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Five Myths of DIY Disaster Recovery [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Learn about the most common faulty disaster recovery assumptions - from insufficient employee work arrangements to the inadequacy of annual or biannual disaster recovery testing

Virtualizing Disaster Recovery Using Cloud Computing [ Source: IBM ]

April 2014- Given the demands of an around-the-clock world, organizations need to start thinking in terms of application continuity rather than infrequent disasters. With faster recovery time and reduced costs, cloud-based business resilience can provide an attractive alternative to traditional disaster recovery. Read this paper to learn how organizations can use cloud computing to help speed response to frequent outages and infrequent disasters alike.

Research: Beyond IT Service Management [ Source: ServiceNow ]

April 2014- There are two ways to look at an IT as a service model: as a well-intentioned but jargon and bureaucracy filled worldview or as a fully integrated, engaged and involved part of the company's operations. You can guess which one we recommend, and it seems the 409 respondents to our InformationWeek 2013 Service-Oriented IT Survey agree.

Fully 83% say making IT more service-oriented, where IT at the larger organization is consumed, priced, evaluated and paid for ...

Case Study - MTC Australia [ Source: Riverbed ]

April 2014- A not-for-profit organization, MTC Australia offers training courses, employment services, youth programs, and community initiatives. With more than 30 locations and 530 staff members, the organization assists approximately 35,000 people annually. MTC Australia's business vision was a "cloud first" approach for Office 365 and other business-critical apps such as Lync Enterprise Voice. Because this would easily double or triple the amount of traffic on the already overburdened network, CIO Branko Ceran deployed a Riverbed solution to ensure that the ...

Virtualization Security Is Not an Oxymoron [ Source: Kaspersky Lab ]

April 2014- An overwhelming majority of organizations have adopted virtualized servers and those numbers are on the rise. While the business benefits of virtualization are clear-increased performance and stability and decreased hardware costs, floor space, and management oversight-the virtualized world makes your organization vulnerable to a wide array of new cybersecurity threats. Are you willing to bet your organization's IT infrastructure on your ability to combat these hazards?

The IT security and virtualization experts at ...

Transforming Traditional Intranets: Three Places to Focus [ Source: Jive ]

April 2014- Today's intranet typically looks like a frustrating mess of abandoned content - difficult for employees to use and content owners to govern. Traditional intranets are rarely mobile-friendly and can be a challenge for IT to integrate, maintain and support. It's time to transform the intranet, but what should a modern, mobile intranet look like?

At its core, the modern intranet should boil down to three fundamental focal areas:
Deliver information and expertise ...

Transparency in the Public Cloud: Eliminating Public vs Private Tradeoffs [ Source: iland ]

March 2014- It's now possible to get the same visibility in the public cloud that you have in your own data center - or even better. A Best of Interop 2014 finalist, analysts and media agree that the new iland Enterprise Cloud Services portal provides unmatched visibility into the true costs of cloud as well as performance, security and compliance data.

According to Torsten Volk, research director at Enterprise Management Associates, "iland's new portal exemplifies the ...

Powering Converged Infrastructure [ Source: Eaton ]

March 2014- Converged infrastructures utilize virtualization and automation to achieve high levels of availability in a cost-effective manner. In fact, converged infrastructures are so resilient that some IT managers believe they can be safely and reliably operated without the assistance of uninterruptible power systems (UPSs), power distribution units (PDUs) and other power protection technologies. In truth, however, such beliefs are dangerously mistaken.

This white paper explores the factors that make converged infrastructures inherently resilient, explains ...

Can Your Virtualization Software Handle A Power Outage? [ Source: Eaton ]

March 2014- Server virtualization empowers businesses to lower hardware spending, simplify administration and boost availability. It's no surprise, then, that nearly 80 percent of server workloads supported by x86 hardware will be running on virtual machines (VMs) by 2016, according to analyst firm Gartner Inc.

For IT and facilities managers, however, server virtualization introduces both challenges and opportunities. In particular, while it makes preventing downtime during utility failures dramatically easier, provided your data center is equipped with ...

Organization Ensures Performance & Security with Network Visibility [ Source: Gigamon ]

March 2014- Read this case study to learn how an R&D organization built a monitoring infrastructure to gain pervasive traffic visibility to meet performance and security requirements.

Visibility for Converged Infrastructure Solutions [ Source: Gigamon ]

March 2014- Advancements in technologies have led to significant growth in converged infrastructure solutions, which offer the IT organization many benefits. But as servers, networking, and storage become commoditized in converged infrastructure solutions, application traffic and end-user activity becomes more and more difficult to monitor and manage.

Learn how the solutions provided by Gigamon allow organizations to maintain pervasive visibility in the world of converged infrastructure.

Reap the Benefits of the Evolving HPC Cloud [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- The necessary compute power to drive modern biomedical research is a formidable and familiar challenge throughout the life sciences. Underlying infrastructures must evolve to keep pace with innovation.

