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Empowering Optimization Through Tag Management Solutions [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- If you haven't explored the benefits of website tag and data management, now is the time to discover it.

With the rapid adoption of website optimization and personalization solutions in the last few years, digital marketers have faced serious marketing and technical execution challenges. Efficient workflows, execution, and overall test management continue to be a struggle, and according to Web Analytics Demystified, the biggest hurdle is instrumenting the website with the testing vendor's ...

Boosting Enterprise Agility with Tag and Data Management [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Marketing agility is critical for enterprises that interact with their prospects and customers via a wide array of channels. Enterprises that deliver static, un-optimized experiences are losing consumers and market share to more nimble competitors that have mastered the art and science of consumer interaction in the digital age.

Marketing agility relies on three pillars that enterprises must have in place:

1. Rapidly execute any digital marketing initiative through any channel or ...

Advanced Use Case: Sony Electronics [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Target site users with a personalized experience

Creating more personalized web experiences is vital to growing revenue, especially for large enterprises.

This means the number of marketing technologies to vet, deploy and manipulate keeps growing. The volume of tags and websites to manage is exploding. And the pressure to optimize everything is relentless.

In this use case, see how Sony Electronics uses Ensighten to improve website performance, reduce customer ...

Collaboration Case Study: Yellow Pages Group [ Source: tibbr ]

June 2013- After just two months, 80% of the company's 2,800 staff has created a profile on the platform, and 27,000 posts have been added across 200 groups. The initial use cases have been very successful, with the social intranet now replacing various different communication channels including email, and driving greater interaction between departments. The highly distributed sales team has embraced the technology particularly enthusiastically, predominantly to support sharing of success stories on the platform. While it's still early days, Yellow ...

Customer Experience Management For Financial Services Institutions [ Source: Attivio, Inc. ]

February 2013- This whitepaper tells the story of how a financial institution leverages next generation customer experience management to deliver the one-to-one customer experience that drives superior business results

Creating the Right Mobile Strategy: What You Need to Know Before You Get Started [ Source: Moovweb ]

November 2012- The right mobile solution can propel your business into the market quickly and effectively. But in order to know which solution will work best for your business, you need to be clear on the advantages and potential concessions of each, so you can measure them against your business goals.

In the new Moovweb white paper, Creating the Right Mobile Strategy: What You Need to Know Before You Get Started, get the insight you ...

When Passwords Aren't Enough: The Need for Strong Online Authentication That is Easy to Use [ Source: Confident Technologies ]

March 2011- Authentication on websites and cloud-based services has traditionally involved a trade-off between security and usability. Either the authentication method is easy on users but not very secure, or it’s highly secure but difficult on people.

For public-facing websites or those with a large consumer audience, finding a way to implement strong security that is easy to use is an even greater challenge.

Two-factor authentication methods such as hardware tokens, smart ...

Guide to Understanding Social CRM [ Source: Enterprise 2.0 Conference ]

November 2010- The word 'social' is likely the most over used word of both 2009 and 2010, and we are not even half way done with 2010. A simple Google search for "social" returns almost one billion results. This is reminiscent of a simpler time when we put an 'e' in front of everything, way back in 1999. How then do we move beyond the hype and help companies to understand what "social" is, and what it means to a modern ...

Performance Brand Advertising: The Audience Is the Message [ Source: SVnetwork ]

October 2010- As brands search for ways to effectively engage a mass consumer audience in digital media, performance brand advertising taps into consumers' motivations and gives brands meaningful ROI for their online ad spending. This white paper from SVnetwork introduces performance brand advertising and describes methods for optimizing consumer engagement online. Engagement advertising gives brands a unique way of interacting with individuals and the user-generated content they publish. Brand advertisements are only valuable when they have a ...

The Consumerization of the Enterprise [ Source: Roundarch ]

June 2010- Outlines and explains key areas for why the enterprise lacks the user-centric design of the consumer side. It will also provide practical data for how a better user experience in the enterprise can create a strategic advantage for an organization: • Digital consumer experiences are driving demand for richer enterprise experiences • As younger generations continue to enter the workforce, they expect to be able to connect and network online in their work lives and cannot tolerate ...

Reducing Total E-mail Response Time [ Source: emailtopia ]

March 2010- One of the core challenges of e-mail management is reducing e-mail response time. Organizations must satisfy their customers' desire for quick e-mail replies, while maintaining excellent response quality. Being able to achieve success in this area can drastically benefit an organization's bottom line. This white paper examines some of the primary difficulties faced by organizations who are trying to improve their email response management. The approach recommended in this document is simplifying the challenge of ...

Video for the Web: What's In It For You? [ Source: Blue Chew Digital ]

July 2010- With video advertising for the Web becoming more popular, this white paper from Blue Chew Digital will provide an insight into its positioning, value, formats, delivery, and thought processes, as well as discuss how it is now becoming the essential tool for the B2B marketer.

Ecommerce Success Kit [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2010- Whether registering for downloads or e-newsletters, re-ordering or renewing, or telling their friends, customers who feel more confident to click, learn, and shop online, spend more.

