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How to Make Email a Powerful Part of Your Web Application [ Source: Tagaly ]

September 2014- Giving your customers a way to access your application from their email account is a major way to boost their activity and engagement on your website. You can use the SendGrid Parse Webhook to make this happen. It is a powerful tool with many use cases. Once it is setup, all incoming email for a domain or sub-domain is directed to your application. What you can do is endless, but it can be a bit ...

Everything You Need to Know about a DDoS Attack [ Source: Dyn ]

August 2014- For ecommerce giants, just a second of downtime could mean thousands in lost revenue. Even if your company isn't as large as Amazon or eBay, any amount of profit loss due to downtime should be cause for concern. Not only do you miss a potential sale in real time, that customer is less likely to come back and try to purchase from you again in the future.

Five Questions to Ask Before Choosing Responsive Web Design for Your Financial Services Firm [ Source: Nagarro ]

April 2014- Growing numbers of banks and financial service organizations are adopting responsive web design to address heated demand for multi-device application access. Should your firm do the same? Though responsive design may not always be the best solution to your mobility needs, it offers extremely attractive advantages, and is a powerful option to increase the number of customers who can use your applications effectively. If you're a CXO, IT leader, or business executive looking for increased ...

The Cloud Supply Chain Data Network [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Historically there's been great difficulty -- and importance -- in obtaining high quality data to fuel global trade management systems. The paper also explores the advent of the cloud data network and some of the powerful advantages of this approach, including those provided by network effects - the exponential power of a collaborative network of partners to solve supply chain problems.

Reengineering the Foundation for B2B Information Exchange in the Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Cloud platforms represent a truly radical shift in how companies exchange information with one another. Examine the shortcomings of yesterday's technology and how new platforms based around the economics of cloud are enabling companies to become agile and hyper-efficient networked organizations.

Without the extra-enterprise nervous systems to see and control the supply chain, companies are at a strategic disadvantage in their markets, and this paper explains why.

Cloud Information Technology: A Model for the Networked Company [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Cloud technology is rapidly changing the way B2B interactions are carried out. It provides a benefit that no amount of investment in traditional software can obtain—the exponential effect a robust network of companies with a common goal has on the quality of the technology and its users. As companies move to cloud-based software, their IT teams must correspondingly adapt the department's structure.

This new model involves IT taking on more ...

The Customer-Centric Supply Chain [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- The old assumptions driving supply chain design and strategy were focused on achieving the lowest possible cost of goods and the most efficient distribution to stores. Today, a new model is emerging, not driven by enterprise technology or supply chain innovations - but by customers. In the omnichannel retail world, almost every single store-driven assumption about supply chain is being challenged and getting replaced by a digital-driven future. Retailers are forced to evolve their supply ...

2013 Global Consumer Report [ Source: GT Nexus ]

March 2014- Global commerce is growing in complexity -- companies are struggling to give their customers visibility into inventory, especially online and in-store. GT Nexus surveyed over 5,000 shoppers across the US, UK, France and Germany to understand the evolution of the retail landscape, and whether retailers could measure up to consumer expectations.

Empowering Optimization Through Tag Management Solutions [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- If you haven't explored the benefits of website tag and data management, now is the time to discover it.

With the rapid adoption of website optimization and personalization solutions in the last few years, digital marketers have faced serious marketing and technical execution challenges. Efficient workflows, execution, and overall test management continue to be a struggle, and according to Web Analytics Demystified, the biggest hurdle is instrumenting the website with the testing vendor's ...

Boosting Enterprise Agility with Tag and Data Management [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Marketing agility is critical for enterprises that interact with their prospects and customers via a wide array of channels. Enterprises that deliver static, un-optimized experiences are losing consumers and market share to more nimble competitors that have mastered the art and science of consumer interaction in the digital age.

Marketing agility relies on three pillars that enterprises must have in place:

1. Rapidly execute any digital marketing initiative through any channel or ...

Advanced Use Case: Sony Electronics [ Source: Ensighten ]

June 2013- Target site users with a personalized experience

Creating more personalized web experiences is vital to growing revenue, especially for large enterprises.

This means the number of marketing technologies to vet, deploy and manipulate keeps growing. The volume of tags and websites to manage is exploding. And the pressure to optimize everything is relentless.

In this use case, see how Sony Electronics uses Ensighten to improve website performance, reduce customer ...

Switching Managed SSL Service Providers [ Source: GMO GlobalSign Ltd ]

May 2013- Switching to a new Certificate Authority for your SSL Certificates is not a simple process, but it is not nearly as complicated as your incumbent CA may suggest. The key to success is setting expectations and preparing yourself and others for what's involved, in terms of resources and costs.

This white paper aims to help organisations make an educated choice about their enterprise SSL needs by outlining the key aspects to take into ...

Switching Managed SSL Service Providers [ Source: GMO GlobalSign Ltd ]

May 2013- Switching to a new Certificate Authority for your SSL certificates is not a simple process, but it is not nearly as complicated as your incumbent CA may suggest. The key to success is setting expectations and preparing yourself and others for what's involved, in terms of resources and costs.

