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Miercom Report: Huawei's CloudEngine 12800 Data Center Switch [ Source: Huawei Enterprise USA ]

August 2012- The Huawei CloudEngine 12800 series data center switches met the requirements of high performance, large capacity, interoperability, and high availability in recent testing by Miercom, a major networking testing and certification consultancy.

With the ever-increasing demand for cloud networking traffic loads, it is imperative to have excellent throughput, strong latency, and robust energy efficiency. The CloudEngine 12800 data center series switches (CE12800) excelled in all those areas and achieved the Miercom Performance Verified Award.

Miercom Report: Huawei S5700-LI Series Switches [ Source: Huawei Enterprise USA ]

August 2012- Miercom, a major networking testing and certification consultancy, recently awarded Huawei their Performance Verification Award for the S5700-LI series of Gigabit Ethernet (GE) switches. These GE switches were honored for their forwarding performance, advanced features, interoperability, resilient architecture, and energy efficiency.

The S5700-LI series GE switches (S5700-LI) are next-generation energy-saving switches developed to meet the demand for high-bandwidth access and Ethernet multi-service aggregation. Based on cutting-edge hardware and Huawei Versatile ...

The Future of Enterprise Networks [ Source: Huawei Enterprise USA ]

August 2012- The vision of having one global communications network that covers the earth and allows anyone to get access to any information anytime, anywhere, and on any device is closer today than ever.

However, fulfilling that vision has its issues.

Cloud computing has led to a large-scale integration of information resources across the globe. We are living in a world where everything — from smartphones to tablets to buildings, cars and appliances — is ...

Huawei Enterprise Value Proposition [ Source: Huawei Enterprise USA ]

August 2012- In a world where innovation and business requirements evolve at ever faster rates, enterprises are looking for ways to adopt and deploy new technologies much more quickly and efficiently. One of the main challenges facing enterprises today is how to simplify the integration of these new technologies and solutions with existing ones.

Learn how Huawei is changing the game and doing things that other vendors simply cannot do.

Running on Faith - The Risk of Inadequate Network Testing [ Source: Spirent ]

July 2012- The roster of enterprises that have suffered costly and damaging lawsuits as a result of outages or security breaches would be shorter had those organizations invested in testing a vital, mission-critical foundation of the modern enterprise, the network infrastructure.

Best-practices enterprise network testing includes discovering performance limitations and validating vendor claims during acquisition, performing the due diligence of proof-of-concept for network designs or upgrades, and planning for headroom and growth as requirements change.<...

How remote management helps assure IT infrastructure uptime [ Source: Raritan ]

July 2012- Maximizing systems uptime is paramount. Implementing remote management solutions can provide savings in operational expenses, faster MTTR, and increased ROI and overall IT uptime. Learn how your company can realize the business benefits of remote management solutions in this white paper from EMA.

Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions from IBM Powerful, agile and simple enterprise resource planning [ Source: IBM ]

January 2012- IBM provides consulting, implementation and application management services for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a comprehensive ERP solution for midsize and larger organizations that empowers people to work effectively, manage change, and compete globally.

10 Steps to Streamline the Deployment of Network Monitoring Software for SMBs [ Source: InterMapper ]

April 2011- You have decided that you want to install network monitoring software at your small-to-medium size business (SMB). A little preparation before the installation and configuration will save a lot of time. If you have some basic information at your fingertips on how you will be using your new network monitoring solution, the deployment process will not be sidetracked as you try to find information or make decisions that could have been made in advance. These ...

6 Ways to Calculate Returns from your Network Monitoring Investment [ Source: InterMapper ]

May 2011- All network management teams have two things in common: their budgets are tight and their user communities expect reliable network performance. Financial constraints put all technology investments under a microscope; even technology that ensures network reliability. Depending on an organization's business model, network infrastructure and overall goals, return on investment (ROI) for network monitoring might be realized in five minutes or over five months. This paper outlines the areas in which network monitoring, mapping and ...

Top 8 Considerations for Selecting SMB Network Monitoring Software [ Source: InterMapper ]

April 2011- Small-to-medium size businesses (SMB's) have limited IT staff and budgets, yet they still require a monitoring solution for cost-effective equipment diagnosis to maintain a healthy network. Use the following checklist to evaluate software vendors.

What Should you Consider?

• Is it an integrated product or must multiple add-ons be installed?

• Can it be easily configured?

• Does it have all the functionality you require?

• Can alerts reach ...

Top 8 Reasons SMBs Need to Monitor their Networks [ Source: InterMapper ]

April 2011- If you are responsible for administering the IT infrastructure at a small-to-medium size business (SMB), using network monitoring, mapping and alerting software can help you do your job better by maximizing network uptime and efficiency. These tools are generally powerful, easy to use and affordable. After you enter the most important pieces of equipment to monitor, they just run in the background - only alerting you to active or impending issues related to hardware, software ...

Case Study: Telefonica Reduces Site Visits by 50% with Avocent [ Source: Avocent ]

March 2011- Learn how Telefonica, the largest alternative carrier in Germany, reduced costs by cutting remote site visits by 50% and achieved faster problem identification and resolution with Avocent.

