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Decision Guide: Hosted vs. Premises-based Unified Communications Solutions [ Source: XO Communications ]

April 2015- Unified Communications offers a host of benefits to SMBs and large enterprises alike. But every organization needs to determine whether a premises-based UC solution or a cloud-based hosted service is the best fit for its own situation. This decision guide takes you through a list of important considerations to help you do just that.

Preparing Your Enterprise Network for the YouTube Generation [ Source: Kollective ]

March 2015- Millennials have grown up with the ability to produce and consume video anytime, anywhere. So as the workforce becomes increasingly millennialized, short-form video will become as commonplace in the enterprise as PDFs and PowerPoints.

How Enterprises of Any Size Can Benefit From Cloud and Big Data Initiatives [ Source: StackIQ ]

March 2015- Automation is essential to success in the emerging era of cloud and Big Data, whether for public, private, internal, external, or hybrid IT environments. With respect to cloud, EMA research has revealed that the use of automation and orchestration is strongly correlated with overall project success. As Big Data projects become more prevalent and ever larger, automation will be essential to capturing the promise they hold. The challenge has been finding a practical and effective ...

Want Warehouse-grade Automation at Speed of Web-scale IT? Read On [ Source: StackIQ ]

February 2015- What is Warehouse-grade automation? It's automation specifically designed for Warehouse-grade or Web-scale enterprise and service provider datacenters deploying Big Data and private cloud infrastructure such as Hadoop, NoSQL, OpenStack, and much more. This white paper discusses the new realities and challenges faced by enterprise datacenters, and table stakes for a complete Warehouse-grade automation platform.

Directory Migration Guide [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

April 2015- Migrate Without Pain: Replace Your Aging LDAP Infrastructure While Supporting Legacy Applications

Bridging the Gap Between Application and Network Performance [ Source: Dynatrace ]

December 2014- Today, enterprises rely heavily on applications for nearly all business-critical processes. These applications are delivered via a combination of hardware, software and services, known as the application delivery chain. To make this delivery chain work together effectively, IT must take a new and converged approach to network performance monitoring and application performance management.

This white paper discusses:

How to Protect Data in Remote Locations [ Source: Riverbed ]

May 2014- Nobody can afford to lose data. But managing data, including backup and availability, in far-flung locations can present many logistical and technological challenges that bring complexity, expense, and risk. It doesn't have to be that way, though. A new branch converged infrastructure approach allows organizations to project virtual servers and data to remote offices, providing for local access and performance while storing the data in centralized data centers. Enterprises can now do business across the ...

SDN: How do you get there from here? [ Source: Brocade ]

October 2014- Increased data needs of mobile, cloud services, big data and social create unprecedented pressure on legacy enterprise networks. Clear the traffic by utilizing Software Defined Networking, or SDN, and add flexibility, scalability and automation to your network. Avoid the bumpy road to SDN by following some key implementation steps toward network agility. Explore the white paper to learn more about introducing SDN to your IT team.

How to Achieve IT Agility: A Survival Guide for IT Decision Makers [ Source: Brocade ]

October 2014- When business teams add new apps and services to already-strained networks, IT departments are accountable for making everything work. Is your team ready for this challenge? Read this eBook to learn how IT teams are automating their networks, why they're utilizing Ethernet fabrics and SDN, and what success looks like as they regain network control and business relevance.

Hybrid Will Be the New Normal for Next Generation Enterprise WAN [ Source: Riverbed ]

December 2014- Public cloud services and mobility are driving business needs where the Internet and MPLS play an equally important role for enterprise connectivity. Network planners must establish a unified WAN with strong integration between these two networks to avoid application performance problems.

Operationalizing the Network with SDN [ Source: F5 ]

November 2014- The focus of SDN is on transforming the network to support applications and meet the expectations of users and businesses that rely on them. Scaling modern networks is challenging due to the explosive growth of compute, network, and application resources-combined with increased mobility of apps migrating to the cloud and users across multiple devices. As an approach to operationalizing the network, SDN enables organizations to achieve greater economies of operational scale through the use of ...

Beyond Relational: Reimagine Your Data With Enterprise NoSQL [ Source: MarkLogic Corporation ]

May 2014- A paradigm shift in database technology is occurring in which organizations are rethinking what they can do with their most important asset: data. MarkLogic is at the forefront of this shift, having the only NoSQL database that is truly enterprise ready. With MarkLogic, organizations are making the world more secure, providing access to valuable information, creating new revenue streams, and reducing expenses.

