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Directory Migration Guide [ Source: Radiant Logic ]

April 2015- Migrate Without Pain: Replace Your Aging LDAP Infrastructure While Supporting Legacy Applications

Energize your Unified Communications with SIP [ Source: XO Communications ]

March 2014- For IT decision makers in medium to large- sized businesses, this white paper presents an overview of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, business applications for SIP trunking, and the advantages of SIP as an enabler for unified communications.

The Insider Threat - How Privileged Users Put Critical Data at Risk [ Source: Vormetric ]

September 2013- This white paper discusses the growing insider risks. It will also cover how organizations become breached?either by internal users through malicious or benign actions or from external threats that acquire the credentials of trusted insiders. It also touches on how organizations can limit privileged users' access to data so that, in either case, sensitive information does not leave your organization in an unencrypted state. Finally, it shows how organizations can implement technologies to protect ...

Develop Your Service Delivery Monitoring Strategy [ Source: NetScout Systems, Inc. ]

July 2013- Service delivery monitoring is a critical enabler that IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must invest in to foster the transition from IT to business technology (BT). In this report, Jean-Pierre Garbani at Forrester Research provides insights into this and other major trends in monitoring solutions and answer several key questions that IT leaders are asking: What should we monitor? What monitoring techniques can we apply? How should we select a solution, given where ...

Achieving a Comprehensive Information Security Strategy Using Certificate-based Network Authentication [ Source: GMO GlobalSign Ltd ]

May 2013- Organisations are now having to deal with customer data transiting to the cloud, employees bringing their mobile devices to work (and expecting them to be accepted) and hackers looking to score the next big information leak. This white paper will assist organisations in creating a best practice based information security strategy and demonstrates how investing in certificate-based network authentication can be a powerful first step towards a safer, more agile business . It explains certificate-based network ...

Achieving a Comprehensive Information Security Strategy Using Certificate-based Network Authentication [ Source: GMO GlobalSign Ltd ]

May 2013- Organizations are now having to deal with customer data transiting to the cloud, employees bringing their mobile devices to work (and expecting them to be accepted), and hackers looking to score the next big information leak. This whitepaper will assist organizations in crafting a best practices-based information security strategy. It will demonstrate how investing in certificate-based network authentication can be a powerful first step towards a safer, more agile business and will explain certificate based ...

Eliminating the Need for WAN Acceleration Using the Cloud [ Source: Nasuni ]

May 2013- Data is an organization's most important asset and the ability to provide access where and when it is needed is vital to the success of every company.

Download this white paper to learn about how the cloud is an exciting new alternative to traditional WAN acceleration. Specifically:

•  WAN acceleration - the good and the bad
•  The cloud as the new data center
•  How Storage Infrastructure as a Service changes ...

The Top Ten Headaches Caused by Remote Office Storage [ Source: Nasuni ]

May 2013- IT directors at growing, distributed enterprises face a number of unique challenges, particularly when it comes to storage. Nasuni has worked with hundreds of customers to alleviate the pain that today's enterprise IT departments face in trying to manage storage remotely.

We drew upon the insights and experiences of IT directors at enterprises that range from five to fifty locations and often cross multiple continents. In every case, IT has to ensure that ...

Data Security Best Practices [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Company data is one of the most valuable assets of any business. So it's no surprise data protection is at the top of every IT checklist when it comes to file sharing and storage. But what are the necessary steps to stop a data breach as it's happening? And most importantly, how can companies proactively prevent data breach in the first place? Learn why file server attacks happen and best practices to avoid data intrusion ...

Global Collaboration Without VPN [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn how Learfield Communication has leveraged a combination of over 50 local storage devices and the cloud to provide access to files from any of these local storage devices to employees using smartphones, tablets, and computers - even when these devices don't have a network connection.

Mobile File Sharing provides $5M savings on construction project [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn how Balfour Beatty saved over five million dollars in one project alone by using file sharing on iPads. Balfour Beatty leveraged a combination of local storage on jobsites and the cloud to access large digital designs with Wireless LAN speeds instead of 3G speeds.

File Sharing Beyond the Firewall [ Source: Egnyte ]

March 2013- Learn how to provide local file access with any computer or mobile device outside the firewall, without the need for VPN. See why cloud-enabled storage is the next generation of file sharing infrastructure.

Keys to Data Protection: Myths, Realities and Proactive Planning [ Source: Carbonite ]

November 2012- Through a series of case studies, Inc. and Carbonite explore the all-too-common small business ‘nightmare’, data loss – and, examine the consequences suffered as a result of being ill-prepared. Experts Pete Lamson, senior vice president for small business at Carbonite, and Philip Jan Rothstein, president of Rothstein Associates Inc., weigh-in on the importance of making data protection a business priority. With proper – and more importantly, proactive - planning, small businesses can aptly prepare for whatever may ...

How Prepared is Your Business if Disaster Strikes? [ Source: Carbonite ]

November 2012- Research from the Insurance Institute states that up to 40 percent of small businesses affected by disaster will never reopen. Carbonite provides 10 easy tips to help small businesses develop a solid disaster preparedness plan. Having such a plan in place, helps businesses minimize loss and disruption and return to normal business operations as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. Through this checklist, small business owners will receive ideas on how to appropriately assess ...

