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Five Ways Box Makes SharePoint Better [ Source: Box ]

January 2014- Businesses around the world have made significant investments in Microsoft SharePoint for content management. However, these same companies are struggling with making the transition to a more mobile, more collaborative workplace. The biggest barriers to making this shift are the lack of strong mobile support in SharePoint, a lack of adoption internally, and challenges integrating with other cloud applications (like CRM, ERP and more).

Box, the leader in Enterprise Content Collaboration, helps customers ...

Best of Breed Private Cloud with NetApp and Windows Server 2012 [ Source: NetApp ]

December 2013- Many organizations have adopted virtualization as a standard for server workloads. But virtualization has not proven to be the "game changer" many organizations had envisioned. IT departments face huge challenges related to server sprawl, which has actually increased with virtualization.

Although virtualization has brought benefits beyond the physical paradigm of one operating system per server, the true optimal infrastructure for organizations comes with adopting a private cloud infrastructure.

Check out this ...

Gartner: Get Past the Confusion surrounding Hybrid Cloud [ Source: NetApp ]

December 2013- In the already overhyped cloud computing market, hybrid cloud computing is emerging as the next big thing. To get past the hype, IT leaders should assess how hybrid cloud computing fits into their road maps, and determine which of its many forms makes sense (and which don't) for their enterprises.

This informative resource provides insight into getting past the confusion surrounding hybrid cloud computing. Find out how to move toward an accurate understanding ...

Best Practices for Business Class File Sharing Solutions [ Source: Ipswitch File Transfer ]

July 2012- What happens when employees go around IT and use their own Dropbox-like services, webmail or USB drives to send company information? This behavior presents significant security and compliance risks including: Loss of control over who has access to files and data, lack of visibility and audit trails, risk of data breaches and compliance violations.

This Osterman Research white paper sponsored by Ipswitch File Transfer provides an in depth discussion of the issues and ...

Defining a Framework for Cloud Adoption [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- Understand IBM's framework for cloud computing adoption which establishes common definitions, delivery models and services and identifies key aspects required for a successful cloud computing execution.

Merkur Group effectively controls IT costs with automated, integrated service management initiative. [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- Merkur conducted an extensive selection process for service management solutions, evaluating technologies from IBM, HP, BMC and Computer Associates against more than 120 requirements. Merkur then invited three companies, including IBM, to provide proof-of-concept demonstrations. Following its rigorous review, Merkur selected IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT and IBM Tivoli Service Desk to automate and integrate IT asset management and incident, problem, change, inventory, SLA and knowledge management processes.

A Study on Reducing Labor Costs Through the Use of WebSphere Cloudburst Appliance [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- Annual IT operational costs continue to increase, with labor commanding a larger and larger share. As a result, many companies are turning to private clouds, implementing such technologies as virtualization and consolidation, standardized workloads, and automation by way of self-service provisioning in an effort to reduce these costs.

Quantifying the impact that private cloud technologies have on various aspects of labor, however, has proven elusive, resulting in slower adoption rates. Customers want to ...

Affordable Virtualization for SMBs [ Source: IBM ]

October 2010- When you grow your IT, the result is often greater complexity in the IT environment—along with higher operational and administrative costs and reduced efficiency. It’s a difficult balance for a small or mid-sized business. Read this paper from IBM and VMware to learn about cost-effective virtualization options for transforming your IT into a simpler, more powerful computing infrastructure to get distinct competitive and profitability gains. VMware-based solutions from IBM are designed to help ...

Lower your IT costs and risks: Get a server makeover. [ Source: IBM ]

January 2011- According to IDC, the costs of server management, including power and cooling costs, will outpace the costs of buying these servers by a factor of four times and eight times respectively. Find out how a server makeover analysis can help you develop a high-level roadmap for your infrastructure.

Load Balancers are Dead: Time to Focus on Application Delivery [ Source: Citrix ]

February 2009- Gartner Research Note: This research shifts the attention from basic load-balancing features to application delivery features to aid in the deployment and delivery of applications.

2009 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers [ Source: Citrix ]

September 2009- See who is in the Leaders Quadrant for Application Delivery Controllers.

Make Your SharePoint Deploy 5x Faster [ Source: Citrix Systems ]

March 2010- Citrix NetScaler provides a simple, all-in-one solution to the performance, infrastructure cost, secure remote access and security hurdles that SharePoint deployments face. Learn how NetScaler can SharePoint deployments faster, leaner, smarter, safer and simpler.

Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP) Solution Brief [ Source: Riverbed ]

August 2009- Riverbed works with many government organizations, from one of the world’s largest navies to major civilian agencies. In this brief, you’ll learn how our WAN optimization solutions have helped government agencies to improve their COOP strategy and disaster preparedness in three key areas: improving the security and speed of data back-up processes, accelerating data replication, and improving access to information for mobile field units and mobile workers, enabling them to work from anywhere.

Digital Media Content Distribution on Fast Track [ Source: Signiant ]

July 2008- Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies are moving to managed, automated file based workflows to receive and deliver content to and from many more places in shorter periods of time. Central management and automation are required to manage the growing number of partners – and each partner’s different requirements – without creating an operational nightmare or escalating costs.

Companies want to get their content to new distribution outlets quickly so it can get to ...

Understanding the Impact of Running WAN Emulation with Load Testing [ Source: Shunra ]

June 2008- As reflected by the robust capabilities of industry-standard load testing tools such as HP LoadRunner, the proper setup and execution of a load test is a complex undertaking. Significant effort goes into each load testing project. Organizations that are disciplined enough to properly implement performance testing into their application development lifecycle have gained significant business benefits from finding issues and properly sizing capacity prior to application roll-out. Increasingly, many pre-deployment testing labs have found that ...

Data Center Consolidation with Wide-Area Application Services [ Source: Cisco ]

July 2008- Application Networking Services IT Deployment in Progress: How Cisco IT Advances Data Center Consolidation with Wide-Area Application Services