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Organization Ensures Performance & Security with Network Visibility [ Source: Gigamon ]

March 2014- Read this case study to learn how an R&D organization built a monitoring infrastructure to gain pervasive traffic visibility to meet performance and security requirements.

Energize your Unified Communications with SIP [ Source: XO Communications ]

March 2014- For IT decision makers in medium to large- sized businesses, this white paper presents an overview of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, business applications for SIP trunking, and the advantages of SIP as an enabler for unified communications.

Real-Time Application-Centric Operations Visibility with NetScout's Approach to Service Delivery Management [ Source: NetScout Systems, Inc. ]

July 2013- Real-Time Application-Centric Operations Visibility with NetScout's Approach to Service Delivery Management.

Develop Your Service Delivery Monitoring Strategy [ Source: NetScout Systems, Inc. ]

July 2013- Service delivery monitoring is a critical enabler that IT infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders must invest in to foster the transition from IT to business technology (BT). In this report, Jean-Pierre Garbani at Forrester Research provides insights into this and other major trends in monitoring solutions and answer several key questions that IT leaders are asking: What should we monitor? What monitoring techniques can we apply? How should we select a solution, given where ...

Good APM Practices Get Results [ Source: NetScout Systems, Inc. ]

February 2013- Good application performance management (APM) practices get good results. NetForecast has benchmarked enterprise APM best practices for the last four years and consistently found that high marks for best APM practices correlate very closely with fewer performance problems as well as faster problem discovery and resolution times. According to NetForecast's latest APM best practices benchmark survey, enterprises with APM best practices benchmark scores above six on a ten-point scale (with ten the best) experience 75 percent ...

The Imperative to Adopt a More Service-Oriented Performance Management Strategy [ Source: NetScout Systems, Inc. ]

February 2013- The traditional approach to IT management has been to focus on individual technology domains and elements such as Application Performance Management(APM) or Network Performance Management (NPM). Even in the historical IT environment where a key role of IT was to manage client/server applications hosted

on a physical server in the organization’s data center, this approach had many significant limitations. It is expensive, tends to lengthen the time it takes to ...

Holistic Service Management Is Critical to the Evolution of IT [ Source: NetScout Systems, Inc. ]

December 2012- IT executives have a significantly different mandate than they did just five years ago. Consumerization, virtualization and mobility have dramatically changed the way we deploy and use technology requiring a focus on the end-user experience, and on this vision the network needs to play a key role if IT departments are to execute service delivery management .

The evolution of simple applications into complex services has created a strong dependency between user experience, application ...

ESG - Avoiding the Hazards of IT Consolidation [ Source: Riverbed ]

July 2013- In an effort to reduce costs and streamline operations, today's large, distributed organizations are investing more in data center transformation, consolidation, and server virtualization. And yet many IT consolidation projects suffer from poor planning and implementation issues that ultimately impact application performance and user productivity. This technology brief investigates the processes and tools that are needed to provide complete enterprise visibility and WAN acceleration for high-priority traffic.

WAN and VPN Solutions: Choosing the Best Type for Your Organization [ Source: XO Communications ]

November 2011- In enterprises today, Wide Area Networks (WANs) are no longer operating behind the scenes. WANs are central to the daily operations and core business of organizations large and small. However, enterprises must choose from a variety of ways to implement WANs. This white paper examines the various types of Wide Area Networks (WANs), and why IT departments gravitate towards specific WAN solutions. In addition, the paper provides constructive guidelines for organizations seeking Local Area to ...

Solution Brief: Customer Benefits of the New Blue Coat WebFilter Categories [ Source: Blue Coat ]

November 2011- Blue Coat WebFilter helps you easily manage web content by categorizing it into a discrete number of categories. This enables you to set and enforce granular policies based on your business requirements. We work to minimize any disruption to customer environments. However, we occasionally find it important to introduce changes based on customer feedback and the dynamic changes occurring in the nature of web content.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) [ Source: XO Communications ]

October 2011- Today's enterprises are faced with a number of network-related needs that are challenging from a technology and a financial perspective. Organizations are looking for proven, cost-effective solutions to:

• Create and improve disaster recovery infrastructures

• Replace outdated hub-and-spoke architectures

• Meet increasingly complex network requirements

• Prioritize applications, such as VoIP

• Maximize performance while minimizing costs

Your enterprise might have one or many of the needs ...

The Evolution of LAN Bypass Technology: Lanner's Generation One to Generation Three Bypass [ Source: Lanner Electronics ]

October 2011- Software stability is a major issue on any platform, but especially network appliances since it could affect the availability of a network. Anyone who uses software has most likely experienced problems that hang and/or force a reset of a computer or program. Such problems also occur in network appliances, and there may be times when there are no administrators around to get the appliance up and running again when things go wrong. The interruption ...

Secure, Optimized Global Access to Corporate Resources [ Source: F5 ]

August 2011- Global access to corporate applications is critical to an organization. The range of users, devices, and their locations requires stringent application access control to securely connect any user on any device from any location to wherever the application lives.