Best Practices for Creating the Network-Enabled Cloud [ Source: XO Communications ]

October 2014- A step-by-step guide to help improve your network to handle services delivered from multiple clouds from enterprise technology expert David Linthicum. No matter where you are in your cloud implementations, learn best practices and strategies in this eBook series focused on Building the Network that Empowers Digital Business.

The Evolution from Network to Multi-Clouds [ Source: XO Communications ]

October 2014- David Linthicum, enterprise technology expert, examines the challenges of adopting multiple clouds and striking the right balance between your networks and clouds in Part 1 of this eBook series focused on building a network that empowers digital business.

Key Tools for Maximizing Your Hybrid Cloud Investments [ Source: XO Communications ]

October 2014- Explore the optimization tools that give you the ability to see and control the performance and security of your WAN traffic, a vital component to your cloud success. Among other things, these tools help you counteract the effects of latency introduced by geographical WAN distances and allow you to alleviate network congestion that might results from sending a lot large files and retransmitting dropped packets.

The CIO's Guide to Platform-as-a-Service [ Source: ActiveState ]

October 2014- Despite making significant investments in cloud infrastructure and deploying applications to private clouds, enterprises are not seeing the expected return on their investments. Enterprises are learning that virtualization alone is not sufficient to streamline the application development process that is necessary in order to get applications to market faster.

While virtual machines (VM's) can easily be created on demand, individual applications still require supporting software (languages, frameworks, data and messaging services) to be ...

The Convergence of Network Performance Monitoring and Application Performance Management [ Source: Compuware ]

October 2014- Today, enterprises rely heavily on applications for nearly all business-critical processes. These applications are delivered via a combination of hardware, software and services, known as the application delivery chain. To make this delivery chain work together effectively, IT must take a new and converged approach to network performance monitoring and application performance management.

This whitepaper discusses:
• Why NPM alone is not enough
• How application-centric APM is incomplete
• ...

Rethinking Software Defined Networks [ Source: F5 ]

October 2014- F5 and Cisco enable enterprises to build an SDN that reduces application delivery time, operational costs and risk of downtime by "operationalizing" the network. While Software-defined networks (SDNs) represent a step forward in networking technology, it's become clear that it's going to take some new thinking about how to implement SDNs if they are to support enterprise requirements and gain traction. Read this whitepaper to learn more about how SDNs can deliver the benefits at ...

The Best Defense is a Good Offense: What Questions Should You Ask Your MSSP? [ Source: Level 3 Communications ]

October 2014- Finding the resources or the right managed security services provider (MSSP) to address the evolving cyber-security landscape can be challenging. Learn more.

Secure Data Services: A Connectivity Approach to Breaking Down the Enterprise IT Silo [ Source: Level 3 Communications ]

October 2014- The reality of today's enterprise IT environment is that change reigns supreme. With the right procurement strategy and network services provider, organizations can flex their connectivity requirements to suit. Learn how.

2014 State of DevOps Report [ Source: Puppet Labs ]

July 2014-

The 2014 State of DevOps report--based on a survey of 9,200+ people in IT operations, software development and technology management roles in 110 countries--reveals:

Automated Configuration Management: Why it Matters and How to Get Started [ Source: Puppet Labs ]

August 2014-

Configuration management is a critical cornerstone of IT automation, providing tools that allow you to centrally manage the packages, configuration files, process state, firewall rules and other settings that equip servers to do their assigned jobs. Without automated configuration management, you do all these tasks manually, or with handwritten scripts. It's time-consuming, and prone to human error.

Configuration management is also about making any changes to the system in an organized ...

Cloud: The Future of Business Communication [ Source: Comcast ]

October 2014- Cloud-based communications means various things to various people, but the only definition that matters is the one that suits your needs. This UBM Tech ebook explores cloud-based voice services that keep employees and customers connected - no matter how technology changes.

Top 5 Questions to Ask about your 10GBE data center [ Source: ITG ]

January 2014- The data center has historically been the focal point of technology evolution. Over the past decade, application architectures, servers, and storage have all changed the way services are provisioned and delivered. The foundation of the data center—the network itself—is now experiencing a similar level of change, evolving from the architectures of the past to a more agile and dynamic solution that meets the requirements of today's applications.

Big Data Analytics Infrastructure For Dummies [ Source: IBM ]

September 2014- Big Data Analytics is a critical tool to gain competitive advantage and to attract and retain happy customers. But simply deploying a software package isn't enough. Infrastructure matters for Big Data Analytics.

PowerEdge VRTX - Power of Being Small [ Source: Dell / Intel® ]

September 2014- Almost every business these days requires the power of a data center, but many can't afford the cost or fit the infrastructure within their space constraints. For many years, there have been 'data center in a box' solutions that were too expensive and really never intended for us outside of a data center.

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