaS applications broadly, and the Internet is now a part of their business critical infrastructure. With combined public and private resources, the network itself needs to go hybrid, combining the strengths of the highly reliable MPLS with the ubiquity, price, and speed of the Internet. The hybrid networking model from Riverbed Technology enables organizations to adopt hybrid networks to maximize the performance of applications, increase network availability, ...

Optimizing VDI Success: The Network Factor [ Source: Riverbed ]

July 2014- As organizations seek to continue leveraging the advantages of virtualization technologies, many are embracing virtualization of end user desktops via approaches such as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). But while VDI solutions promise significant security and operational efficiency improvements, they also bring with them unique deployment challenges. If organizations hope to reap the full benefit of a VDI deployment, they must assure the best possible end-user experience, or adoption will stall and the project will fail. ...

Transforming Business Performance with Hybrid Network [ Source: Riverbed ]

July 2014- In a world combining public and private resources, the network itself needs to get hybrid, combining the strengths of the highly reliable Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) networks with the ubiquity and lower cost of Internet infrastructure.

Critical Network Capabilities for Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation [ Source: Verisign ]

July 2014- Due to the evolving DDoS threat, companies are turning to cloud based DDoS mitigation providers, who have built out massive amounts of network bandwidth and DDoS mitigation capacity. Just as important as network capacity is the flexibility and diversity of the provider's network. This paper describes how Verisign DDoS Protection Services relies upon a fully redundant network backbone, purpose-built on multiple diverse 10 Gbps optical infrastructures.

DDoS Mitigation And DNS Availability Should Be Key Components Of Your Resiliency Strategy [ Source: Verisign ]

July 2014- DDoS attacks continue to grow in size, frequency and complexity, forcing network-dependent companies to implement a plan for protection. However, the results of a recent research project by Forrester and Verisign show that many companies are experiencing a disconnect between the growing awareness of DDoS attacks and a protection strategy. Additionally, many organizations overlook the connection between DDoS protection and other infrastructure support, such as DNS hosting and management. This report provides an overview of ...

Three Guiding Principles for Data Security and Compliance [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- The information explosion, the proliferation of endpoint devices, growing user volumes and new computing models like cloud, social business and big data have created new vulnerabilities. Data security is a moving target - as data grows, more sophisticated threats emerge; the number of regulations increase; and changing economic times make it difficult to secure and protect data.

Because data is a critical component of daily business operations, it is essential to ensure privacy ...

Top 3 Myths about Big Data Security: Debunking Common Misconceptions about Big Data Security [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- Data volumes are growing rapidly with no end in sight. Big data represents massive business possibilities and competitive advantage for organizations that are able to harness and use that information. But how are they protecting that data? This eBook addresses three myths of big data security.

Top Tips for Securing Big Data Environments: Why Big Data doesn't have to mean Big Security Challenges [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- Big data environments create significant opportunities. However, organizations must come to terms with the security challenges they introduce, for example big data environments allow organizations to aggregate more and more data - much of which is financial, personal, intellectual property or other types of sensitive data - most of the data is subject to compliance regulations.

As big data environments ingest more data, organizations will face significant risks and threats to the repositories ...

Integrating and Governing Big Data [ Source: IBM ]

July 2014- While the term "big data" has only recently come into vogue, IBM has designed solutions capable of handling very large quantities of data for decades, leading the way with data integration, management, security and analytics solutions known for their reliability, flexibility and scalability. The end-to-end information integration capabilities of IBM InfoSphere Information Server are designed to help organizations understand, cleanse, monitor, transform and deliver data - as well as collaborate to bridge the gap between ...

Intelligent Compliance - Establishing Trust in the Datacenter [ Source: BMC Software ]

July 2014- With the average cost of a data breach reaching $3.5 million, the pressure is intense to maintain the security and compliance of your data center. It only takes one breach and the cost to your organization can spiral out of control.

In this whitepaper, you will discover how your organization may be at risk and how you can protect your data center from costly and highly visible breaches. Through the Intelligent Compliance process, you ...

DDoS Report High Tech Brief [ Source: Neustar ]

July 2014- DDoS attacks against high-tech firms have started to take a dangerous turn. It's called DDoS smokescreening - attackers using DDoS as a distraction while they insert malware or viruses to pilfer money, data and intellectual property.

Application Release Automation with Zero Touch Deployment [ Source: CA Technologies ]

July 2014- Today's agile organizations pose operations teams with a tremendous challenge: to deploy new releases to production immediately after development and testing is completed. To ensure that applications are deployed successfully, an automatic and transparent process is required. We refer to this process as Zero Touch Deployment. This article reviews two approaches to Zero Touch Deployment-a script-based solution and a release automation platform.

The article discusses how each can solve the key technological and ...

Requirements for an Application Release Automation Platform [ Source: CA Technologies ]

July 2014- Why do we need an Application Release Deployment solution? The IT world is evolving at a rapid pace. Data center and homegrown applications are increasingly complex, application changes are rising in volume and frequency, and operations are deploying across multiple environments and infrastructure models (physical, virtual and cloud). In order to keep up with increasing business demands, development teams are adopting agile methodologies, and QA is employing automated testing.

This white paper discusses ...

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