Application Security in the Cloud with BIG-IP ASM [ Source: F5 ]

August 2011- Whether critical applications live in the cloud, in the data center, or in both, organizations need a strategic point of control for application security. F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager (ASM) provides the security, intelligence, and performance that today's dynamic infrastructure demands.

Simplifying Single Sign-On with F5 BIG-IP APM and Active Directory [ Source: F5 ]

August 2011- Implementing single sign-on supported by Active Directory to manage application access in multi-domain environments across a diverse set of devices, applications, and services is challenging. An F5 BIG-IP APM and Microsoft Active Directory solution simplifies operational configuration while consolidating identity and application access management.

Reducing Network Complexity and Boosting Performance with IRF Technology [ Source: HP ]

August 2023- The fundamental nature of networking is changing, especially in enterprise data centers. With new, integrated applications deployed against large scale, highly virtualized server farms, server-to-server center communications are demanding a completely new level of intra-data-center performance. Traditional three-tier networks - designed to support data-center-in/data-center-out traffic and built using legacy, poor-performing redundancy protocols - can't deliver the server-to-server capacity required for these types of workloads. One innovation is Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF), a technology that ...

Build a Powerful, Resilient, Affordable IT Infrastructure [ Source: IBM ]

June 2011- When you grow your IT, the result is often greater complexity in the IT environment - along with higher operational and administrative costs and reduced efficiency. It's a difficult balance for a small or mid-sized business. Read this paper from IBM and VMware to learn about cost-effective virtualization options for transforming your IT into a simpler, more powerful computing infrastructure to get distinct competitive and profitability gains. VMware-based solutions from IBM are designed to help ...

10 Steps to Streamline the Deployment of Network Monitoring Software for SMBs [ Source: InterMapper ]

April 2011- You have decided that you want to install network monitoring software at your small-to-medium size business (SMB). A little preparation before the installation and configuration will save a lot of time. If you have some basic information at your fingertips on how you will be using your new network monitoring solution, the deployment process will not be sidetracked as you try to find information or make decisions that could have been made in advance. These ...

6 Ways to Calculate Returns from your Network Monitoring Investment [ Source: InterMapper ]

May 2011- All network management teams have two things in common: their budgets are tight and their user communities expect reliable network performance. Financial constraints put all technology investments under a microscope; even technology that ensures network reliability. Depending on an organization's business model, network infrastructure and overall goals, return on investment (ROI) for network monitoring might be realized in five minutes or over five months. This paper outlines the areas in which network monitoring, mapping and ...

Top 8 Considerations for Selecting SMB Network Monitoring Software [ Source: InterMapper ]

April 2011- Small-to-medium size businesses (SMB's) have limited IT staff and budgets, yet they still require a monitoring solution for cost-effective equipment diagnosis to maintain a healthy network. Use the following checklist to evaluate software vendors.

What Should you Consider?

• Is it an integrated product or must multiple add-ons be installed?

• Can it be easily configured?

• Does it have all the functionality you require?

• Can alerts reach ...

Top 8 Reasons SMBs Need to Monitor their Networks [ Source: InterMapper ]

April 2011- If you are responsible for administering the IT infrastructure at a small-to-medium size business (SMB), using network monitoring, mapping and alerting software can help you do your job better by maximizing network uptime and efficiency. These tools are generally powerful, easy to use and affordable. After you enter the most important pieces of equipment to monitor, they just run in the background - only alerting you to active or impending issues related to hardware, software ...

Best Practices to Successfully Deploy Cloud Computing in the Enterprise [ Source: CA Technologies ]

March 2011- Download this study to learn how IT departments are actively employing cloud services today, including both public and private cloud architectures. You'll learn which applications are destined for the cloud, and the bridges and barriers to cloud adoption.

Forrester Case Study: Understanding the Benefits and Payback of Real-time SLA Tracking [ Source: CA Technologies ]

March 2011- In this 3-year study, Forrester evaluated the implementation of CA Oblicore Guarantee, a real-time SLA tracking solution, to understand the financial impact and return on investment (ROI) realized by Catholic Health East, a multi-institutional health care system. Download this report to get details on the favorable ROI achieved, and to learn what other organizations are likely to see similar beneficial results with this solution.

Network and communications solutions for virtualization and consolidation [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- Many organizations are turning to virtualization and consolidation of server and storage resources to help improve efficiency and performance in the data center. These solutions can help you support more cost-effective operations, can speed services deployment and promote a tighter alignment between business and IT. But to support this dynamic infrastructure you may need a fundamental rethinking of the relationship between the network and the IT infrastructure components.

Read this paper to see ...

Leveraging Dynamic Application Infrastructure for Effective Private Cloud Computing [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- A high-level white paper from a leading industry analyst firm, IDC, highlights virtualization and cloud computing trends. This paper focuses on private cloud computing and IDC provides a clear definition of all the elements of a private cloud and the platform infrastructure in particular. The paper details IBM private cloud offerings, their capabilities, and benefits.

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