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Hadoop Challenges and Best Practices [ Source: Dell ]

September 2011- Hadoop is an ecosystem of components for implementing the Google MapReduce algorithms in a scalable fashion on commodity hardware. It enables organizations to store and process large volumes of data and analyze it in ways not previously possible with less scalable solutions or standard SQL-based approaches.

This white paper highlights common Hadoop challenges and uses and reveals a series of best practices to use when designing and implementing Hadoop solutions.

Best Practices for Converting from Lotus Notes/Domino� to Google Apps [ Source: Google ]

November 2010- This whitepaper takes a detailed look at the ins and outs of converting from Lotus Notes to Google Apps. Offering a helpful 10-step process for evaluating and implementing Google Apps, the document also covers issues such as cost savings and how to present a solid case to Senior Management.

Security Whitepaper: Google Apps Messaging and Collaboration Products [ Source: Google ]

November 2010- This paper will explain the ways Google creates a security-based platform for offering its Google Apps products, covering topics like information security, physical security and operational security. This exploration will demonstrate how security is an integral component of Google’s cloud computing system, as well as a core element of Google’s design and development processes. The policies described in this paper are detailed as of the time of authorship. Some of the specifics may ...

Examining Social Media Strategy And Architecture [ Source: Slalom Consulting ]

July 2009- Social media has created a paradigm shift from a “one-to-many” broadcast model to a “many-to-many” conversational model of customer interaction, and this shift necessitates a change in how organizations interact and communicate across their value chain — employees, customers, partners, and suppliers. The rapid adoption of social media and social networking, and the increasing demand for more customer interaction is compelling organizations to develop a well-thought-out social media strategy and presence consistent with the organization’s ...

eMail-Lead Grabber [ Source: eGrabber Inc ]

August 2008- With eMail-Lead Grabber you can eliminate the process of having to manually type or copy-paste lead data from e-mails into your database. Reach your prospect within 30 minutes by sending auto response follow-ups. Automate routing of leads to your sales team, thus enables you to reach your prospect faster and results in good sales conversion rate.

Making Sense Of Search Positions [ Source: Ambergreen ]

June 2009- What does monitoring your Google organic search positions mean to you? Grant Whiteside, technical director of Ambergreen, looks at the new developments that mean you can now work out exactly what the value of each organic search query was worth to you.

Effective Social Media Strategy Wields Clout in Telecom Industry [ Source: Calysto Communications ]

May 2009- Social media has become an integral part of a company's marketing and public relations strategy. This whitepaper offers information about how to implement an effective social media PR and marketing strategy.

Increasing Bank Profitability and Managing Risk with Business Intelligence [ Source: Onward Systems Inc. ]

March 2009- In the wake of IndyMac and many others, and the failures of both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, banks are worrying more and more about tracking their spending and making ends meet, trying to achieve profitable accounts while at the same time turning around riskier customer ventures. The nation’s banks are increasingly facing the credit crunch due to the sub-prime loan debacle. While financial stability and a surplus economy might be a mere vision ...

Google Insights: A Social Baraometer For The Digital Age [ Source: Ambergreen ]

March 2009- Ambergreen search guru Grant Whiteside looks at Google Insights for Search tool and how it can give you a pictorial breakdown of the social barometer.

Improving HR Productivity And Employee Satisfaction Through Technology-Based Case Management [ Source: Neocase Software, Inc. ]

October 2008- The purpose of this paper is to consider how technology can be successfully implemented in global organizations in order to help manage human resource needs for large employee populations. It will identify the functions for which technology can be most effectively deployed and present a model for increasing the efficiency of managing a global human resource organization. Finally, this paper will document a successful implementation of case management technology at a global car manufacturer.

Web Ecosystem [ Source: Satyam Computer Services Ltd ]

August 2008- The world wide web has been evolving since its creation in 1989 by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. This paper tries to depict the current state of the web as well as advances made, and the technologies and standards that are the drivers behind this evolution. It also tries to give a perspective of how the web will be, in future, and dwells on the visibility/sustainability of new technologies in future.

Finding The Right Offshore Vendor [ Source: Notetech Software India ]

August 2008- This white paper addresses common pain points in existing Offshore Outsourcing Processes and elaborates on how Notetech Software India could implement a customizable but productive methodology to provide its clients a hassle-free outsource experience.

Remote Files Sharing by Windows Or Samba Over SSH tunnel [ Source: NuSphere , Inc. ]

June 2007- The problem of providing remote access to files is nothing new, but the implementation of the solution often also determines reliability, safety and productivity. If you are not comfortable with the security of your data (files content, passwords etc.) sent by Windows SMB or Unix Samba over the networks, the encrypted SSH (the Secure Shell) could be your panacea. Another reason to use SSH is its widespread implementation and reliability. Finally, there are situations when ...

Small Business Web Design Guide Part I: SEO Tips for Small Business Websites [ Source: New Shoe Media ]

July 2008- Tips for Small Business Websites that will them you ahead of the competition. Every day I help dozens of small businesses optimize their websites to improve their visibility and rankings on search engines, and every day, I ask one client to make many of the same changes as the last. This guide is for the small business owner that has better things to worry about.

Adding Panoramas to Google Maps Using Ajax [ Source: University of British Columbia ]

January 2008- One of the hottest new technologies in web-based application development is Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax). Ajax allows web applications to look and feel more like desktop applications because data from a server can be retrieved asynchronously, without reloading the web page. Currently, one of the biggest users of Ajax technology is Google. Two Ajax applications that Google provides are Google Suggest, and Google Maps. Google Suggest is an interface to the Google search engine ...