This white paper aims to help organizations make an educated choice about their enterprise SSL needs by structuring the main considerations to keep in ...

Creating the Right Mobile Strategy: What You Need to Know Before You Get Started [ Source: Moovweb ]

November 2012- The right mobile solution can propel your business into the market quickly and effectively. But in order to know which solution will work best for your business, you need to be clear on the advantages and potential concessions of each, so you can measure them against your business goals.

In the new Moovweb white paper, Creating the Right Mobile Strategy: What You Need to Know Before You Get Started, get the insight you ...

Readying your portals for social business [ Source: IBM ]

April 2012- Improve business outcomes by adding social and real-time collaboration to your portals to realize value through greater revenue, improved customer satisfaction and lower operational costs.

On-Premise vs. Cloud: The Impact of Cloud Computing on Web Content Management [ Source: CrownPeak ]

July 2011- A recent survey by Gartner found that the market for cloud services is expected to reach $150B by 2013. Although cloud computing adoption started in small and medium sized companies, cloud services are rapidly gaining market share in the enterprise.

Despite these statistics, there are still misunderstandings on the definition of cloud computing and even more confusion over how enterprise companies would benefit switching from traditional on-premise to cloud solutions. Quite often fear, uncertainty, ...

Guide to Understanding Social CRM [ Source: Enterprise 2.0 Conference ]

November 2010- The word 'social' is likely the most over used word of both 2009 and 2010, and we are not even half way done with 2010. A simple Google search for "social" returns almost one billion results. This is reminiscent of a simpler time when we put an 'e' in front of everything, way back in 1999. How then do we move beyond the hype and help companies to understand what "social" is, and what it means to a modern ...

Top Use Cases and Benefits for Successful Social CRM [ Source: Gartner Customer 360 Summit ]

December 2010- Adoption of social applications by sales, marketing and customer service departments has exploded during the past two years. Actual use cases are diverse, narrow in scope and unevenly diffused across a company with experimentation that, most times, forgoes measuring business benefits. This Gartner research analyzes top use cases and benefits for social CRM projects.

Manufacturers Leverage SYSPRO to Achieve Regulatory Compliance and Food Safety [ Source: SYSPRO ]

December 2010- Food companies must increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with food regulations across the entire supply chain. Companies using SYSPRO can react rapidly to changes in customer demand through access to real-time supply-chain information. SYSPRO provides a totally integrated enterprise business solution that encompasses CRM, ERP, Planning and Scheduling, Business Analytics, and E-Commerce.

Let Travelers Smell Your Rich Media Content [ Source: CopperBridge Media ]

August 2010- Global proliferation of the Internet has made English the minority language on the Web, which points toward the indispensability of multi-lingual content generation and distribution. In essence, if you can tickle your audience with your visual creativity on a consistent basis, your advent into the tourism sector is on a solid footing.

Reducing Total E-mail Response Time [ Source: emailtopia ]

March 2010- One of the core challenges of e-mail management is reducing e-mail response time. Organizations must satisfy their customers' desire for quick e-mail replies, while maintaining excellent response quality. Being able to achieve success in this area can drastically benefit an organization's bottom line. This white paper examines some of the primary difficulties faced by organizations who are trying to improve their email response management. The approach recommended in this document is simplifying the challenge of ...

eDiscovery: The Concise Guide [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

May 2010- The goal of this whitepaper is to provide an introduction to the key areas involved in developing an e-discovery capability and to help organizations plan to become better prepared for the rigors of the e-discovery process.

The Know-IT-All's Guide to eDiscovery (ebook) [ Source: HP/Autonomy ]

May 2010- eDiscovery refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. eDiscovery can be carried out offline on a particular computer or it can be done on the network. Recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) highlighted that electronically stored information (ESI) is a discoverable record type and should be treated as any ...

Cloud Computing and Web Application Performance: The Risks of Adopting the Cloud [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- Any business considering cloud computing to support its customer-facing Web applications must look beyond the cloud’s cost savings and scalability and evaluate how cloud adoption will impact the end-user experience.

This whitepaper addresses the Web experience challenges companies must address when adopting the cloud. It offers perspective and best practices to achieve world-class Web performance and assist in the evaluation of cloud providers and development of cloud performance SLAs.

Beating the Browser Wars: How to Win the Battle for Web Performance [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- With Internet Explorer’s dominance waning and Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and a host of others catching up fast, managing browser diversity is becoming increasingly challenging. Plus there are multiple versions of each browser in use, underscoring a fact of life for website designers, web application developers, and your entire IT department: web pages can look and perform differently from one browser to another.

12 Steps to Ensure Successful SaaS Delivery - How to protect revenue, renewals, and customer satisfaction [ Source: Gomez ]

May 2010- SaaS leaders like Omniture,, and Webex have known for years that performance problems can impact customer experience and have a huge impact on revenues, renewals, brand perception and overall user satisfaction.

Savvy SaaS leaders know that overall Web performance — including availability, responsiveness and consistency — needs to be a top concern in order to protect their customer experiences and minimize Web performance issues before they have a catastrophic impact on ...

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