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Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance [ Source: Dell Software ]

January 2015- Federal regulations, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPPA) and the more recent Payment Card Industry (PCI) initiative, require businesses to know exactly what changes are being made to structured and unstructured data in their corporate networks. As a result, IT organizations need to provide more detailed monitoring, analysis, auditing and reporting on the changes being made to protected data. Learn about the best practices for implementing a compliance solution ...

IDC: Top Five Considerations for Cloud-Based Security [ Source: Blue Coat ]

October 2012- According to IDC's 2011 Security Survey, nearly two-thirds of enterprises are challenged by end users who do not follow corporate securities policies. Cloud-based Web solutions can secure mobile users without requiring VPN backhaul to an onsite gateway or security agents installed on clients. In this whitepaper Phil Hochmuth, program manager for IDC's Security Products service answers the top 5 questions to consider if you plan to move to cloud-based security.

The IPv6 Future Is Now: Are You Ready? [ Source: CenturyLink ]

November 2011- There are more people on earth than total IPv4 addresses, and they're expected to run out by the end of 2011. Preparing for the transition now can help you maintain business continuity during the changeover while taking advantage of immediate business benefits.

Moving Business Communication to the Cloud [ Source: eFax Corporate ]

February 2013- Cost, clutter and loss of productivity associated with traditional faxing are just a few of the problems facing companies that still use a fax machine today. Fortunately, there are several ways to tackle the traditional fax problem without spending big money.

Thanks to cloud technology, receiving or sending a fax can be as easy as the click of a mouse. After all, you don't expect your employees to go to the printer to ...

A Layered Defense Strategy Against Web 2.0 Threats [ Source: NETGEAR ]

August 2011- Putting premium malware protection at the network gateway and on every endpoint of your network enables the IT infrastructure to be able to detect when malware is being delivered, and block and neutralize that malware before it can perform malicious activities.

Not Just Words: Enforce Your Email and Web Acceptable Usage Policies [ Source: MessageLabs, Symantec Hosted Services ]

May 2010- Unmanaged employee use of email and the web can subject any organization to potentially costly risks including litigation, regulatory investigations, security breaches, lost productivity, business interruptions, and public embarrassment.

For responsible organizations operating in the age of email and the web, Acceptable Usage Policies (AUPs) are essential business tools. Clearly written and effectively communicated email and web AUPs—supported by employee training and enforced by proven technology solutions—can help employers minimize risks, ...

Ecommerce Success Kit [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2010- Whether registering for downloads or e-newsletters, re-ordering or renewing, or telling their friends, customers who feel more confident to click, learn, and shop online, spend more.

  See how Truste privacy products and programs have helped businesses of all sizes increase conversions, order value, and customer engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

See how Cheapflights Increased Signups 26%, Ecommerce site DebnRoo Increased Sales 29%, Increased Order Value 22% using TRUSTe

At every ... Case Study [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2010- TRUSTe Case Study:
Leading online spoken word audio distributor sought to both determine the top factors that influenced both conversion and order value. As a result of adding the TRUSTe seal to their site, lifted engagement by 2% on the homepage and order value by 22%.

Download to see how you can increase business on your site today.

How Not to Botch Social Media - Social Media Best Practices [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2010- TRUSTe Whitepaper for Business Owners: How Not to Botch Social Media

Best Practices, Do's, and Don'ts for Facebook, Twitter, as well as consumer review sites.

TRUSTe shares insights into how to engage, interact, market, and reward friends and fans on the top social media platforms. Download to see how you can increase business on social media today.

Cheapflights Case Study [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2010- See how TRUSTe helped online travel leader gather over one million opt-in newsletter registrations, increased monthly site registrations by 26%, and received better data quality, fewer fake email addresses, and lower bounce rates.  

Securing the Web in your Company: Proven Strategies Revealed [ Source: Trend Micro ]

February 2010- The Internet and growing use of Web 2.0 applications have left organizations more vulnerable to attack than ever before. From smartphones to Twitter and Skype, the Internet has opened the floodgates to increasingly sophisticated exploits by hackers and cybercriminals. Coupled with the deployment of less-robust web-focused defenses, the result is web exploits that will increase for the foreseeable future.

  This thorough, highly readable paper explains the latest threats from the web and the most ...

Building the Efficient Power Network [ Source: Capgemini ]

November 2009- In the near future, all North American utilities will adopt smart metering and the supporting advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) at some level or another. Embrace a fresh approach to managing peak demand and system security that will drive market efficiency and support economic, environmental, and social priorities. This whitepaper captures customer expectations, the state of the market, and how you can build an efficient power network.

Helping Power Companies Combine Power and Control [ Source: Capgemini ]

November 2009- The energy sector is facing formidable challenges. This whitepaper shows how your company can meet these challenges by obtaining blueprints for the Smart Grid—not just pilots, but practical working solutions—collaborating with leading utilities throughout the world.

GIS Data: The Key to a Fully Connected Smart Grid [ Source: Capgemini ]

November 2009- After worldwide spending on Smart Grid initiatives in 2008 exceeded $12 billion—a total expected to surpass $33 billion within the next five years—utilities are intensely focused on maximizing their Smart Grid investments. To that end, companies are reviewing the state of their existing infrastructure systems. To successfully meet the future business expectations of Smart Grid, the availability of complete and accurate grid data is essential. Therefore, the Geographic Information System (GIS) is a critical component. The ...