  See how Truste privacy products and programs have helped businesses of all sizes increase conversions, order value, and customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

See how Cheapflights Increased Signups 26%, Ecommerce site DebnRoo Increased Sales 29%, Increased Order Value 22% using TRUSTe

At every ... Case Study [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2010- TRUSTe Case Study:
Leading online spoken word audio distributor sought to both determine the top factors that influenced both conversion and order value. As a result of adding the TRUSTe seal to their site, lifted engagement by 2% on the homepage and order value by 22%.

Download to see how you can increase business on your site today.

Cheapflights Case Study [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2010- See how TRUSTe helped online travel leader gather over one million opt-in newsletter registrations, increased monthly site registrations by 26%, and received better data quality, fewer fake email addresses, and lower bounce rates.  

How to Digitally Sign Downloadable Code for Secure Content Transfer [ Source: Verisign ]

October 2014- Code Signing helps businesses preserve intellectual property and helps protect consumers from downloading dangerous applications. As a publisher, you must show users that you have implemented strong protective measures.

VeriSign offers a solution that digitally “shrink-wraps” your code with a digital signature. This signature verifies the authenticity of the publisher and the integrity of the product. Digital signatures can be created with a VeriSign? Code Signing Certificate and a platform signing utility. VeriSign ...

Security and Trust: The Backbone of Doing Business Over the Internet [ Source: Verisign ]

October 2014- Concern about Internet fraud is a very big deterrent to sales. Online businesses have much to gain by taking steps to overcome customer fears. Fortunately technology is in place today that helps online businesses protect sensitive customer data, authenticate themselves, and build consumer trust—technology that also helps customers differentiate trustworthy Web sites from clones produced by scammers.

Learn how VeriSign Inc. is helping organizations protect critical data and instill trust.

Maximizing Site Visitor Trust Using Extended Validation SSL [ Source: Verisign ]

October 2014- Trust in site security is declining, and consumers are scaling back their online transactions—or opting out entirely. Now, online companies are able to clearly demonstrate their identity and security to customers.

Learn about the EV SSL, the greatest SSL certificate development in the Internet’s secure backbone in over ten years. EV SSL can facilitate online commerce in all its forms by increasing visitor confidence in legitimate sites and greatly reducing the ...

Fraud Alert: Phishing - The Latest Tactics and Potential Business Impact [ Source: Verisign ]

October 2014- The potential impact of phishing can be costly for a business — whether an employee or its customers have been attacked or the company Web site has been compromised. Organizations need to stay current on the latest methods employed by cyber-criminals and take steps to prevent this type of fraud.

This paper highlights the current trends in today’s phishing schemes, the potential impact on companies, and insight into how businesses can apply technology ...

Effective Social Media Strategy Wields Clout in Telecom Industry [ Source: Calysto Communications ]

May 2009- Social media has become an integral part of a company's marketing and public relations strategy. This whitepaper offers information about how to implement an effective social media PR and marketing strategy.

ACES: Benefits To Your Organization [ Source: Jagged Peak ]

March 2009- How does an executive know that the firm delivers exceptional customer experiences? And if experiences are falling short, how do you recognize and address the problems? Understanding the complete customer experience requires monitoring the customer experience from the customer’s viewpoint--not from an internal one--through the entire order lifecycle. How easy is it to order and how long it takes to receive the product? It’s equally important to analyze how the technology foundation either ...

ACES: Getting Started With ACES In Fulfillment Operations [ Source: Jagged Peak ]

March 2009- This discussion will help you understand the targets and frame your approach to fulfillment operations. ACES works because it considers the fulfillment process in three dimensions: costs, customer wait time (CWT), and quality. Costs, CWT and quality issues are the negative forces of the fulfillment process and must be constantly measured, evaluated, and attacked.

ACES: Beyond The Perfect Order [ Source: Jagged Peak ]

March 2009- Jagged Peak developed ACES (Achieving Customer Experience Superiority), a measurement model that establishes the industry’s first link between customer experience and order fulfillment. With ACES, Jagged Peak's clients have improved customer experiences to new levels of competitive advantage--increasing customer satisfaction and helping them achieve lifelong return buyers. ACES can slash time and cost throughout the order capture to delivery cycle, delivering strong customer service while boosting profit. It redefines performance, obsoletes traditional metrics, and ...

Capture Market Share in a Down Economy: Invest in Your Online Customers [ Source: Tealeaf ]

March 2009-
Find out what 350 top eBusiness leaders are doing now to make their online channel not just survive, but thrive in this trying economy

Topics Include:
• Insights on eBusiness executive priorities and strategies for the online channel in 2009 and beyond
• eBusiness knowledge gaps — surprising misperceptions and blind spots that many executives have of their online customers and strategies for bridging these gaps
• Critical steps that eBusinesses are taking today to ...

Small Web Site Investments That Pay Off [ Source: Tealeaf ]

March 2009-

Download this August 2008 Forrester Research Report and unveil eight simple improvements you can make to your web site today that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Specific topics include:
• Strategies for focusing on the end of the sales funnel in order to ensure a high conversion rate and decrease web site abandonment
• Customer case studies and best practices for increased search-engine visibility, average purchase size and ...

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