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WAN and VPN Solutions: Choosing the Best Type for Your Organization [ Source: XO Communications ]

November 2011- In enterprises today, Wide Area Networks (WANs) are no longer operating behind the scenes. WANs are central to the daily operations and core business of organizations large and small. However, enterprises must choose from a variety of ways to implement WANs. This white paper examines the various types of Wide Area Networks (WANs), and why IT departments gravitate towards specific WAN solutions. In addition, the paper provides constructive guidelines for organizations seeking Local Area to ...

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) [ Source: XO Communications ]

October 2011- Today's enterprises are faced with a number of network-related needs that are challenging from a technology and a financial perspective. Organizations are looking for proven, cost-effective solutions to:

• Create and improve disaster recovery infrastructures

• Replace outdated hub-and-spoke architectures

• Meet increasingly complex network requirements

• Prioritize applications, such as VoIP

• Maximize performance while minimizing costs

Your enterprise might have one or many of the needs ...

The Cloud-based Telework Solution: Using the Cloud to Offload Remote Access Costs and Complexity [ Source: Pareto Networks ]

June 2010- By combining a cloud-based management platform with user-friendly devices, Pareto Networks has pioneered a new approach to remote access with the simplicity, centralized visibility & control, and economies of scale needed for broad deployment to permanent teleworkers. The Pareto Branch On DemandTM Solution enables organizations to fully realize the benefits of teleworking via a pay-as-you-grow subscription model and without the complexity or limitations of traditional multi-service router, firewall, SSL VPN or access point solutions.

Managing The Evolution Of Business Services With Carrier Ethernet [ Source: Reliance GLobalcom ]

July 2009- Carrier Ethernet solutions to integrate their service platforms, increase network capacity, simplify operations, and bring consistency to service delivery. Business network services have evolved extraordinarily during the past several decades, and the pace of change is accelerating. What hasn't changed over time is what propels these markets. On the demand side, customers make purchase decisions for network services based on price, bandwidth, connectivity, and performance requirements. On the supply side, new technologies, ease of network ...

Achieving Network Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Compliance [ Source: Netcordia ]

April 2010- For IT organizations, the impact of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) can be huge in terms of amount of time and resources consumed. Even though the compliance mandate should improve consistency and standardization across the network infrastructure, the new requirements are a huge burden for IT organizations.

The staff must first understand the new requirements and then the amount of time and effort to manually implement the standards is ...

The Top Five Network Performance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them [ Source: Netcordia ]

April 2010- As IT and network managers, we have a range of experience and skill sets – however research shows there are many common mistakes that are made over and over again by IT teams across every vertical.

This whitepaper highlights the five most common mistakes made by IT teams today when they continue to use the same practices even though technology and requirements are changing daily. The mistakes include manually managing the network infrastructure, believe ...

The Top 25 Network Issues and Their Business Impact [ Source: Netcordia ]

April 2010- The Top 25 Network Problems and Their Business Impact brochure details the top issues that network managers face today. It explains each issue and illustrates the business impact of common network problems to their managers.

The brochure bridges the gap between the technical issues important to the network engineer/manager and the executive’s focus on the impact of the overall service quality and end users. You can use it to facilitate a conversation ...

Best Practices For High Performance Networking [ Source: Brocade ]

April 2010- A forward-focused network infrastructure will serve the enterprise well when business picks up and network demands accelerate. Find out what you should do now to ensure high performance later.

Best Practices For Virtual Infrastructure Management [ Source: Brocade ]

April 2010- Virtualization puts a new kind of management strain on the network. Find out how to invest in open, virtual, application-savvy network infrastructure improvements.

Transform Your Business With VMware [ Source: VMware ]

May 2009- Today's economic times are changing the way we do business. Companies need to be efficient and able to rapidly respond to changing conditions. IT managers are being asked to increase service levels and at the same time to reduce expenses. This means making the most efficient use of hardware and people. IT is critical to the success of these changes. Learn how VMware provides the technology to change the economics of IT.

Eight Key Ingredients To Building An Internal Cloud [ Source: VMware ]

May 2009- Learn the fundamentals of cloud computing and understand the limitations of current industry solutions in this VMware white paper. Also learn about VMware technology and the vCloud Initiative, which enable enterprises to move toward a flexible, federated private cloud computing model.

Three Easy Steps To A Better Desktop [ Source: Citrix ]

April 2009- The changing dynamics of the desktop is rendering traditional desktop lifecycle management obsolete. Learn how desktop delivery powered by Citrix XenDesktop quickly provides a pristine, on-demand desktop experience to users wherever, whenever, and on whatever device they choose while cutting IT costs.

How To Gain Visibility And Control Of Encrypted SSL Web Sessions [ Source: Blue Coat ]

April 2009- The criticality of today's Web-based business applications means organizations rely more heavily on SSL encryption, but unfortunately, IT is increasingly "blind" to that traffic. Until now, there has not been a practical solution for "inside-out SSL." Learn how Blue Coat's SSL proxy functionality enables you to extend the power of the intelligent and secure proxy appliances to all SSL traffic.