Securing the Cloud [ Source: F5 ]

October 2012- Cloud computing has become another key resource for IT deployments, but there is still fear of securing applications and data in the cloud. These concerns include authentication, authorization, accounting (AAA) services; encryption; storage; security breaches; regulatory compliance; location of data and users; and other risks associated with isolating sensitive corporate data. Add to this array of concerns the potential loss of control over your data, and the cloud model starts to get a little scary. ...

802.11ac Executive Brief [ Source: Aruba Networks ]

October 2012- 802.11ac promises to revolutionize access networks by offering Gigabit connectivity over the air. This new Wi-Fi standard will enhance many aspects of enterprise networking, but it's important to understand the features, benefits, and limitations.

Guide to Evaluating Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions [ Source: PhoneFactor ]

October 2012- Passwords are a known weak link and continue to be exploited at alarming rates. From simple phishing schemes to sophisticated, targeted phishing attacks, gaining access to a user's password is an easy and prolific attack. Regulatory agencies agree and are setting increasingly rigorous requirements for strongly authenticating users. Multi-factor authentication is no longer optional for many organizations.

Whether you're planning to implement multi-factor authentication for the first time or are looking to expand ...

How remote management helps assure IT infrastructure uptime [ Source: Raritan ]

July 2012- Maximizing systems uptime is paramount. Implementing remote management solutions can provide savings in operational expenses, faster MTTR, and increased ROI and overall IT uptime. Learn how your company can realize the business benefits of remote management solutions in this white paper from EMA.

Secure, Optimized Global Access to Corporate Resources [ Source: F5 ]

August 2011- Global access to corporate applications is critical to an organization. The range of users, devices, and their locations requires stringent application access control to securely connect any user on any device from any location to wherever the application lives.

Simplifying Single Sign-On with F5 BIG-IP APM and Active Directory [ Source: F5 ]

August 2011- Implementing single sign-on supported by Active Directory to manage application access in multi-domain environments across a diverse set of devices, applications, and services is challenging. An F5 BIG-IP APM and Microsoft Active Directory solution simplifies operational configuration while consolidating identity and application access management.

5 Tips to Dramatically Maximize Help Desk & Remote Desktop Productivity [ Source: Proxy ]

March 2011- IT professionals of today have increased pressure to efficiently manage desktops and machines inside their corporate environment and in remote locations; and remote desktop support software is among the most powerful tools available to help achieve these goals.

With remote support software, your help desk staff won?t have to personally travel from machine to machine to resolve users? problems. Instead, they can simply click a button to view and operate the problem ...

Auditing Software Acts Like A Server Security Camera [ Source: ObserveIT ]

January 2010- ObserveIT auditing software acts like a security camera on your servers. It provides bulletproof video evidence of user sessions, significantly shortening investigation time. Every action performed by remote vendors, developers, sysadmins, business users or privileged users is recorded. Video recordings include mouse click, app usage and keystrokes. Each time a security event is unclear, simply replay the video, just as if you were looking over the user’s shoulder.

ObserveIT is the perfect ...

Building a Rock-Solid IT Foundation [ Source: IBM ]

December 2010- Midsize businesses are the engines that power the world’s economy: In fact, they generate 65 percent of the world’s revenue and employ 90 percent of its workers. When the economy slips into a tailspin -- as it has done in the past few years -- these companies’ challenges intensify. Recently, their customers have been spending less, energy prices have been rising, market barriers have been falling, and competition has been increasing. Consequently, they need to ...

IBM Reveals Personal Story: How Unified Communications Delivered Greater Collaboration [ Source: IBM ]

October 2010- Many of today’s innovations are driven by the consumer marketplace. This is particularly true in the voice, video andcollaboration spaces. With new ways for people to find each other, keep in touch, share ideas and get information from any place, mobility is the new norm. As consumers, we are very familiar with the ease with which this can be done. As employees, we would like to apply these consumer capabilitiesto our work—seamlessly and ...

The Cloud-based Telework Solution: Using the Cloud to Offload Remote Access Costs and Complexity [ Source: Pareto Networks ]

June 2010- By combining a cloud-based management platform with user-friendly devices, Pareto Networks has pioneered a new approach to remote access with the simplicity, centralized visibility & control, and economies of scale needed for broad deployment to permanent teleworkers. The Pareto Branch On DemandTM Solution enables organizations to fully realize the benefits of teleworking via a pay-as-you-grow subscription model and without the complexity or limitations of traditional multi-service router, firewall, SSL VPN or access point solutions.

Implementing ITIL v3 Service Lifecycle [ Source: GSS Infotech Limited ]

September 2010- IT services have become an integral means for conducting business for all sizes of businesses, private and public organizations, educational institutions, consumers, and the individuals working within these organizations. Moreover, IT and support organizations are moving towards a service-oriented model that revolves around the services they deliver, managing requests and providing support for the services. At the same time, they are faced with surging operations cost, regulatory compliance issues, carrying out process improvements, and most ...

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