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Smart Systems and Services Growth Opportunities - Business Model Innovation for Connected Products [ Source: Thingworx ]

January 2015- The generation of Smart Systems, Services and the Internet of Things (IoT) are upon us. Billions of devices are currently being connected to the internet - daily.

The information driven from these devices can offer extraordinary business value to companies who are at the forefront of the embedded intelligence era. Only those companies that strive to push the development of a new collaborative business model and embrace new connected product technologies will be ...

The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Historically there's been great difficulty -- and importance -- in obtaining high quality data to fuel global trade management systems. The paper also explores the advent of the cloud data network and some of the powerful advantages of this approach, including those provided by network effects - the exponential power of a collaborative network of partners to solve supply chain problems.

Reengineering the Foundation for B2B Information Exchange in the Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Cloud platforms represent a truly radical shift in how companies exchange information with one another. Examine the shortcomings of yesterday's technology and how new platforms based around the economics of cloud are enabling companies to become agile and hyper-efficient networked organizations.

Without the extra-enterprise nervous systems to see and control the supply chain, companies are at a strategic disadvantage in their markets, and this paper explains why.

The Customer-Centric Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- The old assumptions driving supply chain design and strategy were focused on achieving the lowest possible cost of goods and the most efficient distribution to stores. Today, a new model is emerging, not driven by enterprise technology or supply chain innovations - but by customers. In the omnichannel retail world, almost every single store-driven assumption about supply chain is being challenged and getting replaced by a digital-driven future. Retailers are forced to evolve their supply ...

2013 Global Consumer Report [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Global commerce is growing in complexity -- companies are struggling to give their customers visibility into inventory, especially online and in-store. GT Nexus surveyed over 5,000 shoppers across the US, UK, France and Germany to understand the evolution of the retail landscape, and whether retailers could measure up to consumer expectations.

Empowering Optimization Through Tag Management Solutions [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- If you haven't explored the benefits of website tag and data management, now is the time to discover it.

With the rapid adoption of website optimization and personalization solutions in the last few years, digital marketers have faced serious marketing and technical execution challenges. Efficient workflows, execution, and overall test management continue to be a struggle, and according to Web Analytics Demystified, the biggest hurdle is instrumenting the website with the testing vendor's ...

Boosting Enterprise Agility with Tag and Data Management [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Marketing agility is critical for enterprises that interact with their prospects and customers via a wide array of channels. Enterprises that deliver static, un-optimized experiences are losing consumers and market share to more nimble competitors that have mastered the art and science of consumer interaction in the digital age.

Marketing agility relies on three pillars that enterprises must have in place:

1. Rapidly execute any digital marketing initiative through any channel or ...

Advanced Use Case: Sony Electronics [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Target site users with a personalized experience

Creating more personalized web experiences is vital to growing revenue, especially for large enterprises.

This means the number of marketing technologies to vet, deploy and manipulate keeps growing. The volume of tags and websites to manage is exploding. And the pressure to optimize everything is relentless.

In this use case, see how Sony Electronics uses Ensighten to improve website performance, reduce customer ...

ABC's of Mobile Device Management [ Source: Fiberlink ]

May 2013- Securely managing mobile devices, apps and docs doesn't have to be hard; in fact, with MaaS360, it's as simple as ABC...
We cover all the essentials from A-Z

A is for Android, fragmentation is scary
B is for BYOD, you canít control what they carry
C is for Cloud, used for every device

To get to Z, download your copy of the ABC's of Mobile Device Management ...

Best Practice Policies for Mobile Device Management [ Source: Fiberlink ]

May 2013- Do You Know the Policies to Protect Enterprise Mobility?

Managing smartphones and tablets is only half the MDM story. Securing the data and access points between corporate systems and your workers' iOS, Android, Windows, and BlackBerry devices requires just as much consideration and planning as protecting the devices themselves. This white paper explores ten policy best-practices for secure and compliant enterprise mobility, including:

Industry Regulations: No two industries are created equally ...

The Ten Commandments of Bring Your Own Device [ Source: Fiberlink ]

May 2013- BYOD May Be Overwhelming, But It's Not Hard
BYOD offers employees and corporations countless business benefits from increased efficiency to controlled costs on provisioning a mobile workforce.

For IT, BYOD is not as clear
Concerns over securing corporate data to managing a multitude of disparate devices present valid challenges, but none are insurmountable.

Download the Ten Commandments of BYOD today to learn:

BYOD policy considerations
Device ...

Driving New and Organic Growth: Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals [ Source: NexJ ]

November 2012- More and more, multi-line insurance organizations are focusing on driving revenue opportunities through leads, referrals and enterprise cross-selling. As a result, the lead and referral management paradigm has expanded beyond traditional lead generation methods to include new opportunities derived by mining existing customer bases for cross line of business and cross-product leads and referrals.

Download the whitepaper, Driving New and Organic Growth:Identify and Capitalize on Enterprise Leads and Referrals, and learn how ...