Servicing more than 30 national carriers, 160 Internet Service Providers and 30 of the biggest German online services requires Telefonica to deliver the global reach, connectivity, guaranteed Service Level Agreements, scalability and flexibility that businesses demand of an Internet Access Provider. Telefonica needed a way to better access and manage ...

The Importance of Network Time Synchronization [ Source: Symmetricom ]

October 2012- Your network is time stamping files, email, transactions, etc., while your server logs are recording the transactions in case you need that information. Fundamental to all of this is the belief that the time is correct. This paper describes why network time synchronization is critically important.

Tunneling IPv6: Manual Tunnels [ Source: IPexpert Inc ]

October 2010- This is the last article in series on IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling, presented by IPexpert. It focuses on manual tunnels, the simplest tunneling method to understand and configure.

Achieving Network Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance [ Source: Netcordia ]

April 2010- For IT organizations, the impact of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) can be huge in terms of amount of time and resources consumed. Even though the compliance mandate should improve consistency and standardization across the network infrastructure, the new requirements are a huge burden for IT organizations.

The staff must first understand the new requirements and then the amount of time and effort to manually implement the standards is ...

The Top Five Network Performance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them [ Source: Netcordia ]

April 2010- As IT and network managers, we have a range of experience and skill sets – however research shows there are many common mistakes that are made over and over again by IT teams across every vertical.

This whitepaper highlights the five most common mistakes made by IT teams today when they continue to use the same practices even though technology and requirements are changing daily. The mistakes include manually managing the network infrastructure, believe ...

The Top 25 Network Issues and Their Business Impact [ Source: Netcordia ]

April 2010- The Top 25 Network Problems and Their Business Impact brochure details the top issues that network managers face today. It explains each issue and illustrates the business impact of common network problems to their managers.

The brochure bridges the gap between the technical issues important to the network engineer/manager and the executive’s focus on the impact of the overall service quality and end users. You can use it to facilitate a conversation ...

Load Balancers are Dead: Time to Focus on Application Delivery [ Source: Citrix ]

February 2009- Gartner Research Note: This research shifts the attention from basic load-balancing features to application delivery features to aid in the deployment and delivery of applications.

2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers [ Source: Citrix ]

September 2009- See who is in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers.

Carrier Ethernet Technology Comparison [ Source: Brocade ]

February 2010- Ethernet has become a standardized plug-and-play service offered to Enterprise and business users. An Ethernet service is usually offered to a customer through a physical Ethernet interface as the point of attachment. However, beyond the attachment point, Ethernet services may operate over native Ethernet networks or other transports services, such as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). This white paper addresses MPLS, MPLS-TE, PBB, PBB-TE, and RPR features and capabilities for use in Carrier Ethernet deployments.

Eight Tips for Managing Higher Education Networks Securely and Cost-Effectively [ Source: 3Com ]

September 2009- Colleges and universities worldwide are being pressured to do more with less, particularly in today's challenging economic climate. Colleges and universities must consider the benefits of leveraging centralized management to automate deployment and provide configuration and oversight of the data center and remote campuses.

This white paper presents eight tips IT can use as they begin to deploy centralized network management projects for higher education networks.

Solutions for 21st Century Healthcare [ Source: 3Com ]

September 2009- To significantly improve the delivery of healthcare, an impressive arrange of new technology solutions are being introduced daily. 3Com designs solutions that deliver unique price/performance value, reduce complexity to facilitate healthcare delivery and ensure security to protect investments, resources and information.

In this case study, learn how 3Com can help you enhance patient care by maximizing business continuity, security, and productivity.

Solace's Unified Messaging Platform [ Source: Solace Systems ]

June 2009- Solace's Unified Messaging Platform is the first solution that handles all the major types of enterprise messaging in a single purpose-built hardware platform, with a single API and detailed management and monitoring. The Unified Messaging Platform simplifies the messaging infrastructure, improves performance, reduces time to market for new applications and slashes operational complexity and expense. Solace's Unified Messaging Platform supports ultra-low latency data distribution, high volume fanout, persistent message queuing and WAN-optimized messaging, all with ...

The Next Step In Network Security For Enterprises [ Source: Juniper Networks ]

June 2009- The mandate for enterprise IT is simple: facilitate transformation of the business or share in its eventual demise. However, a significant obstacle to this transformation is the absence of a sufficiently capable network security solution. Learn why enterprises need a next-generation network security solution, what such a solution entails, and the wide range of benefits that it yields.

Distributed Enterprise Solutions Navigator Charts The Course [ Source: Juniper Networks ]

June 2009- Business is getting more distributed every day, making remote workforce locations more strategic. This e-book shows how Juniper's Distributed Enterprise Solutions Navigator enables you to chart the course to offer one consistent experience, prevent cybercrime, stop threats, and do more while managing less.

How Vulnerable Are Your Cisco IOS Routers? [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

May 2009- Network security is a top priority for companies, and this includes securing Cisco routers. It is surprising to some that Cisco routers run many services that could create vulnerabilities. Some of these services are enabled by default. This white paper is not an exhaustive listing of all services enabled on Cisco routers that could create vulnerabilities, nor of all best practices for configuring Cisco routers. It is intended to be a vehicle for discussion regarding ...

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