IBM Technical Computing Infographic [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- IBM Technical Computing delivers powerful, innovative solutions to customers' most challenging and complex problems, enabling businesses and researchers to innovate, achieve breakthrough results and establish sustainable competitive advantage.

Unleashing the Power of High-Performance Computing eBook [ Source: IBM ]

March 2014- High-performance computing (HPC) continues to transform capabilities of organizations across a range of industries, whether the Human Genome Project or aerodynamics testing for race cars, we demonstrate how IBM Platform Computing solutions offer effective ways to unleash the power of HPC.

Energize your Unified Communications with SIP [ Source: XO Communications ]

March 2014- For IT decision makers in medium to large- sized businesses, this white paper presents an overview of the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, business applications for SIP trunking, and the advantages of SIP as an enabler for unified communications.

Virtualization and Cloud Computing : Optimized Power, Cooling, and Management Maximizes Benefits [ Source: APC by Schneider Electric ]

February 2014- IT virtualization, the engine behind cloud computing, can have significant consequences on the data center physical infrastructure (DCPI). Higher power densities that often result can challenge the cooling capabilities of an existing system. Reduced overall energy consumption that typically results from physical server consolidation may actually worsen the data center's power usage effectiveness (PUE). Dynamic loads that vary in time and location may heighten the risk of downtime if rack-level power and cooling health are ...

Raising the Bar for IT Service Management: EMA's Look at BMC Remedy OnDemand [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- Increasingly, enterprise organizations are moving to the cloud for IT Service Management (ITSM)-but is cloud delivery right for your business? Learn about the changing face of ITSM and gain the perspective needed to make the right ITSM decision for your organization. Get the free white paper from Enterprise Management Associates.

Cloud Benefits for the IT Service Management Market [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- Analysts predict that soon, half of all new IT service desk tools will be adopted as cloud-based services. While shifting to an on-demand model can be a complex decision that requires organizations to carefully assess the potential impact on business operations, a growing number of companies are clearly finding the move worthwhile.

This paper explores the reasons for the rapid growth of cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) solutions and the benefits they offer ...

The Perfect Combo : ITIL, ITSM and Social Media [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- What happens when you take best practices for IT service management (ITSM), add technology to support those practices, and then throw social media into the mix? BMC explores how best-in-class organizations are leveraging these to drive user satisfaction and organizational success. Download the white paper now.

Making The Move To a Cloud-Based IT Service Management (ITSM) Platform [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- Today's mature cloud-based ITSM solutions can give you the flexibility and agility you need-without sacrificing security, stability or performance. In this THINKstrategies, Inc. white paper, you'll learn why businesses are moving to cloud-based ITSM and the advantages they've achieved. Explore how this innovative approach to IT management might be right for your organization.

IAM for the Real World - Privileged Account Management [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- Much of the focus of identity and access management (IAM) is concerned with easy and unobstructed access to a large population of end users with minimal disruption to IT operations. But the forgotten arm of IAM - the silent killer, if you will - remains privileged account management (PAM).

In this e-book, you'll discover:

What PAM is and why it can be a prime source of security breaches

How ...

Controlling and Managing Superuser Access [ Source: Dell Software ]

February 2014- "Super users" those people with greater access and rights are a necessary part of IT. However, privileged accounts carry implicit security risks, so securing them while preserving access and ease of use is vital. Especially with today's security and compliance concerns, effectively managing privileged accounts is more important than ever.

In this new white paper, gain a deeper understanding of all the dangers involved with privileged account management. Learn to mitigate risks by ...

Hybrid IT- A Low-Risk Path from On-Premise to ITaaS [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- IT as a Service (ITaaS) will transform future IT operations and service delivery. In the interim, Hybrid IT offers a rational, gradual approach in which some services move to SaaS while others remain on-premise. This white paper provides a strategy to move part or all of your ITSM suite to the cloud as a stepping stone to ITaaS.

Connecting the clouds: Best Practices For Integrating IT Service Management [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- With software as a service (SaaS) you are integrating an external service, hosted by an external party, with your internal systems. The SaaS integration is a matter of connecting the clouds and well-articulated interfaces defining the data that is traveling back and forth. With the right integration strategy SaaS integration can be simple, straightforward, and easy. Moreover, it can position your IT organization to effectively leverage SaaS and migrate from one SaaS solution to another ...

What Does Friction Between Business and IT Cost your Organization? [ Source: BMC Software ]

February 2014- Exploring Business and IT Friction: Myths and Realities, outlines key issues that cause friction between business users and IT, such as:

Gaps in customer satisfaction and the perceived value of services
Inadequate IT support, which decreases productivity and revenue
Lack of communication and ownership in how business users and IT work together to identify service levels and technology needs

See what 900 business and IT professionals had to say and ...

Catching the Tide: VMware IT as a Service [ Source: VMware / Carahsoft ]

February 2014- This paper discusses how the evolution to IT as a Service goes beyond alignment with business goals and is poised to drive business goals in an alliance with government leaders.

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