Smoothing the Impact of Renewables on the Electric Grid [ Source: Capgemini ]

November 2009- Renewable generation is an important part of the future for the electric industry. This whitepaper separates renewable energy into 4 categories and presents its impact on the electric grid.

TRUSTe-TNS Study: Consumer Attitudes About Behavioral Targeting [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2009- Behavioral targeting has become a critical online trust issue, What do consumers think about having their browsing behaviors tracked for marketing purposes? For the second year in a row, TRUSTe and TNS surveyed consumer attitudes about behavioral targeting. The survey results found that most consumers consider privacy important enough to take steps to protect it. Many individuals know their behavior is being targeted, and they’re uncomfortable with being tracked, even with the assurance of ...

Controlling Peer-to-Peer And Recreational Internet Traffic [ Source: Exinda Inc. ]

June 2009- Recreational use of the Internet at work has far reaching implications for employers. wide area networks, already strained to the limit supporting business-critical applications, are increasingly vulnerable to the adverse effects of traffic generated by peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, YouTube, and social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn. This white paper discusses strategies for controlling a broad range of recreational Internet traffic, such as instant messaging, P2P file sharing, and social networking ...

Modern Filtering Solutions Rein In Employees' Internet Usage [ Source: RnD Software ]

April 2009- This whitepaper presents the latest trends in Internet usage at the workplace, the ways in which this usage affects companies' productivity, and the latest, most effective methods to fight informational threats through modern content-filtering solutions.

Curtailing Online Distribution of Counterfeit and Gray Market Goods [ Source: MarkMonitor ]

September 2007- Counterfeiting and gray market activity are major problems for brand owners. They pose serious financial and non-financial consequences for corporations, distribution partners and customers. Although these problems have existed for centuries, they are only exacerbated by the global reach, low cost and anonymity of the Internet. This renders the online channel a vast unknown element, over which brand owners may feel they have no visibility or control. To effectively manage this “vast unknown,” brand owners ...

Seven Keys For Successful Domain Portfolio Management [ Source: MarkMonitor ]

March 2009- The world of domains continues to change at an alarming pace. In the last several years, there has been a proliferation of new ccTLD IDNs (Internationalized domain names), many new second-level, and third-level ccTLD offerings, nine new sTLDs, significant changes to ICANN’s Transfer and Whois Policies, and finally, ICANN’s proposal to allow an unlimited number of new gTLDs, including IDN TLDs. For companies with a global presence, managing an international domain name portfolio ...

Capture Market Share in a Down Economy: Invest in Your Online Customers [ Source: Tealeaf ]

March 2009-
Find out what 350 top eBusiness leaders are doing now to make their online channel not just survive, but thrive in this trying economy

Topics Include:
• Insights on eBusiness executive priorities and strategies for the online channel in 2009 and beyond
• eBusiness knowledge gaps — surprising misperceptions and blind spots that many executives have of their online customers and strategies for bridging these gaps
• Critical steps that eBusinesses are taking today to ...

Small Web Site Investments That Pay Off [ Source: Tealeaf ]

March 2009-

Download this August 2008 Forrester Research Report and unveil eight simple improvements you can make to your web site today that will have an immediate impact on your bottom line.

Specific topics include:
• Strategies for focusing on the end of the sales funnel in order to ensure a high conversion rate and decrease web site abandonment
• Customer case studies and best practices for increased search-engine visibility, average purchase size and ...

Get more from Your Web Analytics: Creating an Integrated View of your Online Customer [ Source: Tealeaf ]

March 2009- This whitepaper discusses the power of integrating web site optimization solutions such as: web analytics, business intelligence, voice-of-customer, and customer experience management to deliver a more holistic view of your online business, and better serve your customers.

Download this whitepaper for:
• An in-depth look at all of the web site optimization solutions available today and the pros and cons of each
• Best practices for leveraging the right mix of web site ...

Why IPv6 Instead Of IPv4? [ Source: Global Knowledge ]

February 2009- The original framers of ARPAnet did not foresee the growth of what is now known as the Internet, or that the IPv4 address structure would fall short of the addresses needed, or all the new devices that would need IP addressing. Consequently, the IPv4 addresses are being exhausted. IPv6 satisfies the increasingly complex requirements of hierarchical addressing that IPv4 does not provide. One key benefit is that IPv6 can re-create end-to-end communications without the need ...

Anonymous Proxy: A Growing Trend in Internet Abuse, and How to Defeat it [ Source: Bloxx, Inc. ]

October 2008- Anonymous proxies are an unseen threat - a student's or employee's backdoor to malicious or productivity-sapping sites on the Internet. If your URL filtering solution relies on the old-school URL database/keyword approach, your ship is leaking and you may not see the holes.

With hundreds of new proxy sites created each day, traditional URL filtering just can't keep up, even when supplemented by standard keyword analysis. What follows is a primer on ...

TRUSTe-TNS 2008 BT Study [ Source: TRUSTe ]

March 2008- TRUSTe and TNS Global examined consumer attitudes about behavioral targeting, a hot button issue recently, as industry enthusiasm for delivering customized experiences and improved marketing metrics runs up against consumer privacy concerns and calls for greater transparency around emerging tracking and targeting techniques. Participants answered questions regarding their overall knowledge, concerns and opinions regarding behavioral targeting benefits and activities. Survey results showed that:
• Consumer knowledge of behavioral targeting tactics remains limited.
• 40% of respondents ...

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