Project Management Office: Seeing the Whole Picture: Project Portfolio Management gives PMOs the Tools and Techniques to Get Lean in Lean Times [ Source: Innotas ]

November 2012- Read this whitepaper to find out why being a more strategic organization requires PMO applications, or support tools, that provide visibility, accountability, and control including resource, request, and time-management.

Project Scoring & Prioritization for Maximum Results: Building a System for Picking the Right IT Projects for your Organization [ Source: Innotas ]

November 2012- Scoring and prioritizing IT projects is still one of the biggest challenges and most neglected processes in many IT organizations. The Innotas eBook on scoring & prioritization will help you build a system for picking the right IT projects for your organization.

The Smart Approach to IT Resource Management [ Source: Innotas ]

November 2012- Learn the smart approach to IT Resource Management. This whitepaper from Innotas-the leader in cloud solutions for Project Portfolio and Application Portfolio Management-identifies why effective resource management is crucial for any IT department.

The Business Case for PPM: How Progressive IT Organizations Are Using Hosted Solutions To Deliver On Time, On Budget, On Quote and On Target with Key Business Initiatives [ Source: Innotas ]

November 2012- This whitepaper presents CIOs and IT executives with best practices and real-world examples of how companies are using Project Portfolio Management and IT Governance solutions to help drive innovations within their IT organization.

Web Conferencing for SMBs: 3 Key Considerations for IT Teams at Small to Midsized Firms [ Source: ReadyTalk Audio and Web Conferencing ]

November 2012- This white paper will look at three issues of particular concern to SMB information technology professionals weighing the pros and cons of a new or different Web conferencing solution.

Intel Cloud SSO - Platform Security [ Source: McAfee ]

October 2012- Identity as a service is emerging as a new, innovative approach to identity and access management (IAM) in the cloud that brings with it the potential to reduce costs, enhance end-user and IT administrator productivity, and enable greater enterprise agility.

One of the biggest concerns expressed by IT managers about outsourcing their IAM operations to a cloud-based service provider is security. When user credentials (e.g., user ID, password, and other attributes) are ...

Three Trends Driving Videoconferencing Technologies [ Source: Huawei Enterprise USA ]

August 2012- Videoconferencing has evolved from being high-end applications specific for select industries to being deployed in enterprises of all sizes and across numerous industries, and now is making its way into people's everyday lives.

According to Wainhouse Research, by the year 2015 nearly 200 million people around the world will be collaborating through videoconferencing systems.

There are three trends moving videoconferencing technologies forward: lifelike experiences, widespread use, and industry-specific applications. To meet the requirements ...

Four Keys to Effective Next-Generation Security [ Source: Sourcefire ]

July 2012- Today's targeted threats are often multi-vectored and exploit unknown vulnerabilities - their sophistication defying typical signature-only based inspection. Whether APTs or client-side threats, they use evasive techniques to penetrate our organizations, often purporting to be or riding on applications and exploiting trust relationships with which we've grown all too comfortable with.

To make matters worse, attackers have realized the inadequacies of traditional signature-based approaches and have accelerated the pace of change and obfuscated ...

Managing Complex Multi-Enterprise Selling & Ordering Processes Critical for Next Gen Order Management Solutions by Heavy Reading [ Source: IBM ]

November 2011- The success of communication service providers depends on their ability to successfully collaborate and align their business processes with multiple enterprises, including retailers, content partners and supply chain parters. These organizations are also faced with the urgent need to manage a myriat of relationships within and beyond the communications ecosystem. Many are turning to end-to-end order management (OM) systems to evolve their services.

This white paper will help understand the impact of inefficient ...

On-Premise vs. Cloud: The Impact of Cloud Computing on Web Content Management [ Source: CrownPeak ]

July 2011- A recent survey by Gartner found that the market for cloud services is expected to reach $150B by 2013. Although cloud computing adoption started in small and medium sized companies, cloud services are rapidly gaining market share in the enterprise.

Despite these statistics, there are still misunderstandings on the definition of cloud computing and even more confusion over how enterprise companies would benefit switching from traditional on-premise to cloud solutions. Quite often fear, uncertainty, ...

OTRS Helps Alaskan School District [ Source: OTRS Inc. ]

November 2010- OTRS, a leading provider of open source Help Desk and ITIL-compatible IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions, announced publication of a major case study detailing how the OTRS help desk was used to leverage an Alaskan school districtís one-person IT staff, to the benefit of teachers, parents, students, and staff.

Performance Brand Advertising: The Audience Is the Message [ Source: SVnetwork ]

October 2010- As brands search for ways to effectively engage a mass consumer audience in digital media, performance brand advertising taps into consumers' motivations and gives brands meaningful ROI for their online ad spending. This white paper from SVnetwork introduces performance brand advertising and describes methods for optimizing consumer engagement online. Engagement advertising gives brands a unique way of interacting with individuals and the user-generated content they publish. Brand advertisements are only valuable when they have a ...

Video for the Web: What's In It For You? [ Source: Blue Chew Digital ]

July 2010- With video advertising for the Web becoming more popular, this white paper from Blue Chew Digital will provide an insight into its positioning, value, formats, delivery, and thought processes, as well as discuss how it is now becoming the essential tool for the B2B marketer.

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