Alternatives for Securing Virtual Networks [ Source: Altor Networks ]

April 2009- View the "Alternatives for Securing Virtual Networks" white paper which describes virtualization security threats and challenges with virtual networks and cloud computing. Add defense-in-depth security to your virtualized data center with Altor VF virtual firewall.

An increasingly large share of data center network traffic is occurring between VMs within a virtualization server - on the “virtual network” - yet VM and network administrators have minimal ability to see or control inter-VM communication. By ...

A Guide To WAN Application Delivery For The SME Market [ Source: Ecessa ]

January 2009- Today’s small-to-medium sized enterprises (SME) are undergoing the same IT evolution as their large enterprise counterparts, only on a smaller scale. For SMEs, WAN reliability, flexible scalability, performance, and ease of management are as essential to their WAN infrastructure as they are to a large enterprise. SMEs are able to achieve efficiencies and competitive advantages through the adoption of affordable, yet feature-rich WAN optimization technologies. On the other hand, without suitable technology, they will ...

Reduce Costs And Simplify IT Management With Virtualization [ Source: VMware ]

May 2008- VMware sponsors this presentation on the growth and value of virtualization. VMware promotes the adoption of virtualization and details its benefits.

Smart Switches vs Managed Switches: Which Is The Ideal Foundation For SMB Networks? [ Source: NETGEAR ]

May 2008- NetGear provides a presentation of finding the right switch technology for small to medium-sized businesses.

SMB Remote Access For Any Scenario: SSL VPNs [ Source: NETGEAR ]

April 2008- NetGear promotes SSL VPNs in this presentation. Why SSL? – Confidentiality (sata is encrypted) – Data integrity (tamper-proof) No man in the middle attacks – Server authentication (prove who you are) – Dominant security technology on the Web – Worldwide e-commerce transactions occur over SSL – Well-tested (several years of public scrutiny) – Supported in commercially available browsers today

Intelligent Switching: Bringing User And Application Knowledge And Control To The LAN [ Source: ConSentry Networks ]

April 2008- ConSentry provides this presentation on Intelligent Switching Architecture. Having intelligence directly in the switch simplifies the task of applying controls, ConSentry explains.

WAN Optimization For The Virtual Enterprise [ Source: Expand Networks ]

April 2008- Virtualization is becoming the IT infrastructure of the enterprise’s datacenter. This presentation discusses the advantages of utilizing this infrastructure for WAN optimization deployments, focusing on the benefits of virtualization in the datacenter; WAN optimization deployment options in the datacenter; virtualization and WAN optimization in the remote branch; and VDI and WAN optimization.

Refining Server Consolidation [ Source: PlateSpin Ltd ]

April 2008- PlateSpin features this presentation to help you manage and optimize the growth of your virtual environment. Server consolidation can provide integrated assessment and planning; enable live, multiplatform P2V migrations; enhance live testing; provide server sync to eliminate data loss; and encourage ongoing modeling and refinement.

Information Infrastructure In A Virtual World [ Source: EMC ]

April 2008- Virtualization of all resources enables dynamic online operation, says EMC in this presentation. It enables end-to-end dynamic provisioning, load balancing, and nondisruptive optimization of all infrastructure resources. EMC explores unified virtualization infrastructure and its strengths.

10 Trends and Technologies Driving Secure Teleworking [ Source: SonicWALL ]

September 2008- Key drivers for teleworking were once productivity and flexibility, but financial considerations such as gas prices, the credit crisis and cost savings are the major drivers today. Teleworking helps companies strengthen worker loyalty and reduce car emissions. Download FactPoint Group's whitepaper to learn about the current drivers of teleworking and the technologies that enable it.

Why your Firewall, VPN, and IEEE 802.11i Aren't Enough to Protect Your Network [ Source: HP ]

January 2009- Like any network technology, wireless local area networks (WLANs) need to be protected from security threats. Though recent developments in IEEE standards have been designed to help ensure privacy for authenticated WLAN users, WLAN clients and enterprise infrastructure can still be vulnerable to a variety of threats that are unique to WLANs.

Protecting Business-Critical Applications In A VMware Infrastructure 3 Environment Using Veritas Cluster Server For VMware ESX [ Source: Symantec ]

December 2008- Get a brief overview of the problems of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) in the virtual environment. Then understand the fundamental criteria for evaluating HA/DR solutions and reviews the components, architecture, and functional characteristics of two that are designed to protect critical applications on VMware ESX: VMware HA and Symantec Veritas Cluster Server for VMware ESX.

Gabriel Connection Technology [ Source: VirnetX ]

July 2008- Gabriel Connection Technology empowers individuals, organizations of all sizes and government agencies to establish and administer their own private network enclaves or Safe Neighborhoods across the Internet. These enclaves provide cryptographic privacy for all data within the enclave and cryptographic authentication of all of its participants. VirnetX Security Platform (VSP)-enabled Safe Neighborhoods have changed the way people think about network enclaves. Instead of networks being secured by physical barriers, they’re defined cryptographically, thereby ...

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