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Business Case for Virtualization: Building an Adaptive Infrastructure [ Source: VMware/HP ]

March 2010- The business case is clear: Virtualization can help you save money, increase IT agility, and improve business outcomes. Are you capitalizing on these opportunities?

In today’s competitive global economy, your business needs to be poised to respond faster to market changes, customer demands, and growth opportunities. To do this, you need an agile IT infrastructure that is built to deliver better business outcomes—what we refer to as an Adaptive Infrastructure.

Troubleshooting IP Telephony Networks [ Source: PROGNOSIS ]

March 2008- The root causes of IP telephony problems frequently span multiple operational domains in your environment. Prognosis features common issues and root causes of problems in IP telephony in this presentation.

Nortel's Open Source Approach [ Source: Nortel ]

March 2008- Nortel discusses open source in this presentation. What is the expectation level of PBX open source software? Which products use open source PBX software? What are the technical challenges of open source PBX deployment? Nortel addresses these questions and many more.

Open Source for Enterprise Voice: How Much, How Soon? [ Source: Digium ]

March 2008- What level of market share and acceptance has open source PBX software attained? What is expected? Which products use open source PBX software? Digium reviews the challenges, choices and outlook for open source.

Nortel Network Case Study: PT Bakrie Telecom [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- Bakrie Telecom is the fastest growing telecommunications operator in Indonesia and the country’s first fixed wireless telephone service provider. The company’s challenge was to address specific technology obstacles impeding the speed, flexibility and quality of the customer service experience, including an ageing PBX, multiple telephone numbers, and an infrastructure lacking the scalability to keep pace with company growth. As Bakrie Telecom’s voice communications platform and the foundation for its contact centre operation, ...

Nortel Network Case Study: NCI Business Centres [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- As a key part of its business centre proposition, NCI provides its customers with managed telephony services. But with its existing PBX solution, NCI was unable to offer the level of functionality needed to help its business customers achieve real competitive advantage. Nortel was invited to help NCI solve its efficiency problems and provide low-cost IP telephony services that would give cutting-edge performance and flexibility to the company’s business customers. Nortel delivered a suite ...

Nortel Network Case Study: OKK Grisons [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- Oeffentliche Krankenkassen Grisons (OKK) when moving to their new headquarters in Lanquart, OKK had to decide whether to migrate the existing PBX or to install a new system. Although the capacity of the existing PBX was sufficient at the time, it was approaching its limit and would have soon needed to be replaced. OKK also felt that a new, converged voice and data network would be able to offer improved services for customers and employees. ...

Nortel Network Case Study: FXCM (Forex Capital Markets LLC) [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- A few short years after it pioneered foreign currency exchange trading at the retail level, FXCM had built a customer base of over 78,000 individuals and institutions. Tasked to solve FXCM’s critical communications problems, Ivan Brightly began by querying his colleagues in the financial markets community. They recommended Nortel. Together with networking partner NetVersant Solutions, Nortel provided a comprehensive IP-based telephony and IP Contact Center environment. One of the greatest benefits is the ease with ...

Nortel Network Case Study: Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- India’s non-profit Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) have launched the country’s first ’Call 108’ emergency services contact system, powered by solutions from Nortel. The company’s challenge as to enable a quick and comprehensive emergency response, a reliable technology solution that was scalable for growth and provided extra reliability mission-critical emergency scenarios was required. Nortel’s solution enables callers to dial ’108’ and be instantly connected via a Nortel Meridian 1 Option 61C PBX to ...

Nortel Network Case Study: Barker College [ Source: Nortel Networks ]

January 2008- Barker College wanted greater bandwidth and network speed to increase productivity, and then it began a staged network upgrade. Nortel Meridian 1 PBX teamed with Nortel Ethernet Routing Switches, Nortel Ethernet Switches and Nortel Communication Server 1000 IP telephony platform has enabled voice services to be added to the existing data network. The upgraded network enables students to work with a broad and exciting range of state-of-the-art applications, as well as saving staff and administrator’s time ...